The most unusual profession in the world. The most rare and unusual professions

There are more than 70 thousand different kinds of activity in the world, but most of us know much less. Naturally, it will not be possible to list all the existing posts now, but we will try to name the most interesting and unusual professions.

The era of ordinary workers, teachers, doctors and the military has long ended. The world is developing, and every day they come up with the most unusual professions, I can even say “exotic”.

And not always those specialties that are considered rare abroad, exist with us, and if they exist, then in a completely different form - they are more common or vice versa. For example, in the USA there is a very rare, but highly paid job (a salary of about 3 thousand dollars!) - a hunter for empty beer bottles. In our country, this is not a profession, but quite often in crowded places you can meet a person who collects the same packaging, and he only has enough money for bread, in some cases, for another full bottle.In Russia, such a person is called a homeless person, and in America - a battle hunter.

list of the most unusual professions

Another example is the standing in line profession. In the post-Soviet space, this work has already died, although it was quite common in the 60-80s: unemployed city dwellers queued for sausage or something else for a small fee, thus helping the busy, and then tired workaholic to buy food, yes and did not hurt yourself. And now this profession has been revived, however, already in Britain, after researchers sounded that an ordinary Briton spends one year of life in a queue. An enterprising resident of London immediately opened a company in which you can order a "professional stand in line" Payment for such work at times reaches the mark of $ 40 per hour, but it is not easy, because it is your responsibility to quarrel, push, and step on the leg (it’s not a matter if the buyer in front of you takes the last thing you need - what then to tell the employer? )

The most unusual professions that you can master and get the appropriate diploma

Torsedoros.This profession can be mastered only in Cuba, and the course of study lasts ten years (to be honest, we do not imagine that you can study so much time).After graduation, you will receive a diploma ... a professional cigar spinner. Not bad, yes?

Personal nanny.In the US state of Kentucky, the university offers training in this specialty. Quite a strange, it should be noted, specialty: students are taught to care for newborn children, to prepare infant formula, and one of the main subjects in the department is “Proper relations with parents and their children”. Specialists with such diplomas are highly valued, work in wealthy families and have high wages.

Specialist in the field of pop culture.In Ohio, Bowling Green teaches students who are addicted to television, one might even say, obsessed with it. The most curious thing is that they study what they are interested in: TV shows, music, cinema, biographies of artists and actors, museums, etc., that is, everything that is connected with modern culture.

Top 10 most unusual professions

There are many unusual and specific works, most of which are relevant only in a particular area, in a particular city. The most unusual professions in the world, as a rule, are found either in highly developed countries, or, conversely, in laggards.Well, let's proceed to discuss them.

most unusual professions in the world

1. Our list of the most unusual professions opensdream dealer. In Chicago, a firm that has been fulfilling dreams has been successfully operating for several years. True, not free: the minimum amount of the order is equal to ... 150 thousand dollars. But for this money you can get anything (within reasonable limits, of course), even to become a "star" ... True, for one day.

2.Professional "sleepy".There are several areas of this work. Initially, "Sonya" began to hire American companies that manufacture sofas and beds. After all, it is important for them to know how their products are of high quality and convenient. Now hotel owners use the services of professional dormice to check the level of comfort in the room (sound insulation, quality of furniture, etc.) and quality of service.

3.Mystery shopper. Not such a rare profession, as the services of these individuals are used by the owners of retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels (although there they do well with Sony).

4.Iceberg Cleaner.It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Yes, and such workers exist, and they perform quite an important job.Remember the story with the Titanic? The liner could not get over the block of ice ... The oil platform also has no chance to avoid a collision, so they are saved by iceberg cleaners.

the most interesting and unusual professions

5.Hitchhikers. Exactly! You hitchhike, and you still get paid for it. Not bad, right? Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has about 30 million people and 20 million cars. Naturally, the roads are overloaded, and for this reason, the city authorities have imposed restrictions and created checkpoints, which only allow cars in which at least 3 people pass. Thus, the unemployed sit in a car in front of the checkpoint, drive through and get out, receiving a modest fee for it. After that, they cross the road and - again, for money - come back. You can earn up to $ 8 per day, despite the fact that the average daily cost per person does not exceed a dollar.

top 10 most unusual professions

6.Toilet Guide.In Japan and China for a modest fee, a specially trained person will not only tell you, but also show you where the nearest toilet is. Just imagine, in their labor book they wrote: “toilet guide”!

