The best statuses about envy

What is envy? In many dictionaries, one can find a definition that is consonant with the following: this is a feeling of hostility and hostility towards other people's successes or popularity in society, an advantage. The destructive nature of this quality was noted by Francis Bacon: "He who cannot match his neighbor, tries to get even, damaging his well-being."

statuses about envy

Prevalence of destructive feelings

It is safe to say that this feeling is one of the darkest and most devilish. This is reflected in many statuses about envy. “When they cannot surpass, they try to spit” - this is the most apt expression, reflecting, alas, the real state of affairs for many. The poor envy the rich, the old the young, the underdogs the successful people. However, envying other's success and well-being forgets that a lot is given to a person through long and serious efforts. Of course, one can argue that youth is given to people "for nothing."But here, too, there is no excuse for the envious old men - after all, they too had young years, and it was up to them to decide how much to spend them.

“The envy of those around you is proof of your success.” Such a status about envy is suitable for those who are tormented by people around them who are not capable of being indifferent to other people's success. Such people not only cause trouble to their more successful and wealthy friends, but also torture themselves. It is very unpleasant, when what has been given by such hard and long labor becomes the object of envy for someone. It is not surprising that statuses about envy and gossip have become so popular lately. “Everyone says anything in the back, but what’s profitable in the eyes,” writes Paolo Coelho.

statuses about envy and gossips

Envy formation

To annoy at the success of others a person begins from childhood. After all, it is from there that the psychological roots of this problem grow. This unpleasant feeling is becoming increasingly stable in those children who do not receive enough love and acceptance from their parents. For example, a mother can constantly tell her daughter: “Oh, what a good daughter Aunt Masha has. Such a beauty helps her in everything. ”Especially such comparisons become unpleasant in adolescence and adolescence, when the intensive formation of personality begins. As a result, the child becomes energetically dependent, since he does not receive confirmation of his own value from the outside world. Every day he hears only negative evaluations.

statuses about the envy of people

Different views on the phenomenon

For a page on a social network, such an envy status is also suitable: “The best wealth is indifference to what others have.” Indeed, if a person is indifferent to the wealth of a neighbor, it is much easier for him to go about his business and accumulate his own property. Envy is understood by psychologists ambiguously. Some people believe that the element of competition is included in this feeling, and therefore it may even be useful. Others emphasize that this experience is destructive, because it includes suffering because of the idea that someone has certain benefits. Many statuses about the envy of people are consonant with this opinion: "Happy is the one who has learned to admire, and not to envy." Still others believe that envy is a feeling of ill will towards others.The researchers in this category are confident that the quality described is a sign of the pettiness of character, of limited consciousness, simply a vice.

The emptiness within generates annoyance

And here is another apt status about envy: “Whoever doesn’t have his own life, he always interferes with someone else’s.” It is impossible to more accurately describe the character of the envious person - he is not only empty inside himself for lack of love, but he cannot even build his real life. Such people do not value their own time, because they do not have a favorite business, otherwise they would have counted every minute and would not waste this treasure on gossip.

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