Wall panels for exterior finishing of houses: types and description

If you decide to purchase wall panels for exterior decoration of the house, then first you need to decide which of the existing ones on the market will suit you best.

Description of metal panels

wall panels for exterior decoration of the house It is important before making the choice to know the dimensionswall panels. So, if we are talking about steel products, then their thickness can vary from 0.48 to 0.61 mm; while the length does not exceed 4 000 mm; and the width varies from 200 to 250 mm. Metal panels have a polymer coating, they are made of galvanized steel and aluminum. The surface can be perforated or smooth. They have a protective coating of polymers like polyester. The weight of the material is approximately 9 kg per square meter. If you do not want the finish to not have an impressive effect on the foundation, then you should choose an aluminum panel that is lighter than the rest, its weight is about 7 kilograms per square meter. However, steel products can undergo more significant temperature changes. They can be operated at a range from -50 to +80 degrees. A protective coating is a substance that has a persistent color.

Pros of the metal finish

dimensions of wall panels

Metal wall panels for outdoor usehouse finishes have durability, they can be exploited for up to 30 years or more. They can withstand up to 50 cycles of freezing and thawing, and also differ in water resistance. They are completely non-corrosive and fireproof. The temperature does not affect such a finish negatively, even with their sudden change in weather conditions, the products are not deformed. They are easy to install, among other things, they can have a different coating and shade.

Metal panels are fixed horizontally on pre-installed guides. You can make installation vertically, but this will not allow you to obtain the necessary sealing joints.

Disadvantages of metal panels

insulated wall panels for exterior decoration Among the shortcomings of such a finish can be identifiedthe fact that it is not a heat insulator. Among other things, installation can involve additional costs, because it will be necessary to purchase additional elements that can cost an impressive amount.

Wooden facade panels

wall panels for exterior finishing of wooden houses Wall panels for exterior decoration of the house canbe made of wood fibers. As the basis of such products are split wood elements, which are pressed in the production process under the influence of pressure and significant temperatures. The role of a binder component is an organic polymer compound. When manufacturing, phenol-formaldehyde resins are not used. Such a finish is easy to drill and saw, which is very convenient for installation. They can be used for 15 years, and among the additional advantages can be distinguished excellent frost resistance, the finish can be used for 100 cycles of freezing and thawing. Due to the fact that the material has a significant density, it does not deform and is not covered by cracks. Such wall panels for exterior finishing of the house are environmentally friendly. They ensure its protection and energy saving. Among other things, they have good sound insulation characteristics. Mounting them is quite simple. Mounting must be done with self-tapping screws, which are installed through the perforation, which is at the top edge. Between themselves, individual elements are connected by means of a groove-groove lock.

Such a finish has its drawbacks, whichare expressed in flammability, as well as swelling when exposed to moisture. Therefore, for finishing the facade, you should choose plates that are made using reinforcing substances like synthetic resins or water repellents. The cost of such panels can vary from $ 15 to $ 80 per square meter.

Polymer Facade Slabs

wall panels for outdoor home decoration photo Choosing wall panels for exterior decorationwooden house, you can prefer vinyl panels. They are most common for the cladding of buildings. The products are made of polyvinyl chloride PVC polymers, to which modifiers are added. The surface of vinyl panels, which are called siding, can be the most diverse, for example, embossed or smooth. The dimensions of the panels can also be different, so the length can be equivalent to 3.6 m, while the width - 23 cm. If there is a need to save, then it is worth choosing the last version, which will be more practical. Panels are easily connected to each other, forming sections of all sizes. Such wall panels for exterior decoration of the house, the photos of which are presented in the article, are subject to thermal expansion, for this reason the grooves for installing nails have an elongated shape to compensate for this. To install the finish, you should use nails made of aluminum alloys, which excludes rusty stains. Among the advantages of vinyl panels can be distinguished longevity, they are able to last up to 30 years. They can be operated at a wide temperature range from -50 to +50 degrees. The products are completely fireproof, as well as water resistant, they are easy to work with, because they are simply cut. Their weight is insignificant and equal to only 5 kg per square meter, which eliminates the need to strengthen the foundation. The material is not corroded and rot. It is easy to install and mount. Under the influence of ultraviolet, the material does not lose its original color. However, it is important to consider and drawbacks. Selecting such wall panels under the stone for exterior decoration, you should be aware that at low temperatures the finish becomes fragile, can be covered with cracks and completely crack. It does not cope well with gusts of wind and causes vibration. The cost of this facade is approximately $ 7 per square meter.

