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To date, the first generation of crossovers"Suzuki Ignis" is well known to many Russian motorists. But, despite the growing popularity of the SUV, the company's management recently introduced the second generation of cars at the international motor show in Geneva. The premiere took place in March this year, and soon our motorists will be able to purchase this car officially in the nearest dealer showroom. Those who prefer the first generation of "Suzuki Ignis" do not have to worry: the company decided not to remove these cars from production, but to produce a series of products for a couple of years, but with the "Classic" marking. The current generation will be designated as "New". Today we will pay attention to the "new" crossover and learn all its features.

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New "Suzuki Ignis": reviews and review of the appearance

It should be noted that the novelty does not immediatelywas positioned as a full-fledged crossover. Initially, it was a front-wheel drive hatchback, after which the developers redesigned its running system for four-wheel drive, and soon there was even a variation of the body, like a sedan. As for the present, after many modifications, the updated car "Suzuki Ignis" finally established itself as a crossover, although its exact name is "mini-crossover". Now the SUV has considerably added in dimensions - essential changes are appreciable in the increased road gleam, and also in body length. Relatively to the exterior of the car, too, has changed - now the novelty has strong muscular forms of the bumper, and the body line after restyling acquired aerodynamic contours. In some ways, the SUV has become even sporty, and if you look closely at the novelty, the hatchback can hardly be called. Now it is a real jeep capable of conquering any pits and irregularities.

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Interior of the second generation of "Suzuki Ignis"has changed to a lesser extent than the exterior. In the new generation of SUV, the engineers set a goal - to remove all unnecessary details and make the interior of the novelty as comfortable as possible. Indeed, they succeeded, but the torpedo and the central console can hardly be called a standard of quality, and the materials of finishing are not very pleasant to the touch. But these shortcomings are compensated for by the high quality of the interior assembly - it is difficult to find any slots or unnecessary gaps in the inside of the SUV. Also good sound insulation.

The car "Suzuki Ignis". Specifications

In Russia, the car will be mannedonly one engine that runs on gasoline, although the "Europeans" can also choose the diesel option. As for our market, Russian fans of Japanese "Suzuki Ignis" will get a four-cylinder unit with a capacity of 117 horsepower and a working capacity of 1586 cubic centimeters. From transmissions, the buyer can choose either a variator, or "mechanics".suzuki reviews


The starting price for a new second generation crossover is 810 thousand rubles. Luxury version of "Suzuki Ignis" will cost customers 1 million 150 thousand rubles.

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