The best books about vampires

Books about vampires have become popular recently. This happened thanks to the writer Stephanie Meyer, who told the fantastic love story of Edward and Bella. But not only Mayer writes about vampires! We bring to your attention four books about these mysterious creatures that also deserve attention!

Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer

The unique saga "Twilight" consists of four books. Each describes the events taking place with the main character Bella Swan, in love with a vampire.

stephanie mayer twilight

It should be noted that the night bloodsuckers that Stephanie describes are different from what readers are used to imagining. Firstly, garlic, holy water and silver do not have any negative impact on them. Secondly, the sunlight falling on their skin causes only a glow. Well and the main thing - vampires are reflected in mirrors and they are always visible in photos. Another feature is eternal love. Having fallen in love once, a vampire never loves his darling. If the passion dies or does not reciprocate, the vampire suffers throughout life.

This series of books about vampires has delighted readers from all over the world.The first edition of the novel in the USA alone was sold in an incredible number: about 100,000 copies were published!

Empire "V", Victor Pelevin

Actions Tale of the present superman was published in 2006. The protagonist of the book is an ordinary young man named Roman. He becomes a vampire, a representative of a unique race that brought people to feed.

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He has to change not only the name, but also the image of his thoughts. The main sciences that the young vampire will have to study are discourse and glamor. But the life of Rama (this is the name of the young man now) consists not only of study. The vampire constantly reflects on eternal questions. Pelevin's book consists of the thoughts of a young vampire.

Dracula, Bram Stoker

The novel "Dracula" at one time delighted A. Blok. In his letter, the poet shared his impressions of the book, calling it inexhaustible and wonderful. The novel was published in 1897. The protagonist is an aristocrat (and also a vampire) Count Dracula. His nickname, by the way, was borrowed from a real person - Vlad Tepes, who ruled Wallachia in the 15th century. Literary scholars say - the basis of this book about vampires could be Irish superstitions.

dracula romance

What is waiting for readers on the pages of the book? Voices that tell about the nightmares we experienced, the meetings with Dracula. Who owns the voices? A girl named Lucy, who received a deadly bite, to the beloved Lucy, who does not find a place for herself, a doctor who recognizes the terrible symptoms. It is the passages from letters and diaries that will bring the reader of this book about vampires closer to solving a terrible and sinister mystery!

“I am a legend,” Richard Matheson

The screen version of the book “Dracula”, released on screens in 1931, inspired the American writer Richard Matheson to write a book about vampires. All residents of Los Angeles became infected with a terrible disease, the symptoms of which are suspiciously similar to vampirism. Everything except Robert Neville.

books about vampires

He lives in an armored house and is looking for medicine that can defeat the disease that destroyed humanity. Of course, this plot is well known to anyone who has seen the movie of the same name with Will Smith in the title role.

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