The car "Zaporozhets": characteristics, models, history and reviews

The car "Zaporozhets" is aa passenger car that was manufactured by the Zaporozhye plant Kommunar, better known as ZAZ. Known for the whole world, the name united the production of two generations of vehicles that were similar to each other with some technical characteristics. At the same time, they met together for a certain period of time. A little later, the production of the initial models was stopped.

The history of the car "Zaporozhets" begins in 1960of the year. The first generation was dated 1960-1969. In this interval models ZAZ-365 and ZAZ-365A were produced. The second generation is represented by the line ZAZ-368 and 368M. It was produced from 1966 to 1994.

The main difference between Zaporozhetsis the presence of a special design. All of them were two-door sedans, the engine was represented by a carburetor type, and the suspension mounted on the wheel axles was independent in all cases.

ZAZ-965 / 965A

The main modification is called ZAZ-965was issued nine years since 1960. This car "Zaporozhets" has a prototype, from which the main body design was taken, as well as some technical aspects (we are talking about the steering wheel, suspension, gearbox). However, unlike the original model, which is the progenitor, the basic design was redone, and the engine was built from scratch.

car of the Cossacks

The car has 4 seats, including driver's licenseseat. The front and rear windows are interchangeable. Doors have an excellent mechanism that allows you to open the doors back. The power unit, which received this car "Zaporozhets", for the world car industry was a novelty, as it was used quite rarely. It is a 4-cylinder engine with special air cooling. It should be noted that it is located behind, not in front. The leading wheels were the rear wheels. The model ZAZ-365 described was produced for export and disabled people.

The following model ZAZ-965A differed in its engine: its volume was 887 m³, and power - 27 l. from. Instead of two mufflers, the car received only one, and the moldings on the sidewalls were removed.

ZAZ-966/968 / 968A

After the release of the first generation wascompletely debugged, the development of the next modification began. It happened in 1961. The prototype, from which the new model was created, appeared in the autumn of the same period. However, the fairy-tale plans of the plant were hampered by the economic situation of the enterprise (there was not enough finance), and the strong influence was exerted by the fact that the working team had little experience. At the same time, all the elements that were added to the model, were borrowed from other specimens, in particular from foreign ones.

car croatian

Serial production of ZAZ-966 continued from 1966to 1972. At the same time, the first time only the so-called transition model came off the assembly line, which was called 966B. Its downside was that the engine was rated at 1.2 liters, and its power was 30 liters. from.

The car "Zaporozhets" 968 does not practicallydiffered from the 966 model. Its main feature among all available is an improved version of the engine and a slightly modified control panel. The manufacturer constantly produced a modernized version of the machine. The changes were minimal, but in a few years (by 1978) the car had acquired a completely new look. The car ZAZ-968A was the representative of these specimens. It was improved safety system, brakes, dashboard. The latter was also used in a vehicle such as the ZAZ-968M.

Zaporozhets 968M

The model with the index "M" went to release in 1979. It was she who closed the leading era of Zaporozhets. This car was put on engines with a capacity of 28, 41, 45 and 50 horsepower. The most common was the second option.

car Cossack 968

From the basic model "M" was distinguished by the exterior andinterior. The design was completely different. The number of chrome parts decreased, plastic, on the contrary, became more. Due to the fact that the cooling system of the power unit was changed, the "ears" were no longer installed on the body. This model has become one that the domestic manufacturer has been waiting for for so long - it has not overheated. However, with the elimination of such a minus, another one was added. The duct box became clogged, and its tightness was broken too quickly.

It was this car "Zaporozhets" that became the most popular. It was possible to meet it at one time most often on the roads. This model was also produced in the version for disabled people.

Zaporozhets for export

Together with the models for the domestic marketZaporozhye plant produced copies for export. Depending on which market the car went to, the name changed. There was "Yalta" (Jalta, Yalta) and "Eliette" (Eliette). Such names were invented because for the European people the word "Zaporozhets" is complex for both perception and pronunciation. Export options differed from authentic copies with an improved level of noise insulation. Also, rear-view mirrors, radio, lining were installed.

car engine of the Cossacks

Sales were carried out through Finnish and Belgian companies. In the year sold no more than 5 thousand copies.

Jokes about "Zaporozhets"

The engine of the car "Zaporozhets" often came inworthlessness. However, this was not due to factory marriage, which was so clearly argued by the owners of the car. All problems arose due to improper care of the vehicle. Also jokes appeared because of the motor under the rear hood and small sizes.

However, it should be noted that at that time"Zaporozhets" was a car that did not differ from imported models of its category in technical specifications. And so the constant abuse of him, in fact, was out of place. At the same time, it should be noted that the same cars brand "Fiat", "Renault", "Volkswagen" have become for their people the property and symbol of the corresponding era.

car zaz 968m zaporozhets

The most common joke wasThe fact that the car "Zaporozhets" - "humpbacked." We are talking about the model ZAZ-965, which had a specific body. She was also nicknamed "armored car". Other models with indices 966 and 968 received the nickname "eared" and "Cheburashka", respectively. Their names appeared because of the cooling system. Soap dish is a 968M model. People noted its similarity with this subject because of the lack of air inlets. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot of anecdotes appeared that described the accidents involving Zaporozhets and Mercedes.


In various modifications, the engine had powerfrom 41 to 50 liters. from. At the same time he made a loud enough rumble during the work. The unit is capable of operating about 40-50 km, but here more consumers are to blame, which do not follow what fuel "absorbs" their car. However, this is the main plus of the engine. If the import options are able to die in such conditions in a short period of time, then Zaporozhets will serve faithfully for a very long time. Installed "air" were designed for a volume of 1.2 liters.first car Cossack


First time the new transmission works well,but over time, thrust traction and 4-speed gearbox begins to malfunction. A frequent problem is the difficult switching between speeds, which already leads to the creation of an emergency on the road. When buying each buyer had to discuss this nuance with the seller.


The first car "Zaporozhets" received few positive reviews, although it interested the audience with its appearance. The main advantages that can be distinguished are:

  • simplicity in operation;
  • 100% guarantee that the car will not be stolen;
  • low cost;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • quick engine replacement;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • history

However, together with these advantages, you canto allocate a huge number of cons. Drivers often complained of engine overheating and terrible noise insulation. As well as the fact that when dialing a high speed the front end starts to rise, which worsens the driving conditions. With good patency it is necessary to note the poor stability. In principle, this car is suitable for those who like a rarity or wants to ride it on the beach a few times. For a constant ride, especially for long distances, the car does not fit and causes a lot of inconvenience. Many note the lack of window openings at the back - they do not open.


Despite the many shortcomings of this car,which caused the creation of a huge number of jokes and anecdotes, "Zaporozhets" fully justifies its value. Not only that spare parts for it are cheap and change fast enough, so nobody cares about the car - neither hijackers, nor DPS representatives. The vehicle of ZAZ is capable of both transferring cargo and simply taking someone somewhere. In this case, it is worth highlighting the passability of the car, especially on ice.

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