The drug "Nemabakt": reviews, instructions for use, analogues

Growing a crop on the site is good. But sometimes, all efforts are reduced almost to naught due to pests. Fight with the devourers of the crop you need constantly, and modern means help in this, for example, the drug "Hemabakt ", about which very positive.

Nematoda - what is this?

Even those who are far from gardening andgardening, have repeatedly heard complaints about the fact that the nematode - the culprit of many problems with the harvest. From the school course of biology, it can be recalled that nematodes are a certain class of roundworms, whose species number more than two dozen, and maybe even more. These worms are parasites of plants, animals and humans. Get rid of them need cardinally, because they eat their masters. Interestingly, these parasitic worms live on land, in fresh and salt water. The largest nematode worm is found in the body of the whale, and its length reaches almost 8 and a half meters! Also, this kind of worm is divided by the signs, where they live and what they eat. Plant-eating nematode worms harm plants, especially cultivated ones, with which the person takes care, watering, loosening the soil, because the larvae of these pests live and develop in the soil. But there are also such nematodes that parasitize on their brethren and on the larvae of other insects. It was on this group of nematodes that scientists decided to test the possibility of creating a bio-insecticide. The result of this research work was the drug "Nemabakt".

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Plants and nematodes

For garden and garden plants, the nematode isThe same big problem, what can be this worm that lives in the body of the whale. If a plant is infected with a plant-eating nematode, it develops poorly and grows. As the parasite harms the roots, splitting them, allowing them to penetrate into fungi, bacteria. In addition, the small roots of plants die, and the root thickens, splits, becomes sick. The plant is sick and poorly fructifies. That is why nematode worms are enemies of plants and crops in the first place. But the use of this pest is based on the drug "Nemabakt", reviewswhich is left by gardeners and truck farmers who protect the harvest.

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The stranger among his

So what is the drug "Nemabakt". Its composition can be called unusual for the usual insecticides. After all, the main component of this plant protection is the nematode. Yes, scientists have been using entomopathogenic worms and nematodes for more than one decade in their struggle with relatives. How so? P"Nemabakt" as an activeThe ingredient contains nematodes infected with a symbiotic bacterium. Worms settle in the ground, they begin to lead a life normal for themselves, but infecting their relatives, which eventually die. But what is symbiotic bacteria? And this is a special kind of microorganisms that live in a single inseparable community with insect pests, worms that destroy plants. Bacteria settles in the larvae of insects, in beetles, worms and feeds on its host, causing its death. The nematodes inhabiting the earth themselves also parasitize in the larvae of different insects living in the earth. So thatthe preparation "Nemabakt" has a special purpose - not harming nature, destroying pests.

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Against whom is the "Nemabakt" fighting?

If in the garden, cottage area of ​​the plant steelfeel bad, then no doubt, some parasites or diseases are to blame. For an experienced gardener it will not be difficult to determine what disaster has fallen on your favorite beds, flower beds or a garden. If this is not a disease, it is the "Nemabakt", instructions for use, reviews of which tell about the fight against insect pests, will help to cope with the problem on the site. The pests themselves, of course, will not disappear, poisoning the earth with pesticides - harming oneself and nature. Therefore, many gardeners are already using "Hemabakt ", reviews about him expressing in the mainonly positive. It is noteworthy that the Nemabakt tool was developed jointly with the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection, which is located in the city of Pushkin, Leningrad Region, and is produced by several Russian companies. So, there is a serious scientific justification for the use in the pest control of a preparation containing as an active component of entomopathogenic nematodes.Who is fighting with whom?the drug "Nemabakt"? Feedback from those who have already used it in their beds and flower beds, talk about the numerous pests, which managed to get rid of it. The larvae of most pests develop in the earth. It is there that they are found by the entomopathogenic nematode, which contains the drug "Hemabakt. "The instructions for using the product tell us what problems it helps to get rid of:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • wireworm (larvae of the beetle-click);
  • thrips (Californian and floral);
  • cabbage cabbage;
  • weevil;
  • mosquito mushroom;
  • leaf rollers;
  • carrot fly;
  • Khrushch May;
  • bark beetle;
  • the bear;
  • glass currant currant;
  • sea ​​buckthorn fly.