Description of polymer facade products

wall panels for brick for exterior decoration If the walling is donepanels that are made of polymers, then you can expect a fairly impressive durability, so the material can be used for 40 years. Finishing will be able to undergo 100 cycles of freezing and thawing. The material is moisture resistant, and also does not swell in water, it does not absorb oil and does not retain odors. The finish can be used at temperatures ranging from -60 to +70 degrees. The material is absolutely not afraid of the effects of acids and weak alkalis. Panels are resistant to the sun due to the fact that during production they are covered with light-resistant dyes. They have low weight and are fireproof, and also shockproof. Metal wall panels for exterior decoration are absolutely not dangerous in the issue of fire, even when they are affected by a flame. But the polymer panels have one drawback, which is expressed in the allocation of toxic waste at the time of melting. You can buy this finish by paying $ 11 per square meter.

Facade decoration made of foamed polyurethane

wall panels for stone for exterior decorationPolyurethane acts as a fuseplastic, which has a cellular structure. The decorative layer of such products is made of clinker tiles. Panels are installed vertically, by installing on the crate. For what it is necessary to stock up screws, which are made of stainless steel. Such products are maintained for half a century, they are frost-resistant and are capable of undergoing 1-100 cycles of thawing and freezing. In addition to quality characteristics, it is important to know and the size of wall panels, this will determine the required amount of material for finishing. The described material protects the structure from heat losses. The material is fireproof and prevents the spread of fire. It starts to melt only if it is affected by a flame. Water absorption tends to zero. The material perfectly copes with the coating of surfaces that have curved shapes. Panels are not exposed to rot and the effects of biological, as well as chemicals. It is easy to take care of such a finish, and its weight is 5 kg per square meter.

Description of sandwich panels

If you want to choose insulated wall panelsfor outdoor decoration, it is worth paying attention to the sandwich material, which consists of several layers. The composition of the metal, as well as plastic and vapor barrier layer. Such a panel perfectly copes with soundproofing functions, and also eliminates the temperature drop. You can fix such panels using self-tapping screws. If you want to work with a concrete base, you should use dowels. The joints need to be treated with a sealing mastic. End seams need to be filled with mineral wool or construction foam, and then zadekorirovat slats.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Wall panels for brick for exterior decorationcan be performed using the "sandwich" technology. In this case, you can count on the possibility of exploitation up to 30 years. This transaction can be used for a wide range of temperatures. Products are fireproof and environmentally friendly.

The cons of sandwich panels

Among the shortcomings of the material described,highlight the need for careful handling during installation and operation. Inaccurate handling can damage the coating and the product itself. When the temperature drops to -20 degrees, the panel may begin to freeze at the joints. In these places, ice can even form.

Fiber cement slabs

Such products have a self-cleaning coating. In such a plate - about 10 percent of fibers of cellulose and plastic, while the remaining 90 percent is mineral aggregates and cement. This finish has versatility, it can be used for repair of facades and for insulation of buildings. The surface of this finish can be painted with polyurethane or acrylic paint. Plates can be made in imitation of a variety of materials. Thanks to such panels, the facade can look like it is lined with marble, stone or brick. The service life of such products reaches 20 years, frost resistance - at a height, the material undergoes 100 cycles of freezing and thawing. Finishing does not rot and corrode. It is able to undergo significant and frequent temperature changes. Only after you have studied all the positive and negative aspects of each type of finish, you will be able to make a choice. Initially, it is necessary to decide that for you, in a priority, perhaps this is a quality, and, perhaps, a value. For some, it's only the ease of installation that matters.

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