The drug "Gynoflora: reviews of women

Dysbacteriosis of the vagina is a problem with whichthousands of women are facing. The disease affects not only the health of the lady, but also on intimate relationships with the partner. It requires serious treatment, otherwise the inflammation may occur in the small pelvis. "Gynoflora" (reviews of patients say that after two applications of the drug the amount of secretions is markedly reduced) effectively restores the microflora of the vagina.

Composition of tablets

The medicine "Gynoflor" (reviews of ladies say that the remedy quickly helps to remove thrush) is produced in the form of vaginal tablets of light beige color.

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The composition of the drug includes lactobacilliacidophilic (lyophilizate, which contains more than 100 million viable bacteria) and estriol. As additional components are involved: lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous, sodium starch-glycolate.


How does Ginoflor work? The reviews indicate that after the tablet is inserted into the vagina, the number of secretions is first increased, but after several applications this symptomatology disappears. The drug is widely used in the field of gynecology, since it has antiseptic and antimicrobial effect, has in its composition active ingredients, approximate in composition to substances in the female vagina.

In the immune defense of the vagina enters the bacteriumLactobacilli, which produces lactic acid and has an anti-infective effect. Acidic medium created by lactic acid, promotes the reproduction of acidophilic lactobacilli, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic environment. Lactobacillus acidophilus also produces hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocins. They successfully fight infections and viruses that destroy the vaginal microflora.

Estriol is an estrogen shortactions. Has an immune trophic effect on the epithelium of the vagina. Proliferating mature epithelium absorbs the glycogen necessary for the functioning of lactobacilli, creating an acidic vaginal medium (pH 3.8-4.5). Creates a negative atmosphere of growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms.

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Changes in the microflora in the vagina occurdue to the influence of many factors. This use of antibiotics, non-compliance with hygiene, disease, hypothermia and a number of other reasons. As a result, the number of lactobacilli decreases. Intravaginal administration of the drug strengthens the epithelium of the genital organ and restores the microflora. Lactose in the preparation plays the role of filler and can be processed into lactic acid by lactobacilli.

The epithelium of the vagina can be thinned andtraumatized in connection with hormonal disorders. This factor does not prohibit the use of "Gynoflora" in women during menopause. Here, the drug removes symptoms such as vaginal dryness, burning and itching, restores the epithelium of the vagina and urethra, and also significantly reduces the amount of inflammation.

Indications for use

Medication "Gynoflora" (reviews of some womensay that the drug did not help them cure dysbiosis, and had to review the treatment) is designed to restore the vaginal microflora after local or systemic antibiotic therapy. Treatment with this drug is carried out with bacterial vaginosis and thrush. Indication for the use of vaginal tablets is nonspecific vulvovaginitis, urogenital infectious diseases, which are transmitted sexually. Introduce the drug with atrophic vaginitis, which occurs under the influence of etiological factors, and with bacterial vaginal discharge of an obscure nature.

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Vaginal tablets can be used both in classical therapy and in complex treatment. They are also used to prevent dysbacteriosis.


Strongly recommends that you consultdoctor before taking the medicine "Ginoflor E" instructions for use. The reviews say that after applying the drug, bacterial vaginosis passes in a week, and improvements are noticeable on the 3-4th day. Despite the effectiveness of the drug, it is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to estriol, acidophilus lactobacilli and ancillary components. Prohibited are hormone-dependent tumors located in the small pelvis and the mammary gland. Do not use "Gynoflora" in endometriosis (reviews say that, despite this contraindication, doctors sometimes prescribe vaginal pills with this diagnosis), uterine bleeding and before the first menstruation.

Method of application of the drug "Gynoflora"

Candles reviews are positioned as sufficienteffective. They remove dryness in the vagina in just six days, designed to restore the vaginal microflora, eliminate infections and secretions. For these purposes, administer one tablet 1-2 times a day. The course of treatment is 6-12 days.

In the elimination of disorders in menopause (dryness invagina, pain during intimacy, itching and burning sensation) the drug is used as an additional remedy for systemic hormone replacement therapy. The medication is administered once a day on a tablet for 6-12 days. After cessation of therapy, it is recommended that a preventive dose be administered in a few days in the amount of one vaginal tablet 1-2 times a week. The medicine is injected deep into the vagina before going to bed. For this purpose, they lie on their backs, flex their legs in the knee joints and inject the pill into the vagina. For a period of time, the therapy is stopped and resumed after critical days.

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As a result of the ongoing research,it is proved that the vaginal tablets used during pregnancy do not affect fetal bearing and do not affect the embryo. Lactobacillus acidophilus and estriol are substances that are contained in the vagina and are natural for the female body. After using the drug, the amount of these components does not exceed the norm. Therefore, it is allowed to use Gynoflor for pregnancy. You can use the medicine during the breastfeeding period. Sometimes doctors prescribe "Gynoflora" before delivery. Reviews of many women argue that the medicine softens the walls of the vagina, helps to give birth and removes thrush, if it is. Typically, this occurs on the 40-42nd week of pregnancy.

special instructions

Bacteria of Lactobacillus acidophilus are susceptibleto many antibiotics of local and systemic use. The combination of "Gynoflora" and antibacterial drugs reduces the effectiveness of vaginal tablets. You can not use the drug in the first trimester of pregnancy, but its use in the II-III trimesters, as well as during lactation. According to the studies, lactobacilli and estriol do not have a negative effect on pregnancy and do not penetrate into breast milk.

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During treatment, "Gynoflora" may occurundesirable phenomena in the form of burning, redness and itching. In this case, the use of the drug should be discontinued. Vaginal tablets include substances that do not dissolve in the body. During the use of the drug "Gynoflor E" they can be found on underwear.

When the vaginal medium is dry, the tablet is sometimes notit dissolves, so before it is introduced, it should be slightly moistened with water. This promotes faster dissolution of the drug in the body. During the treatment period, women need to use gaskets. The drug should not be used by girls before the onset of sexual activity.

Cost of preparation

Cost of packing with six vaginaltablets is 600-900 rubles. The price of the drug "Ginoflora" in the amount of 12 pills varies between 1100-1700 rubles. The medicine can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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"Gynoflora" (pills): reviews of doctors

Vaginal tablets against dysbacteriosisquickly and efficiently. Gynecologists consider this drug a good medicine. Often appointed to their patients to solve a variety of problems associated with the emergence of dysbiosis. It is believed that the drug rarely causes side effects and gives almost always a positive result. For this reason, it is prescribed for thrush to women during pregnancy, before childbirth and immediately after the birth of the baby. Specialists and a small course of treatment, which allows to completely restore the microflora of the vagina, are noted.

Patient Reviews

Reviews of the "Gynoflora" are divided into three main groups: women, happy with the result, the ladies whose medication caused side effects, and patients who did not help the drug, but also did not do much harm.

The first group claims that in the treatmentthe drug improves on the 3rd-4th day. In the first days of the application of the tablets, there is more discharge, there may be burning and itching, which by the end of the course pass. The drug cleans thrush, vaginal dryness during intercourse, bakvaginosis. After the treatment, these women had good tests. Some ladies were warned about possible side effects by the doctors and asked them to endure, not to abandon the treatment that was begun. In general, note a good result, which gives "Gynoflora" (candles) during pregnancy, reviews of expectant mothers.

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There are women who have caused the medicinechange in the menstrual cycle, bleeding, discomfort in the vagina. They stopped using this medicine and replaced it with another. For a number of patients, the pills turned out to be useless and could not help them cure dysbacteriosis, but such women are significantly less.

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