An interesting nematode is observedfeature: it falls into a hibernation when it becomes cold, and with the onset of heat again takes to work, clearing the land of pests and protecting the crop.

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"Nemabakt": for

A preparation containing an entomopathogenic nematode inas an active component of pest control, is a unique remedy for insecticides. It uses natural resources to treat nature itself, or rather a specific place where people grow vegetables, berries, fruits, flowers. Advantages of the drug "Nemabakt", the instruction to which contains the basic information about the remedy, are as follows:

  • the drug is absolutely harmless for living creatures - people, domestic and wild animals, bees, even aquarium fish (you never know what!) will not suffer from its action;
  • Bioinsecticide "Nemabakt", manufacturerthis guarantees, it is valid for two years, subject to the rules of the use of the means - that is, having treated once the land with this preparation, it is possible to forget about pests for two years;
  • the entomopathogenic nematode kills pests even at the stage of the larva, so they do not have time to harm the plants.

Producers of the facility announce it as a bioinsecticide that does not harm nature and all living things, helping to get rid of pest larvae in a certain area of ​​the soil.

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"Nemabakt": against

Before using any new remedy, you should study it well. You should do the same when purchasing a biopreparation "Nemabakt"? Instruction, reviewsseveral questions are being asked about it. For example, why are larvae killed only by garden pests? Useful soil inhabitants, such as earthworms, for example, must also suffer from entomopathogenic nematodes and symbiotic bacteria. In addition, plants on the surface of the soil are still unprotected from the invasion of flying, jumping and crawling pests. ABOUTThis question remains open, although forthe majority of gardeners and truck farmers the absence of plant diseases is a confirmation of the effectiveness of the drug. The instruction also mentions that the bioinsecticide should be introduced on time - 2 weeks before the development of the larvae, so that the nematode spreads over the site and begin its struggle with the pest larvae. Well, to protect the harvest from other evils follows other ways, supplementingthe drug "Nemabakt". The side effects of using a bioinsecticide, we can conclude, is a potential hazard for beneficial insects, as well as inefficiency in case of lost time in the development of larvae, when they are most susceptible to negative effects of entomopathogenic nematodes.

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What's the catch?

Deciding to purchase a biologicalinsecticide "Nemabakt", it should be noted that the package contains living organisms. Although they fall into a kind of anabiosis at a cold snap, but in a dried substrate can simply dry up, and with a strong freezing - die. Therefore, there are features of its storage and use. Another nuance that should be taken into account if the decision is made to use the bio-insecticide "Nemabakt" is the impossibility of storing the finished product. This is due to the fact that an aqueous solution of the preparation is prepared for insertion into the soil, during storage, the nematodes settle to the bottom, and there is no oxygen there. Worms perish. Therefore, you can not prepare the solution in advance, as well as store it. The open package with the product should be used as soon as possible without leaving it for storage.

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How to deliver?

The preparation is delivered in a special soil, whereentomopathogenic nematodes are in anabiosis - hibernation. This effect is obtained by maintaining the temperature of storage of packages with a nematode within 2-8 degrees Celsius. As the temperature rises, the nematodes begin to "come to life." It is this process that is the main one in the transportation and preparation of bio-equipment for use. In addition to cold, the nematode is afraid of sunlight, ultraviolet radiation. In the sun and without moisture, it can dry. As the temperature rises during storage, the biomaterial begins to revive, and for life, nematodes need oxygen. But since the packaging is hermetically sealed, and the nematodes are out of the state of anabiosis when the temperature rises, they simply die without oxygen. So during transportation and storage of bioinsecticides, you should strictly observe the temperature regime, and also protect the biomaterial from proximity to chemical insecticides and poisons.


How to use?

