Indicator is what?

That was created some kind of system. How now to follow the changes in her? In such cases, can the indicator come to the rescue? What is that? What are their types? And also in the framework of the article will be considered the work of some of them.

What is an indicator?

indicator itInitially, it is necessary to obtain a terminological basis. The indicator refers to special devices, devices, information systems, substances and objects that reflect a change in a parameter, or a group of them, that relate to a controlled process, or a state of something. It differs in convenience for perception to people by means of a visual, tactile, acoustic or other easily interpretable method. The indicator is something that allows you to greatly facilitate activities in many areas, allowing you to function where it is dangerous for a person to stay.

Types of indicators

digital indicatorThese devices are used not only in technical terms. Here are the contexts in which the word “indicator” can be found:

  1. As a designation for an electronic circuit, which has a light panel, designed to inform about the situation.
  2. As a device with which distinguish the phase and neutral wires, as well as grounding.
  3. A device that captures changes in parameter (s) in a mechanical system.
  4. In chemistry, it is a substance that produces noticeable (usually color) chemical reactions and is used to test the reaction of something to something.
  5. In the social sciences, and especially in sociology, an indicator is understood as a characteristic that is available for study and will be able to tell about something that it is not possible to learn now.
  6. Imply technical means or substances that help determine physical quantities or their threshold values ​​when used in some conditions.
  7. This concept is used in the field of economics and finance.
  8. In ecology, an indicator is a system of signs that allows to assess the state of the environment.
  9. In mathematics, this is a function by which it is established whether an element belongs to a set or not.

And now let's look at practical examples of what the indicators are and how they function. Only technical representatives will be considered.

Led indicator

LED indicatorThis device is used to visually inform about changes in the technical system or that everything is stable. They give light signals. Burning can be carried out continuously, intermittently or completely absent. If a device has to work all the time, the LED indicators will turn on only if there are any problems that need to be fixed. They can also work when a part of the device is started, which is idle for the majority of the time.

Digital indicator

Device data is used to display accurate data about something. An illustrative example would be a digital thermometer temperature, which shows how many degrees are now on the street. In addition, as such a device can serve as scales, watches and many other devices of this type.


As you can see, the indicator is an important component, without which working with a multitude of devices would be significantly more difficult, and some would have become unsuitable for use. And even their use in something already familiar still makes it easier to work a person.Take modern kettles that have a temperature indicator.

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