Three-level voltage regulator. Characteristics, description, reviews

Today, domestic cars have a serious problem with the rapid discharge of batteries. At the same time, their resource is rapidly running out, and new models on the market are expensive. The main reason for this is the frequent change of operating modes. In this case, little depends on the actions of the driver. In turn, the battery constantly requires different voltage levels for its charge.

Designed to solve this problem installed in the car regulator. By default, it is of the usual type with a fairly simple construction. In general, it is ineffective and does its job poorly. This is due to the fact that regardless of the operating conditions of the battery, it supplies a constant voltage to the device. However, he is not able to take into account the ambient temperature, the speed of the car, as well as the amount of energy required.At the same time, the three-level voltage regulator is capable of optimizing the entire process.

three-level voltage regulator

Advantages of regulators

As mentioned earlier, regulators can save battery life. It gives the driver great opportunities. First of all, any problems with heating are eliminated. Even on frosty days, the engine will start up much easier. In this case, problems with alarms, if any, may disappear. For many motorists, again in winter, it functions poorly.

Among other things, increase lamp power. In this case, the review in near and far light will significantly improve. Also, the three-level voltage regulator can affect the operation of the stove. According to motorists, it has the ability to work much better with a fully charged battery. You can also notice an increase in the speed of switching windows. As a result, the driver loses many problems.

What you need to install?

First of all, you should be familiar with the complete set of the device. The standard set of the regulator includes instructions, the device itself and the connecting wires with special brush holders that are needed to fix the case.

Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to prepare an open-ended spanner and a cross-head screwdriver in advance. You will also need a knife and a tester to determine the voltage. To securely clamp the terminals, use tongs, but ordinary pliers will do.

voltage regulator three-level WHA

Regulator connection

Connecting the voltage regulator begins with the disconnection of the negative terminal. At the same time, it should be completely twisted from the battery. The second step is removed Gadget, which is located on the generator. This should be done in advance with a key. After that, the nut is deposited in the direction of the drive. In order to get to the casing, you need to remove the block, and it is attached, as a rule, on three latches. To disconnect them, you need to pick them up with something from the edge carefully. Only after that it is possible to detach the plastic casing of the generator, where its screws are located. Before unscrewing them, you need to make sure that the plug is completely removed.

The next step is removed Gadget. In this case, the ends should be well treated with a file. In this case, it will provide excellent contact of the diode bridge with the spacer sleeve.Directly brush holder is installed in place of the regulator. The main thing is to tighten it a little for fixation. After that, the casing can immediately be installed in its original place. Next, you should carefully lay the wire controller. Should be done, given the location of the main wiring of the car. In order for them not to dangle, it is necessary to fix everything with the help of ordinary plastic clips. The next step is to install the three-level voltage regulator directly. At the same time contact with the mass should be tight.

In some cases, a shunt is used for this. In this situation, it will allow to connect the cases of the regulator and the generator more reliably. After connecting the device, you need to fasten the other wires from the kit. As a result, the work of the regulator should be checked immediately. In this case, the car battery is loaded at full capacity, and you can do this by turning on the stove, headlights and radio tape recorder immediately.

three-level voltage regulator VAZ 2110

Diagram of a standard regulator

The usual voltage regulator circuit provides for different levels of diodes. In this case, the barriers they may differ significantly. This is due primarily to a sharp change in voltage in the system.You should also consider the strength of the current. Among other things, regulators have radiators.

Their main task is to cool the diodes. Directly the position of the device is controlled by a toggle switch. Another voltage regulator circuit has the electric drive bar, which closes the circuit.

three-level voltage regulator do it yourself

Homemade devices

Making a three-level voltage regulator with your own hands for an ordinary person is quite difficult. In this case, you should know the basics of electronics. The main element of the device are diodes. At the same time to find a three-step toggle switch for them is very problematic. Additionally, you should install radiators for cooling. Otherwise, the diodes may not withstand the limiting voltage and burn out.

The components are interconnected by wires. They should be quite long, because the cable should be threaded through the cover directly to the regulator. The last thing to do is take care of the plastic case. In this case, the wiring in it should be well fixed. As a result, the toggle switch should be free.

Reviews of the regulator "Energomash" on the VAZ-2104

This three-level voltage regulator has good reviews.Many owners rated this model for compactness, as well as ease of installation. The length of this device is 67 mm, width 41 mm, and thickness only 23 mm. At the same time, the device weighs exactly 80 g.

It is easy to switch the regulator if necessary. As a result, the efficiency of a car battery increases significantly. The rated current of this model is 5 A and is suitable for generators types 26.37 and 37.37. At the minimum level, the Energomash on the VAZ-2104 can reach up to 13 V. At the same time, it is possible to set the toggle switch to a maximum of 14 V.

three level voltage regulator reviews

Opinion on the regulators "Energomash" for the VAZ-2110

Three-level voltage regulator (VAZ-2110) is well suited for drivers who use the car in difficult conditions. In this case, it is possible to move for a long time on a rise uphill. Also increases the efficiency in the hot season. As a result, start the car becomes much easier. At the same time, the battery remains fully charged for a very long time.

At least the Energomash regulator for the VAZ-2110 is capable of delivering a voltage of 13.6 V. In turn, it maintains a maximum of 14.7 V.Like the previous model, this regulator is quite compact. Rated current, it can withstand 5 A, and this device costs about 345 rubles on the market.

voltage regulator connection

Reviews of the model "Energomash" on the "Volga" and "Gazelle"

This three-level voltage regulator can be quite useful. At the same time, you should closely monitor the ambient temperature and do not forget to switch the toggle switch. For large frosts, the third mode is best. In this case, only one diode "2C" is used. At this time on hot days you should put the toggle switch in the middle position.

Thus, the system uses two diodes at once. In this case, the level of the rated current can rise to 6 A. According to experts, in some cases, problems may arise with a radiator. To solve this problem, it is best to conduct periodic inspections. For this purpose, the fixing strength of the device with the generator should be checked. If necessary, the clamps can always be changed or use a shunt if it is not installed.

voltage regulator circuit

Characteristics of the regulator "Energomash" for VAZ 2107

In total, the three-level voltage regulator VAZ-2107 has three diodes of the "25C" series.They are capable of maintaining the rated current at 6 A. It should also be noted that they have a high voltage barrier. Radiators in this model are available. Clamps in the regulator "Energomash" for the VAZ-2107 installed type "crocodiles", and the isolation of the wires is quite good. In this case, the body is able to withstand heavy loads, and the generator is not afraid of vibration. The width of the plank is large, so it is difficult to break it.

To exit to the battery terminal has a wire painted in red. As the engine warms up, the device withstands a voltage of 13 V. In turn, at idle the system outputs 14 V. As a result, the range of the headlights can be significantly increased. Also, it will appear on the work of the fog and the oven in the cabin. Cost model Energomash for the VAZ-2107 buyer in the market about 340 rubles.

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