On the evening of August 25, the return match of the qualifying stage of the Champions League between Zenit and Auxerre took place at the Abbe Deshamps Stadium.
Zenit: Malafeev, Alves, Meira (Bukharov, 79), Gubochan, Anyukov, Semak, Shirokov, V. Bystrov (Zhevnov, 66), Zyryanov (Lazovich, 55), Danny, Kerzhakov.
Auxerre: Soren, Engbar, Minho, Coulibaly, Grichting, Pedretti, Ndinga, Olieech (Shafni, 86), le Tallec (Beers, 63), Kontut, Allen
After the first match, the team from the banks of the Neva led with a score of 1: 0. To win, the St. Petersburg team had only to play for a draw or lose with a one goal difference, while scoring at least one goal. Nevertheless, the confident play of the French in Petersburg promised a cruel confrontation in the return match.
The match, like last time, began with a quick goal by the home team. Sendrik Angbar won the horse fight after a pass by Pedretti and, by hitting his head into the right corner, opened the scoring in the match 1: 0. The fast goal did not break Zenit, and gradually, more and more dangerous moments began to arise at the gates of the goalkeeper Auxerre Olivier Soren.In one of the episodes, the French striker Roy Kontut, interrupting the transfer of Tomash Gubochan, tried to pass the ball to the goalkeeper and almost became the author of an own goal: the ball went inches from the bar.
At the end of the first 45-minute, an incredible thing happened, even according to the French television director: Stefan Grichting, while in his own penalty area, hit the ball with his hand, flying straight into the shots after Sergei Semak. The chief arbiter of the meeting, Damir Skomina, showed with a gesture that he had seen the game with his hand, but did not see any reason for a penalty. Repeated replays showed that goalkeeper Olivier Soren was powerless to take the ball.
The second period began with a powerful attack of Zenith. The guests conducted a series of sharp attacks, however, neither Kerzhakov nor Bystrov managed to print the gates of the French. At 53 minutes, the advantage of “Auxerre” doubled: Alain Traore realized the corner from the canopy of the same Pedretti. The advantage passed to the French team.
On the 65th minute, the goalkeeper of Petersburgers Vyacheslav Malafeev was removed for a rude mistake. Going beyond the penalty, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team played up his hand, which did not escape the attention of the chief arbiter - Zenit was left ten together. After 15 minutes on the field there are only nine players of the St. Petersburg team.For the second yellow card, Tomash Gubochan was removed.
Despite the numerical superiority of the Auxerre, the Zenit attacked to the last. Kerzhakov and Bruno Alves had good chances to score, but the score did not change as a result. 2-0 and hopes for a more successful performance in the Europa League melted, but love did not melt.

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