7.Brain picker.Did you immediately think about your boss? But no, this profession is not connected with the moral removal of the brain. These people work in slaughterhouses that supply animal brains to restaurants as a delicacy.

8.Hired Relative. Yes, and there are such, by the way, they provide a fairly wide range of services. At your wedding they can pretend that they are your loved ones, and they can cry at the funeral as well as relatives of the deceased.

And finally, the two most unusual professions from the category "18+":

9. Tester condoms. Many manufacturers of contraceptives test their products with the help of special equipment, but some elite companies test their elite condoms directly in action, so to speak, “in a combat situation”.

10.Tester girls easy behavior. In countries where prostitution is legalized, there is such a profession. Brothel owners want to be sure that their prostitutes are doing their job well.

The rarest profession in Russia

There is no way to make a rating or write a huge list, as it is very difficult to find unusual professions in Russia. Perhaps simply because for us they are considered ordinary. So, the most unusual profession in Russia ...

Sign language interpreter.Helps the deaf-and-dumb find a common language with healthy people. Mostly such specialists work in social services, sometimes they are found on television.

Greenkeeper.We are sure that you have not heard about this profession.This man is caring for a golf course.

Oenologist.Most likely, you could hardly have heard of the existence of such a specialist, but clearly guessed. Oenologists are engaged in winemaking, namely: they determine which grape is better to grow on a particular plot of land, which fertilizers are better to use, and are directly responsible for the technical part of wine production.

SpeechwriterAs you know, politicians often "push speech", but, oddly enough, they are not their authors. And even such scandalous politicians, like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, often voice pre-prepared and learned phrases, rather than say "from themselves."

the most unusual profession in Russia

Funny, ridiculous and just pointless work

The most rare and unusual professions are different. For example, in America, one bakery opened the vacancy “bun spreading with jam”. In the same place in America, a vacancy “specialist in decorating a Christmas tree” is opening closer to Christmas. Although this is a family business, the Christmas tree in the office should be brought into a “business-like” look before important conferences.

In developed countries, where people live in a frenzied rhythm (they are constantly in a hurry somewhere, in a hurry, they are nervous), there are special interlocutors with whom you can talk in person and sometimes drink. Such people necessarily have a diploma in psychology.

The worst job in the world

Ants catcher. You can’t think of anything worse: “crawling” on the ground all day long with tweezers in your hand and catching the necessary goosebumps. But this work is really important, as the ant poison is used in medicine, and sometimes the insects themselves are served in restaurants.

Most nasty job

Did you commit the murder? Need to hide evidence? Call a professional crime scene cleaner. But such cleaners work only for the elite ... and only for big money ...

Hardest work

In the Chinese subway, at “rush hour” passengers “fill” the car so that the doors do not close. And then come to the aid of special "zapihivshchiki." They are careful not to hurt anyone, push people and close the doors ... Imagine what happens at the next stop when the door is opened ...

10 of the most unusual professions

The most enviable job

Cleaner on the paradise island of Hamilton. For half a year people are settled in a chic cottage on the island. And for this, they also pay 20 thousand dollars a month. The worker is only required to keep order in the house, feed the turtles and watch the corals. The poet's dream ...

the most unusual profession

The most senseless work

The most unusual professions in the world are often meaningless. On one poultry farm there is a post "manager for determining the sex of chickens." Such a specialist does that he spends all day under the tail of day-old chicks. After all, on the chicken farm they firmly believe that, depending on the sex of the chicken, you need to build a diet for it.

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