Trout salty: recipe

Want to know how to prepare salted trout,whose recipe does not require any effort? This dish should especially please you, when you get up in the morning, you will spread a piece of black bread with butter and put salt trout on top of it. All you need is to buy fish in the store and pick it yourself.

Note: the sterlet can also be salted in exactly the same way.

Trout salty: recipesalting

Practice has shown that everything that is beautiful andAppetizing looks, usually this is. But it also happens that you buy a fine-looking dish, but the taste of delicacy is far from being so wonderful.

If you have had situations when, having bought instore salted trout, you found, coming home, that it somehow smells suspiciously or is generally overdue, you should like salted trout, the recipe of which is given below. Believe me, the result will be no worse than what the store can offer you. And it is quite possible that even better, and more profitable.

It is very important that you choose the fish yourself, andthen you can be sure that it's quality. In addition, when preparing a marinade, you will not add any extra and not at all useful ingredients and ingredients, which means that you will get an exceptionally natural product. And last, you can save a lot.

Having learned the recipe for salted trout, you will never have to puzzle over what to serve as a snack.

Salted trout

Ingredients (based on 1 kg of trout):

- two tablespoons of sugar;

- a spoonful of salt with a slide;

- two bunches of dill.

It is necessary to remove carefully beforehandridge and bones from the belly, carefully clean the fish from scales. If you can not do it right away, you can freeze the fish a little. But only a little, in the thicker it should not be frozen.

Put the fish skinning down on a foil or parchment (the latter is preferable). In the cup, mix the sugar and salt, then carefully grate the mixture with the fillets first and then the skin.

Cut the dill and sprinkle it on the insideparts of trout. Now you need to fold the two halves so that the fillet touches the fillet. Tightly wrap the fish with parchment, and then also with food film.

Packing so trout, put it in a bowl, and a bowlsend the refrigerator to the warmest place for at least three days. During this time the fish remarkably salted out. After three days, transfer the fish into the freezer for another couple of days. And everything is ready, you can try your "creation".

It is best to get salted trout out ofrefrigerator, cut off the piece you need, not allowing the rest of the fish to thaw. Also carefully pack it in a food film so that it does not become airy and not oxidized. If you pack well, your trout should be fresh for at least a month and will be ready for use at any time you need. And in the case of the arrival of unexpected guests, you will get the perfect snack.

It is very convenient to cut the frozen fish with thin plates, so it is fairly easy to separate from the skin.

Salted trout with spices

This recipe is remarkable because, in addition to sugar and salt, you can add your favorite spices, and it does not spoil the dish.


- trout fillets;

- sugar, salt and pepper;

- bay leaf and seasonings to your taste.


Wash trout, dry it with a towel and cut into large pieces. Prepare a mixture for pickling, combining sugar, salt and other seasonings. For one kilogram of fish you need 4 tablespoons of the mixture.

Pour a small amount of the mixture into a bowl, put the skin down on the bottom of the trout. Sprinkle everything with the mixture and add a second layer of fish, but now skinned up.

Cover everything with a lid and put it in a cool warm place for about a day. In 24 hours your trout is salted, the recipe of which, as you can see, is very simple, completely ready.

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