shawarma recipe

shawarma recipe

  1. Shaurma (d # 246; ner kebab)

    The meat is cut into large pieces, lightly repulsed, put in a large saucepan, poured with onion juice, juice of one lemon and milk. Meat is salted and peppered, covered with a lid and left for 12 hours in the cold.

    In the stuffing, beat the egg and mix well. Lower the mutton fat into warm water to make it soft. On a spit, string a piece of mutton, a piece of mutton fat, lay with minced meat and so on, while stringing all the meat. Place the spit vertically to the burning coals or vertical grill, gradually rotate it. Fried meat with a sharp knife in the bowl. At the table, serve with boiled rice or cakes and greens.

    lamb 1 kg, minced mutton 1 kg, fat mutton 1 kg, onion 1 kg, olive oil 200 ml, milk 100 ml, lemon 1 pcs, egg 1 pcs

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  2. fresh cabbage, tomato, fried pork, ketchup, mayonnaise, wrap everything in lavash. Bon Appetit!!
  3. Shaurma at home
    or a few simple and useful tips on how to make a delicious shawarma at home.
    Shaurma, she is shaverma, shavarma, shuarma, donar, dner-kebab and other stuff. In the post-Soviet space, this dish has gained immense popularity in the middle of the end of the 90-ies, and many probably still remember the strange kind of tents and stalls in which you will prepare a shawarma from a strange kind of meat and an even stranger set of products.

    Outwardly shawarma very much resembles something in between a similar dish of Mexican burritos and a pita filled with chopped meat and a vegetable salad. Despite the fact that lamb was originally used in shawarma, it is also prepared from chicken, pork and even veal. But the most common is still chicken shaurma due to the availability and cheapness of meat. And, in spite of the fairly bad reputation that this dish has grown over lately, I want to tell you now about chicken shawarma, which, in my opinion, is the most affordable and easy to prepare.

    But before continuing, I want to give a couple of my own tips in preparing this dish.

    - In a good shawarma there should be no ketchup, no mustard, no mayonnaise. Sauce for shawarma is prepared specifically and from mayonnaise, which is usually used instead of this sauce, it is quite different in taste. There are many varieties of this sauce, and the recipe is quite simple in the preparation of the sauce for shawarma. I have previously given Sauce for Shawarma.

    - When choosing lavash, pay attention to whether its edges crack when bending. If this happens, then such lavash is not suitable. It is simply corrupted when folded.

    - Fried potatoes or french fries do not fit as fillings in the first place, with a sauce poured it tends to dehydrate and turn into mashed potatoes or porridge, and secondly, it quite badly tastes the taste of the shawarma itself. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no place for fried potatoes in shawarma.

    - Do not heat the shawarma in the microwave at all, this is the surest way to spoil the whole taste of this wonderful dish. And plus to all pita bread when heated in a microwave oven, it becomes dehydrated and turns into something absolutely unquantifiable. Ideally, sharma is heated in a special device, very reminiscent of electric wafer. At home, a thick-walled frying pan or a grill griddle is even more suitable.

    - In my opinion, it's best to use marinated or pickled cucumbers in shawarma. Firstly, they will give it a pleasant slightly sour taste, and secondly, they are much softer and more dense in terms of meat and other vegetable fillings than hard and crunchy fresh cucumbers.

    - Meat for shawarma, in principle, can be any and chicken, and pork, and even veal. But to marinate meat before frying is simply necessary. In my opinion, it is quite suitable for marinovki meat is a well-suited marinade for fajitas or enchilados, the recipe of which I already quoted earlier Mexican marinade for meat. But in principle, a simpler way will also be used to heat the meat with spices, shift onion rings, sprinkle a little with herbs and pour it with acidified dry white wine (or, in extreme cases, diluted wine vinegar) and leave it for at least an hour. After that, the meat can be fried in a pan as usual.

  4. Necessary ingredients (per 2 serving):

    2 thin Armenian lavash
    250-300 g chicken fillet
    80 g white cabbage
    80 g carrots in Korean
    80 g tomato (1 pcs.)
    80 g of cucumber (1 pcs.)
    2 chive
    vegetable oil

    The way of preparing Shaurma dishes is at home.

    Cabbage thinly chop, salt, shake hands.
    Wash tomatoes and cucumbers, cut into small pieces or slices.
    Garlic clean, cut very finely or squeeze through garlic.
    Cut the chicken fillets into small pieces. Fry in vegetable oil over medium heat until cooked.
    On the expanded pita in the middle lay cabbage (if desired, you can pre-lubricate it with mayonnaise a little). At the top, distribute chicken, sprinkle with garlic, pour over ketchup.
    Then put the tomatoes and cucumbers, followed by carrots. Pour mayonnaise.
    Wrap it in a roll. Fry shaurma at home from both sides in a hot frying pan, or just warm it in the microwave.

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