The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. Photos and sights

Few know what the capital of Tajikistan is. But this is a very beautiful and ancient city - Dushanbe, which, unfortunately, is not so often pleased with its visit tourists, but it has something to see.

From the intersection to the capital

Initially, on the site of the current Dushanbe were ancient rural settlements, as the archaeological finds said. For the first time, it was mentioned as a city at the end of the 17th century. On Mondays, the bazaar always took place on this place, by the way, the name that the capital of Tajikistan proudly bears is connected with this word "Monday". At the end of the 19th century, the first map of the city appeared, which then represented a fortress standing on a precipice.

the capital of Tajikistan

The city had a division into several neighborhoods in which people lived, united either by a common craft or a national identity. It also contained various public buildings: mosques, caravanserais, primary and secondary schools.

In the USSR

In 1922, the Tajik SSR became part of the Soviet Union, and two years later it became an independent administrative unit. It cannot be said that life in the republic was easy, all the time it was considered lagging behind and specialized in growing cotton. The mining industry also developed, a hydroelectric power station was built.

In 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, the country of Tajikistan was formed, whose capital has not changed. There are not so many attractions in Dushanbe, but those that exist delight visitors of the city. About them will be discussed in more detail.

Ruins of the fortress

The Gissar fortress is what the capital of Tajikistan has been proud of for several centuries. In fact, it is not in Dushanbe itself, but not far from it. Unfortunately, the entire structure has not been preserved, so now you can see only some of its parts, for example, the gate, which was subjected to repeated restoration.

the capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe

The material from which these gates were built is red burnt brick. In the center is the original pointed arch, characteristic of many eastern structures. It is surrounded on the sides by two cylindrical towers, in which windows-loopholes are preserved.

Behind the gate is the building of the Old High School, or madrasa, built around the 16th century. It is a room covered with a dome, which is well preserved until now. There are also rooms left for the cells where the students lived and the library building. Nearby is also located the New Madrasah, from which only a two-storey facade, a mausoleum and a caravanserai remained.

Religious buildings

The capital of Tajikistan, despite the fact that most of the inhabitants of this country are Muslims, cannot boast of a variety of mosques. In addition, a couple of years ago there was a massive closure, which was due to the lack of registration with government agencies.

However, any tourist should see one of the brightest of them. It is called the Mosque of Haji Yakub. Of course, non-Muslim women will not be allowed inside, but sometimes they are allowed to look at the courtyard.

The building itself is rectangular in shape with a bright turquoise dome lined with brilliant tiles of blue shades, lined in various geometric patterns. It has a typical arched entrance to the mosques of the Persian type - peshtak.Of course, the mosque also has minarets, here they are built in the shape of a pencil and littered with elongated windows.

country of Tajikistan capital

At the moment, the mosque is in the process of construction, which will become the largest of those located on the territory of the former CIS countries: more than 110 thousand believers will be able to pray at the same time.

In addition to mosques, there are churches in Dushanbe, for example, St. Nicholas Cathedral, founded more than 70 years ago. Inside, visitors can see a good collection of handwritten icons, as well as images of Christ and the apostles, made by a mosaic of semi-precious stones. The carved iconostasis made of wood will also attract attention and incredible beauty.

There is also a synagogue in the city, which is also worth seeing, as it is the only one in the republic.

Symbol of statehood

What else can please the tourists capital of Tajikistan, so it is a beautiful and majestic monument to Ismail Samani. It rises upwards and reaches a height of about 25 m, is decorated with gold and marble and looks very proud and personable.

the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan

Ismail Samani was one of the rulers of the Samanid dynasty, as can be seen from the name, he is the founder of the Tajik statehood.By the way, the monument was erected just in honor of the celebration of 1,100 years since the founding of the Samanid state in Central Asia.

In general, there are not so many monuments in the city. Among them are the monument surrounded by a fountain to the great physician, philosopher and scientist - Avicenna (Ibn Cine), as well as a very neat and unusual monument to the founder of Tajik poetry, Rudaki. In addition, the memorial dedicated to the writer Sadriddin Ayni is worthy of attention. The monument itself is made of bronze and depicts a writer surrounded by statues of characters from his works.

Bazaars and markets

The capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe - attracts attention not only by its appearance, but also by its smell. This is especially felt when you are near the bazaar, which usually smells of spices and spices, no wonder this is an eastern city. In addition, on the shelves you can often see a lot of a variety of fruits: oranges, apples, pomegranates, and so on.

what is the capital of Tajikistan

The central bazaar of Dushanbe is called “Shohmansur”, or, as the city residents call it, the green market. There are always a lot of people and very noisy. Residents come here to buy food (fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, nuts and spices), and clothing.In addition, on the market you can buy very high-quality fabrics, from which you can later order the tailoring of a national costume - a very beautiful gift will be released to yourself or friends in memory of the trip.

The capital of the Republic of Tajikistan is very pleased with tourists, because it always has something to show and how to surprise even the most spoiled visitors.

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