The drug "Bee Cleaner"

Russian scientists-dermatocosmetologists bysynthesis have received a unique tool for fighting acne and acne. It is a drug that belongs to the new generation - a cream on a gel basis "Bee Purity". This product has remarkable properties in getting rid of pimples, acne and skin irritations. In this case, the drug is not related to medicines, but is a parapharmaceutical. The composition of the cream "Bee Purity" does not contain artificially synthesized chemical elements. The main active ingredients of the drug are oils obtained from various medicinal plants (tea and sandalwood, manuka, fog, cucumber and celandine). It is realized cream-gel in the pharmacy network in tubes of ten milliliters.

The main effect of the drug "Beecelandine "on the skin is due to the complex effect of all its active elements. Tea and sandalwood oil contributes to the fight against inflammatory processes, and suppresses bacterial activity. The substances contained in the tree of Manuka, which grows in tropical zones, have a beneficial effect on the skin. In doing so, they produce antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effect. From the tree nuts calophilum is produced oil mist. Its use contributes to curing various skin diseases.

The activity of this oil is manifested in renderinganti-inflammatory, antibacterial, as well as healing effect. A large number of essential for the health of the body of essential acids contains cukuyu oil. When applied to the body, it easily penetrates into the tissue. In this case, the active substances of the oil have a positive effect on the skin, making it silky and smooth. Thanks to these elements, the speed of elimination of external defects increases. The oil of the medicinal plant of the celandine has long been used in the recipes of traditional medicine. It finds its application as an effective tool in the treatment of foci of inflammatory processes on the skin, as well as acne.

The drug "Bee Cleaner", reviews about the applicationwhich shows the manifestation of the initial effect within three hours, simultaneously affects a number of processes that contribute to the appearance of acne and acne. Cream-gel deactivates the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria, eliminates inflammation, as well as redness and itching of the skin.

The main effect of the drug "Beecelandine "manifests in the fight against inflamed pimples. If the patient suffers from a gum or closed acne, then the most appropriate use of various means with exfoliating effect, as well as comedonolytic ointments. Among them - "Skinoren-gel", "Salicylic acid", "Baziron" and others.

Means for acne on the face "Bee clean"contributes to the elimination of single foci of inflammation, as well as rash in mild or moderate manifestations of the disease. If the patient suffers from severe acne, then the drug is not applied. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the ailment, which lies in the violation of the work of the organism itself.

Gel base cream is used for outdoor useapplication. Its application to the inflamed areas of the skin is made by a point method, a layer whose thickness is one millimeter. Twenty minutes after use, the active elements of the drug completely penetrate into the tissue and begin to have a positive effect on the body. Do not apply the cream to healthy areas of skin. The use of the drug helps to get rid of irritations and itching, which are caused by various causes, including bites of bloodsucking insects. The effectiveness of the cream is manifested in the fight against herpes.

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