One of the non-chemical insecticides -The Nemabakt. Its use must be strictly in accordance with the instructions. So, before use, the package of the drug must be deployed and allow the soil to warm up in natural conditions, but not reaching a temperature of more than 26 degrees Celsius. Usually the heating of biomaterialup to ambient temperatureoccurs in 6-8 hours. In order to verify the activity of the nematode, you should use a magnifying glass with magnification not less than 20 times. Active worms should be visible in the field of vision, although there are already dead individuals in the preparation. If the drug is active, then it is diluted with ordinary water of natural temperature in the bucket. The ratio of the agent and water should not be less than 1: 100, otherwise the nematode will reproduce very long and there will be no effect from it. The drug is applied to the ground by sprinkling or watering. Do not pour water with the product so that it falls on the leaves of plants - the nematodes will die in the sun or dry just in the open air, and there will be no use from them, the money will be wasted. Bioinsecticide can be applied with sprayers - mechanical or electrical, but with the nozzles you must first remove the mesh, so that the nematodes do not get stuck in the cells, despite their microscopic dimensions, and are not damaged by the contours of the grid when passing through it. When applying the drug in the soil, you should periodically shake the container with water so that the biomaterial does not settle on the bottom, but be evenly distributed. Another prerequisite for the effective use of the drug "Nemabakt" is the moistening and loosening of the soil before introducing the bioinsecticide into it. This will allow nematodes to penetrate more quickly to the depth, besides, favorable conditions for their vital activity will be created - wet, loose soil with active access of oxygen. Repeat irrigation with pest control after 1 hour, and moisten the soil to create favorable conditions for the drug to be carried out in half an hour after repeated application of the product.

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Is there an alternative?

Protection of plants from a variety of pests anddiseases - the main task of those who grow crops, take care of forests and fields. In the arsenal of agriculture and household gardening many various means of helping plants are used. And biopreparations take their rightful place in them. As active components of this group of agents, bacteria, fungi, entomopathogenic organisms such as nematodes are used, as, for example, in the bio-insecticide Nemabakt. Analoguesthis drug is not numerous. In the Russian market of such funds, you can find another such drug called "Entomem-F". Many gardeners prefer to use old time-tested tools such as chemical insecticides or plant-based solutions. But often such funds do not bring benefits, but can cause significant damage to the ecological condition of the site, and therefore, the harvest and the person. Therefore, the use of bioinsecticides attracts more and more attention, although in many they cause a lot of questions and caution in the application.

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Dachnikov about the "Nemabakt"

The drug "Nemabakt" appeared on the shelvesRussian stores not so long ago. And among truck farmers and gardeners, there are many who have not yet heard enough about this drug. Therefore, many of those who grow flowers, vegetables, berries, fruits on their garden sites, carefully study the "Nemabakt": instructions for use, reviewsbecome decisive arguments in the decision that,to apply or not this facility on its site. The natural saying is: "How many people, so many opinions." The same applies to the bioinsecticides "Hemabact ". Reviews about it are controversial, although it should be noted that many are still satisfied with this tool. Most often you can hear some bewilderment about the selectivity of the drug and its absolute harmlessness for all other living things. For example, there are individual responses that moles that have little resemblance to insects have disappeared from the site treated with this bioinsecticid. However, thanks to this nuance means "Nemabakt" reviewsreceived excellent, because moles also harm the crop. Many gardeners would like to increase the shelf life of the drug, complaining that it can not be stored. But nematode worms are living beings, and it is simply impossible to program them to other conditions of life. All those who have already used the bio-insecticide "Nemabakt" or its analogue "Anthony-F", are satisfied with the absence of nematode disease in plants. Although for many, the presence of other problems in harvesting is a priority. But almost all those who have already used Nemabakt to protect plants in their dacha or homesteads note that a significant reduction in the total number of pests is noted. And as a consequence, stable yields under good weather conditions.

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The drug "Nemabakt" reviews about itself leavescontradictory, although those who are grateful to the new biosecurity protection crop from pests, still more than skeptics or absolutely dissatisfied. Biomaterial means by definition should not harm the living nature. Its operation is based on natural natural processes, which a man saw and took to arming in the struggle for the harvest. Of course, the fact that the active component of the drug is living organisms, introduces its own essential features in its use: storage and transportation conditions, the inability to harvest the solution for future use, the need for temperature compliance, loosening and watering the soil before introducing the bioinsecticide into the soil. But these troubles and worries should be rewarded by reducing the number of pests on the treated area, and, therefore, increasing the yield. In addition, the preparation is applied to the soil once every two years, so that the efforts are less important than the expected result.

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