The unique fjords of Norway invite you

When it is time for summer holidays, beforeMany people have a traditional question: where to go on vacation? Of course, you can, as always, go to Turkey and Egypt, splash in the warm sea and bask in the sandy beach and, at the same time, languish with boredom. And you can choose the opposite direction, buy a ticket to the north and plunge into the fairy tale.

We all come from childhood. Who among us did not like to read about insidious trolls, courageous Vikings and gentle elves? And now the time has come when the country in which these heroes lived, it was possible to see with your own eyes. In Norway, namely, this country in question, everything is amazing: snow-capped mountain peaks, swift waterfalls, crystal-clear mountain lakes, majestic forests. And, finally, the pearl of this harsh land is the fjords of Norway. It is likely that not everyone has even heard of this unique phenomenon, not to mention being among this beauty.

It turns out that the fjords of Norway are mountain bays,with partially overgrown forests, high rocky shores. Scattered here and there on the shores of the fjords, small villages, add picturesqueness to the overall unique picture. The Scandinavian peninsula in the west is covered with rocky mountains, a total length of about 1,700 kilometers. On the one hand, the Scandinavian mountains are bounded by the Skagerrak strait, on the other hand by the northern cape of the North Cape. The mountain range consists of a large number of plateaus and rocky ridges, between which narrow and deep bays are curving - the Scandinavian fjords, otherwise called the Norwegian fjords.

Traveling in Norway is possible, as withgroup of tourists, and independently, for example, by car. Recently, tours to this country are gaining increasing popularity, especially among the people of megacities, exhausted by the endless time trouble. Native Norway, the leisurely and measured rhythm of life, the hospitable attitude of local residents, act soothingly and help to get rid of the usual fuss. The most fascinating journey awaits those who survey the fjords of Norway, moving on them by ferry. There are several types of similar excursions, different in duration and covering a different number of attractions. Unforgettable nights on the ferry, under the open sky, will not leave indifferent true romantics, especially if the trip coincides with the first summer months. The white nights that fall at this time will allow you to admire the surrounding nature around the clock ..

For those who are interested in cultural andthe historical heritage of Scandinavia, there are special tours, including visits to museums, famous cathedrals, places of modern leisure. Only the peninsula of Bugda offers a choice of three museums: the museum of the famous expedition vessel "Kon-tiki", "Fram" and, finally, the museum of the "Vikings". The Helsinki Cathedral and Stockholm's Dome Cathedral will give an idea of ​​the spiritual values ​​of the Norwegians. Children will enjoy the visit to the Aquarium, with a large number of diverse marine life.

But for tourists who want a few daysrelax in the heart of the harsh and beautiful nature of the Norwegian region, built comfortable cottages, located both on the beach and in the mountains. Of course, here again the best place for active recreation is the fjords of Norway, where you can go fishing, diving or rafting. In addition, for lovers of mountain skiing and snowboarding, in Norway, excellent ski resorts have been created.

Vacation time flies very quickly, sometimesmuch faster than we would like. And therefore, it is especially important to get a lot of vivid impressions and enchanting sensations, so that the positive mood is not lost, in a collision with gray everyday life. And such concepts as Norway, fjords, rest are so inextricably linked with the joy of being that forgetting the trip to this country will be simply impossible.

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The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you The unique fjords of Norway invite you