The child fell from the couch. First aid. Tips for young mothers

No matter how hard young parents try, not everyone is able to protect them from falls and injuries of small children. And this is not at all connected with the inattention of adults, but rather with the infinite curiosity of the child. The task of mom and dad in this situation is calm and consistency. Stress and stress are excluded here. After all, the child, even at the very smallest age, feels the excitement and the unusual state of loved ones. In our article we will try to describe the sequential actions of the parents in case the child fell from the sofa.

Cause for concern?

As practice says, such falls for the most part end quite well. Therefore, it is not always necessary to worry when the child fell from the sofa. Komarovsky Evgeny O., for example, believes that the height of our sofas is not so great, so the possibility of injury is reduced to a minimum.

the baby fell off the couch

But in rare cases, there are exceptions, because there may be damage to the brain fluid, as well as bleeding in the cranial cavity.Therefore, any head injury should be treated with full responsibility.

Possible consequences: head injury

So, if a child fell from a sofa, what could happen?

Headshots are not uncommon in children, especially for babies in the first months of life. A distinctive feature of infants from older children is the fact that the brain fluid in the former is much larger.

The good news is that the brain is not so tightly encased in the skull, and the seams between the bones of the skull are quite flexible and mobile. All these factors provide good cushioning and significantly reduce the risk of injury from falling or impact.

It should be noted that head injuries are divided into two types: open and closed. In the first case, the cranial bones are damaged, and in the second, bruises, squeezing and concussion of the brain occur. With the latter, the integrity of the body is not violated. The same cannot be said in the case of a bruise. Here the brain tissue is significantly damaged. When squeezed, hemorrhage may occur in the brain, hematomas form. This suggests that the cranial debris is pressed into the brain tissue, although in rare cases, squeezing can occur without a fracture of the cranial bones.

child fell off the couch what to do

It should be said that head injuries have their own severity - light, medium and severe. In the first case, soft tissue injury occurs. Small children are quite often exposed to this. The good news is that during this process the brain of the child does not suffer. As a rule, a lump forms at the site of impact, which disappears completely after a few days.

The same cannot be said about moderate injuries. In this case, there is a concussion, which has serious consequences in the future (for example, intracranial pressure). One of the most dangerous injuries is contusion and compression of the brain.

Therefore, we repeat again: if a child falls from the sofa, the consequences may be irreversible. If you have any doubts, call an ambulance immediately.

When should I see a doctor when I hit my head?

The child hit his head when falling from the couch? Pay attention to his behavior and general condition.

The following symptoms indicate that the baby is seriously injured:

  • violation of consciousness, regardless of the duration and severity;
  • incomprehensible behavior;
  • suspicious drowsiness;
  • after injury, headache persists;
  • child vomited;
  • convulsions;
  • imbalance, which persists after one hour;
  • the limbs of the child do not move;
  • the occurrence of cyanotic or gray spots under the eyes or behind the ears;
  • discharge (bleeding) from the ears or nose;
  • pupils are different in size.

If after the fall the child was crying and sniffing heavily, and when he calmed down, the choking continued, then this is also a cause for concern. Should alert and then, if the baby has become worse to hear, to see. Urgently to the doctor, if the child did not smell like that or his skin sensitivity has decreased.

the child fell from the sofa Komarovsky

Remember: dangerous symptoms may not appear immediately, but within 24 hours. Therefore, during the day, mom and dad should carefully observe the child, even if it seemed that the injury was not serious.

You should also pay attention to the sleep of the baby. If after a long cry he calmed down and fell asleep, then he should be awakened every 2 hours. When the child wakes up, perform the following manipulations:

  • move it with your favorite toy in front of your face (the baby must follow the direction);
  • ring the bell or keys (the child should turn on the ringing);
  • check the reflexes (the baby must grab your finger or straighten the leg after bending).

Can a neck injury happen in a fall?

Neck injuries occur not only when it is affected by external force, but also during sudden head movements and falls. Therefore, if the child fell from the couch head, then it is quite possible.

Remember: neck injuries are very dangerous for the health and life of the baby. Therefore, if any suspicion is urgent, call a doctor.

When do I need to sound the alarm after falling from the couch?

