The writing on the picture Krymov "Winter Evening" according to plan

In this article you can familiarize yourself with the biography of Nikolai Krymov, a Soviet-era artist, a multifaceted and interesting personality, in addition to this, you will be provided with a description of the picture of this artist, which brought him wide popularity. This famous painting is called “Winter Evening”. The central place in this material will be devoted to writing an essay on Krymov's painting “Winter Evening”.

Krymov's painting "Winter Evening"

Biography of Nikolay Krymov

Nikolai Krymov was born in 1884 on April 20 in Moscow in the family of the artist P. A. Krymov. Received initial training from his father, he was his first teacher and was able to instill in his son a love of art from an early age. The brother of the future artist became a famous surgeon of his era. 1904 became important for Krymov. He entered the Moscow Art School, but the first years he studied architecture and only later, from 1907 to 1911, in the studio Vasnetsov began to study painting.

As an artist, Krymov changed his views over time."Early" Krymov was sympathetic to symbolism. An example would be his first works, which are a colorful haze, similar to a greater degree with a pattern of intricately woven, but still beautiful fabric.

Over time, the paintings of Krymov acquire material outlines. The artist's skill is polished, the strength and beauty of his works reach the highest level, Krymov managed to achieve art to saturate his canvases with light. He described the technique of his performance in the article “On Levitan” (1938). In each of his works, he expressed all the love and tenderness to the beauty of the native nature. Nikolai Krymov was a born teacher who managed to grow a number of remarkable specialists: artists working in portrait and landscape genre. In addition to successful teaching activities, Krymov made a significant contribution to the development of shorthand.

After the artist left a large collection of paintings that subsequent generations can be proud of. A key feature of writing pictures Krymov - a combination of the reality of the landscape with some lyrical romance. I would like to mention the picture of Krymov "Roof under the snow", which was bought by the Tretyakov Gallery.The composition of the picture reminds the modern viewer a random photographic frame, and the softness of the light is similar to the “picture” of sleep.

The artist died in 1958 in Moscow, was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Writing on the picture

Detailed description of the picture

Krymov's painting Winter Evening was written by the author in 1919. The first thing I would like to emphasize in the essay on Krymov's “Winter Evening” is the beauty of the subtle beauty of the winter Russian nature, which is so familiar to each of us. Her charm fills the soul with joy. Healthy, bitter Russian frosts in old times were associated with youth and strength, with the image of a young, daring red-cheeked guy, and that is why in the winter season they celebrated with great pleasure a large number of holidays. In the essay-description of the picture "Winter Evening" Krymov can tell about a quiet simple life in the village.

Pictured Russian village, huts, luminous windows which attract the eye. Involuntarily, a simple measured life that flows in this village seems to be. Two carts with firewood harnessed by horses are visible in the background of the canvas. A small group of peasants are returning along the trodden path among the snowdrifts. The sky, depicted by the artist in blue-green tones, amazes with its beauty.It is so unusual that it makes it even more beautiful.

Especially the artist managed to convey the play of light. Birds, like black dots in the snow, are depicted on the dividing line of the oncoming shadow. The last rays of the cold winter sun, saying goodbye to the snow, throw their rays on its surface and change the color of the snow cover. In the essay on the picture of N. Krymov "Winter Evening" it is important to convey a sense of unity with nature. The artist managed to reveal to the viewer the secret, concluded in the form of peace and quiet.

If you are a city dweller and your life passes in the middle of the hustle and bustle, then you, like anyone else, are able to feel this silence and the beauty of the landscape. Far behind the peasants' huts there are tall trees, whose branches, devoid of leaves, seem to be frozen, and this is touching and vulnerable. Involuntarily I recall another picture of Krymov, painted by the artist in 1906. The painting is called "Sunny Day". The artist again skillfully managed to convey the transparency of the winter day and the bewitching sensation of silence.

Small Motherland. Beauty of the native land

Studying the past and analyzing the present of his small homeland,which plays a significant role in the life of each person, I would like to convey that spiritual connection that essentially forms the moral side of the personality of a citizen and patriot of his country. The picture of Krymov “Winter Evening” for writing in the 6th grade is an excellent opportunity to express your feelings and sensations. A description of this kind helps to understand what a small Motherland is. When the beauty of the native land that surrounds a person from childhood sprouts into the soul, the village, the river, the sky and even a flock of birds evoke in the aggregate the feeling of home. The only and painfully beloved home where your mother is waiting for you, where for the first time you have learned the price of love and happiness, friendship and kinship.

