Uzbek wedding, what it really is.

Uzbekistan is a very old and ancient country,which is located in the hot Central Asian steppes. State history was able to form its own unique traditions, which to a significant extent differ from the wedding traditions of other countries.

Choosing a bride
When a young man reaches his majority,his parents begin to pick his bride. When they spotted a suitable couple, then under every pretext they try to get into the house of her parents. Begin to ask all neighbors about a potential future daughter-in-law, and if the responses are positive, then matchmakers go into battle.
Uzbek wedding and matchmaking day
In the home of a young girl there are eldersfrom the whole village in order to spend "Fatih-tui" (engagement). The first time the groom's relatives come to the bride's house, usually one woman and one man. In the house of the bride they are received by the same delegation. During the matchmaking, people get acquainted and agree on the day of the upcoming visit. Matchmakers explain their intentions, and the others present are engaged in tea drinking with the biscuit, which the very bride herself baked.
The second time comes two women and two men,there is a festive section of specially prepared match bread - a symbol of serious intentions of the parties. The question immediately arises: what are the best days for a wedding, and matchmakers should solve it. Of course, a wedding can be appointed in a week, and six months later - there are no restrictions.
If everything went well, then the elders endurea verdict about the betrothal of the young, and matchmakers are presented with chic gifts and various kinds of treats for the groom's parents. From this moment begins the Uzbek wedding.
Wedding day and seating for guests at the wedding

Each region of Uzbekistan has its own weddingtraditions. Uzbek wedding suggests that in the morning the groom's house prepares a festive pilaf, which is then transferred to the bride's house. The same pilaf remains with the groom. The young man reads a prayer about marriage and tells about new duties and rights. Then the newlyweds are proclaimed a husband and wife.
After church marriage, young people go toCivil Registry Office, where they confirm their legal marriage by civil procedure. Then the young couple go to the bride's house, where she says goodbye to her parents. After that, everyone goes to the groom's house, where the wedding feast and fun takes place.
A special place at the wedding table forthere are no parents of newlyweds, as they do not have to sit that evening; they have to bypass the guests, monitor the food and pay maximum attention to the guests. Throughout the wedding, the bride wears a veil that covers her face, or dresses a national shawl. And only the third day he takes off and opens his face.
Uzbek wedding and her wedding night
At the end of the festive action, the bride goes toroom designed for the young. There is already prepared for her a white corner, and she is waiting for a close friend who will help the bride to undress and climb to the wedding bed, curtained with white cloth. Then the girlfriend (yanga) closes the curtain and leaves. After her comes the bridegroom and tries to redeem from the bride any opportunity to open the curtain. After several minutes of bargaining, the bride surrenders to him, and then the newlyweds remain completely alone until the morning.
Morning pilaf and greeting of the bride
The next day after the wedding, all relatives and familythe groom gathers in the courtyard to greet the bride and express their warmest wishes of happiness, love, health and well-being to the new young family. The bride takes turns to bow to each other as a sign of deep respect and gratitude. After that all invited guests, relatives gather in the bride's house in order to conduct the ritual of the morning pilaf. This process includes a reading of the prayer, a meal with pilaf and a tea party.

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