In most cases, after a fall from a sofa, nothing terrible happens. However, if you notice something strange in the behavior or well-being of the child, immediately contact your pediatrician. So, in what cases should resort to medical care?

little rides

  • Disorder of consciousness, regardless of duration and severity.
  • Any sensory impairment in the legs or arms.
  • The position of the head is unnatural.
  • The skin is pale.
  • There was a cold and sticky sweat.
  • The child cannot fully or partially move his limbs.
  • Uncontrolled urination and defecation.

Parenting action before help arrives

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves connecting the brain with the rest of the body.Even minor damage to the spinal cord can lead to complete loss of control over the work of the intestines and the bladder, paralysis, loss of sensitivity of any part of the body, as well as chronic pain.

If the child fell from the sofa, Yevgeny Olegovich Komarovsky advises in no case to move the baby. This is because any spinal cord injury can suffer, either as a result of an initial injury or in the process of trying to help.

It is very important to provide the child with complete immobility and peace. Remember that only a qualified person can move a child if a neck injury is suspected.

If medical aid is impossible for some reason, and the child still needs to be transferred, try to keep your head and torso in a stillness. Such a position should remain unchanged in the process of carrying. In no case do not turn the head of the baby to the side. Such actions will avoid spinal cord injury.

Back injury: is it possible?

Many mothers are interested in the question of what the consequences may be if the child fell on his back.The main danger of a back injury is a high probability of brain damage.

the child hit his head

Symptoms that indicate a back injury are identical to those mentioned earlier (section on neck injury).

Detection of at least one symptom requires an urgent request for medical care. The main thing is to provide the baby with complete immobility and peace.

Damage to the loin

Damage to the waist, unfortunately, is fraught with not only damage to the spinal cord, but also injury to the kidneys. Therefore, in this case, you should definitely consult a doctor. The doctor must prescribe an ultrasound of the kidneys, a series of tests and tests during the day after injury to the lower back.

Tailbone injury

The most common cause of injury to the coccyx is the fall on the buttocks. Fortunately, fractures in this case are rare, but sprains and bruises are quite common.

The main symptom that occurs in a child with an injury of the coccyx is painful and problematic defecation. This is especially true for children suffering from constipation. In this situation, you should discuss with the doctor the appropriateness of taking laxative drugs.

If medical advice is not possible for some reason, use glycerin suppositories.

Urgent care

So, if a child fell from the sofa - what to do in this situation? If the fall was on the buttocks, then:

  • apply cold to the hurt place;
  • Try as much as possible to limit the load on the tailbone.

How to behave your parents?

If the child has hit his head after falling from the sofa, carefully monitor his condition. The first thing you have to do is calm down. In no case do not raise the voice of the kid. He should not see your fear and feel the experience. No matter how scary, try to smile and calmly talk all the time. Quiet situation will allow several times faster to identify all the danger of the situation.

If at least one symptom of the above identified, immediately call an ambulance. In the meantime, she is on the way, carefully monitor the state of the child. If possible, limit physical activity - read a book, rattle a rattle, sing your favorite song.

the child fell a month off the couch

Apply cold to the injury site. The done action will remove the edema.

If an abrasion appears, you can apply something cold to suck up the injury. The object should be wrapped in cloth so as not to catch a cold.You can use a plastic bottle of cold water or an ice pack.

In this situation, you should also be extremely careful, especially if the blood does not stop for a long time.

It is necessary to apply a compress on the head - five minutes will be quite enough. Between treatments, you should take a break every five minutes. On the area of ​​the abdominal cavity and joints compress is applied for 20 minutes with breaks in half an hour.

Do not apply ice to the bruise in its pure form. This may aggravate the situation (the possibility of frostbite).

In the first hour after the fall, try not to let the baby fall asleep. If he falls asleep, then you will not be able to follow the dynamics of his state of health.

Even if the doctor did not find anything serious, then in the first days after the fall, you should carefully monitor the condition and behavior of the child. Provide him with complete peace, walk in the fresh air, avoid excessive eyestrain and brain strain. If during the day you notice something strange, immediately inform your doctor.

the child fell from the couch head

What to do in a situation if the child is a month old, fell off the couch and a lump was found? The main thing is to keep calm.Stroke it and sing your favorite song. Let him see that nothing terrible has happened.


In conclusion, I would like to wish that such cases in your life never happened. If a fall has happened, then it is very important for parents to keep calm, otherwise young children may lose interest in knowing the world and turning over. Be attentive to your baby, try to ensure him a happy childhood. Good luck to you!

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