We arrange fasting day for weight loss

fasting day for weight lossWhere to begin?

You have decided to arrange a fasting day for losing weight, but do not know how to do it better? Start by not planning something special or physically debilitating for this day. Unloading on such a day will harm you and will not allow you to do the right things in good quality.

How to arrange a fasting day?

The amount of food depends on your weight and physical activity throughout the day. Approximately you should get no more than 700-1000 kcal. The optimal frequency is once a week. If you relax and celebrate the holiday well, then you can “unload” and unplanned. The most efficient day of discharge is mono-discharge, that is, the use of only one product or a specific set. There is no need to invent a menu. Divide the entire amount of food for 5-6 receptions and eat them throughout the day. With this approach, you will not feel acute bouts of hunger, and you will not have time to get tired of unloading.When choosing products, keep in mind that the discharge day for losing weight should not be unbearable for you. If you can not eat cottage cheese or drink kefir, do not "unload" them. There are many products, the use of which will bring not only benefit but also pleasure.

Examples of what can be used in the discharge day for weight loss
the most efficient fasting day


Great product for unloading. If you choose rice, then know that it is good for the intestines and stomach. This type of carbohydrate is easily digested and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.
Cooking option: wash one cup of rice and boil it in two glasses of pure water. Do not salt. You can drink water, green tea.


One of the most popular products for losing weight. And the fasting day on it also has high efficiency. Kefir should be low-fat, without sweeteners and any additives, 1% is best suited. You can drink 1-2 liters. Do not forget to drink clean water besides kefir. A little tip: to make it easier to drink, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water.


1.5-2 kg of green unsweetened apples - your entire diet on the day of unloading. Many people think that apple day is quite complicated, because apples only whet their appetite, and you want to eat with a vengeance. Alternatively, they can be baked.In this case, add some honey.

Cottage cheese

Protein day unloading usually passes easily for lovers of this product. We choose low-fat cottage cheese, divide it into 5-6 parts and eat it with green tea or plain water.

how to arrange a fasting dayA hen

The chicken is the most satisfying unloading, and, perhaps, one of the most delicious. The main thing - choose lean meat, it is better if it is chicken breast. You can boil it, simmer, bake, but no oil. As an option, great chicken breast in kefir. Nothing complicated - a minimum of salt (if you can not pickle at all, even better), pepper and curry, 200 grams of 1% kefir. Breast coated with spices, pour kefir and put in the oven for 30-40 minutes. The chicken turns out very juicy and fragrant! Such a fasting day for weight loss will bring you not only benefits, but also well-being and mood!

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