The writing on the Krymov's painting “Winter Evening” is related to the topic of nature description. Topics of this kind are written by students easily and without any special hints from the teacher. The task of the teacher is to help and nudge the student, pointing out to him the possible sides of the description of the details of the picture.

Writing-description of the picture

Impressions of the picture. Feeling of peace and pacification

The picture evokes positive emotions. A lot of light, colors are extraordinarily matched, especially for the sky.His emerald-green play is striking to the depths of the soul. And you involuntarily think that you have never seen such a beautiful winter sky, and maybe it is worth being more attentive and paying more attention to the world around you, not forgetting to enjoy the beauty of nature ?! Yes, the picture does not cause violent emotions, it rather takes a quiet and such a "girlish" beauty, it is real, "real", everyday. Peaceful village place is familiar to every viewer.

Color palette paintings

The picture is dominated by light colors, despite the fact that the work is called “Winter Evening”. Perhaps, from a large amount of snow the canvas is filled with light, or it seems that it is not too late and therefore not dark. But in any case, the evening's approach is obvious, this is indicated by the shadow cast in the center of the canvas, two carts returning from the forest with firewood that the stove will be flooded with, and it will be warm and cozy in the house.

The writing on Krymov's “Winter Evening” can reflect the fact that, despite the winter time of the year, depicted by the artist, you feel warm and comfortable, because the author has so well depicted the warm light from the candles that make their way through the glass windows.The emerald green sky, so unexpected and at the same time fabulous, refreshes the picture and brings in a kind of playful color. The writing on the painting “Winter Evening” by Krymov in the 6th grade is descriptive, and in order for the work not to be chaotic, it is necessary to make a plan.

The writing on the picture Krymov "Winter Evening"

Why do you need a plan?

Writing an essay on the picture of Krymov “Winter Evening” according to the plan is necessary, it will allow to express thoughts correctly and to consider the issue under study not on one side. In order to make a plan of the essay, it is necessary to break it into parts or fragments, each of which will be devoted to a single topic.

If we formulate the task of writing an essay on the picture of Krymov “Winter Evening” briefly, then it should be a semantic unity of three parts: the introduction, the main part, consisting of several sub-paragraphs, and the conclusion. The introduction, the main part and the conclusion are not the names of the items of the plan. It is rather a writing scheme. The introductory part introduces the question of interest, the main part reveals the idea as the narration progresses, and finally the conclusion sums up what has been said.

In the photo below are other works by Krymov: "Winter.Roofs and Sunny Day.

Essay on the picture Krymov

"Clip Thinking"

Such a term appeared in modern psychology, its meaning is reduced to the fact that a person with this type of thinking is not able to gather all his knowledge into one big single picture. It is the ability to write essays that is so important and necessary, because in any kind of activity it is so necessary to have the skill to think logically and to be able to analyze, understand what is flowing from and what can lead to. After all, if you figure out what is an essay? This is a convincing and consistent statement of thoughts on this topic.

Painting Krymov

Useful and pleasant

So, taking into account all the above and continuing the narration on our topic, I would like to note that, continuing to reveal the subject of the essay, we will consider and describe some of the details of the painting “Winter Evening” by Krymov that we missed. In the background of the canvas, we can see the magnificent crowns of trees, apparently, behind the houses the forest begins. The bare branches of the trees stood motionless. Nature sleeps, rests and awaits its time of awakening. Also visible is the top of the village church, the bell tower of which is covered with grayish snow. It is so pleasant to look at this work, to admire the modest beauty of the winter landscape.It is useful to acquire the ability to present what they see on paper in the form of logically complete thoughts, to describe the details and feelings that arise when viewing a picture.

The warmth of the "Winter Evening"

The picture that opens before the gaze of the viewer is simple and beautiful at the same time. Everything is covered in snow. There is a feeling of a fairy tale. The snow beckons and calls, promising a wonderful pastime in games, sledding. Snow reigns on this canvas, it covers all the open spaces of the fields, the roofs of houses, it is at the same time soft and severe.

Essay on the picture Krymov

Conclusion The result

In conclusion, summing up the above, I would like to once again note the talented work of the artist Krymov, his amazing ability to fill the canvas with light. The author showed the viewer the spectacular winter beauties of nature. Krymov managed to show the everyday life of the peasants of that time. The picture is unusually true. Such is the composition of Krymov's Winter Evening for the 6th grade, a brief summary of which can be expressed with one thought: the author is undoubtedly fascinated by the beauty of his native land and truly loves his people, respects their work and understands the difficulties of their simple life.

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