The series "Plot": actors and roles

At the end of the last century, serials about militiamen andtheir hard life was flooded with all the airtime of federal channels. Shootings, murders and investigations - all this is rather boring the Russian viewer. Director Alexander Baranov decides to withdraw the good life series "Plot". The actors were selected for ready-made roles, and the audience had to see a whole galaxy of stars on the screen.

plot series actors

What is the series about?

The day-manager Kravtsov disappears day and nightin the service. His wife Lyudmila was tired of waiting for them to start a normal life and went to her mother. Besides personal problems, big troubles begin at work. Investigating another crime, he managed to get to the very center of the plot and touched high-ranking officials. The authorities suggested that the employee go to the village and take the place of the district police officer for a while. Pavel Sergeyevich was embarrassed that his predecessor had disappeared. He decided to figure it out and try to find a man.

sergey bezrukov district militia

Where is Anisovka?

To remove rural life was decided in Pohvistnevo.A small village of 40 houses was in a beautiful picturesque place. Residents were delighted to learn that they had a chance to become witnesses to the filming of the series "Plot". The actors were to become the entire local population. True, they were involved in the crowd, but for ordinary people it was a real event. Houses, household plots and household utensils remained unchanged and ideally blended with the director's plan.

plot series actors

Actors and their roles

For realism and the transfer of the spirit of the presentThe Russian village was required to represent all sections of the population. In each village there are alcoholics, intellectuals and representatives of criminal circles. The plot for each series was written, and it remained only to pick up the actors. The series "Site" is a comedy and the director needed people of all ages. Each villager will become the main character and reveal his story. This attracted many eminent artists.

Kravtsov / Bezrukov

Playing the central character fell to SergeiBezrukov. The local Kravtsov Pavel was to become the personification of justice and law. He comes to the village to put things in order, but faces negative from the local population. He does not understand how one can calmly react to theft and drunkenness. Life in the village completely changes his outlook.

sergey bezrukov district militia


Bloodhound in the series played a big role.The dog went to Kravtsov after the arrest of his previous master. It is on behalf of Caesar that the narration is overseen. With the voice of Bezrukov, he talks about past events and comments on all the actions of his master. Every day he compiles a report for the precinct's wife and asks her to come as soon as possible.

Lipkina / Ruslanova

A gruff and sharp-tongued chemistry teacherrepresented the intelligentsia in the countryside. In the role of this all respected, but very scandalous woman starred Nina Ruslanova. The series "Plot" was not her first role in the series, but became the most memorable for many years. Her squabbling with a neighbor and the desire to arrange a personal life of the district officer gave the series a unique color.

series site nina Ruslanova

Nyura / Dogileva

A broken Babzak woman of age,bored in the absence of her husband. At first glance, she laid her eyes on the pretty young Kravtsov. The poor precinct was forced to hide from her claims throughout the series. The role of such an odious person went to Tatiana Dogileva.

plot series actors

Sharov / Madyanov

The chairman of the village, with his views on the law andorder. Roman Madyanov was ideally suited for this role. The series "Plot" brought him not only glory, but also many new proposals from the directors. He was able to masterfully convey the whole essence of local government. A cunning, prudent and cautious peasant always was at the center of any event.

series plot novel of the Madians

Khali-Gali / Zolotukhin

A significant figure in the village.An elderly person could fall asleep anywhere and had an obsession. He was sure that a big catfish lives in the local river. For many years he has been trying to prove to all fellow villagers that a huge underwater inhabitant exists. It was he who dragged the previous precinct officer. My grandfather, although respected in the village, but his stories for a long time no one listened.

plot series actors

Stupina / Powder

Charming teacher of literature, inperformed by Maria Poroshina, proved that even in the village there are cultural people. The girl liked Kravtsov so much that this could lead to the collapse of both families. Lyudmila had a husband, and he easily believed in the gossip of local women about the adventures of his wife. There was a fight, in which the district police officer allowed the jealous man to put offense on him.

plot series actors

Interesting Facts

  • Lyudmila Kravtsov was played by Sergey Bezrukov's wife.
  • Initially, the dog took the dog's role as a precinct dog, but the dog had to be replaced before the shooting began.
  • A village policeman could become Gosha Kutsenko, but he did not pass the casting.
  • Actors of the series "Plot" did not live in the village during the entire filming process.

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