The best bathroom faucets with thermostat shower

Modern technology does not stand still. Classic faucets gradually leave our bathrooms, and they are replaced by bathroom faucets with a shower with a thermostat. With this mixer, you do not have to spend time and nerves to adjust the temperature of the water and the necessary pressure. You can save not only time, but also your nerves. Now you just need to set the desired temperature and pressure and enjoy the morning or evening shower. This is a relatively new device, which was created to ensure that your bath is as comfortable as possible and brings only pleasure.

What it is

Bathtub thermostat mixer with shower is an innovative sanitary fixture. His main task is to maintain a given water pressure and its temperature. To do this, it has two regulators:

  1. The first is responsible for the temperature of the water.
  2. The second is needed to set the desired head.

This data is set by the user and can change them at any time working with the mixer. There is no thermostat in this device. This means that another device, a column or a boiler should heat the water, and the mixer will only supply water in the required quantity and with the required temperature. It is regulated by a thermostat that monitors any changes in water pressure and maintains the temperature of the water supplied. In the event of a pressure change, it immediately reacts and is rebuilt.

Such a device not only simplifies the life of households, but also makes it safer. As now cases of sharp supply of boiling water or cold water are excluded. Especially, it is convenient for families in which there are small children. Parents can not worry about the fact that their children will get burns while bathing.

This is a bath mixer with a thermostat shower, the description of which was presented almost completely. More information can be found further in the article.

bathroom faucets with thermostat shower

Principle of operation

Bathroom faucet with a shower with a thermostat is very simple. It’s enough for the owner to set the desired temperature, and the device’s built-in mechanism will do everything else.The system will automatically determine the level of water pressure and give water only the temperature that was set.

The mechanism is so thought out that you can weed out any fears immediately. If the cold or hot water runs out completely, the water supply will stop automatically. Therefore you can not worry that boiling water or ice water from pipes will suddenly pour from the tap.

The device has a special shape in the form of a cylinder. Inside it is a special cartridge that actually reacts to changes in the water supply and regulates its temperature.

The principle of its work is not as complicated as it may seem. The cartridge is made of a special material that expands and thus pushes the built-in piston. This and the whole system, which is responsible for regulating the water and stopping it in the event that the supply of cold or hot was stopped. Also inside there is a ceramic cartridge that allows you to adjust the temperature itself. The owner can set the water temperature in the mixer not higher than 80 degrees.

As you can see, the bathroom faucet with a shower with a thermostat, the principle of operation is very simple, so anyone can control it.

bathroom thermostat with shower mixer

Mechanical mixers

Ageless mechanics. Here everything happens very simply. On the sides of the mixer are levers, valves, with which the water pressure and its temperature are regulated. This method is more familiar to the Russian people, and more reliable. Mechanics rarely fails and always works quickly and reliably.

Electronic thermostat

These are more modern devices that are equipped with special touch screens, where you can see the temperature of the water that comes from the tap. You can control this device using buttons or a sensor. In addition, here you can create and save several programs for different cases. If necessary, you simply select the desired program and run it.

The faucet with a bath thermostat with an electronic shower is a real leap into the future. If you choose an expensive model, it will be able to display even the composition of the water. Such mixers operate on batteries or on the network. But modern technologies are not standing still, and now there are such bathroom faucets with a shower with a thermostat that can be controlled using the remote control.

In this version of the mixers you can find only one, but rather a big drawback - repair. If your faucet with thermostat is broken, then it will not be easy to repair.Such modern technologies have been mastered by far not all masters.

bath mixer with thermostat shower photo

Pluses mixer with a thermostat

Undoubtedly, there are several advantages in using a bathroom faucet with a shower with a thermostat:

  • Security. While taking a shower with such a mixer, you can be absolutely sure that boiling water or ice water will not pour on you. The thermostat will not let in water with the temperature that was not set. This is a big plus for families with small children. Modern technology does not stand still. Now you can buy a faucet with a thermostat, where there is a special blocker that will not allow your child to change the temperature of the water at a time when you are not around.
  • Saving. While you set the temperature of the water using an old mixer, it irrevocably goes down the drain, and you pay for it later. With such a device immediately after the start-up of water, it will be the temperature that the owner asked.
  • Individuality. Many people have the problem of being dependent on other family members. This means that at the moment when someone is taking a shower, and the water in the next room is opened, the pressure may become lower or the temperature of the water will change.With a faucet with a thermostat, this problem will never arise, even if water is turned on in all the rooms of your apartment.


To name some serious disadvantages of such devices is difficult, but you can find a few:

  • Price. Not every family can afford to buy a faucet with a thermostat. Most likely, at the moment high prices are held because of the novelty of the mechanism. In the near future, such devices will be available to everyone.
  • Repairs. As already mentioned, not every city can find a master who, in the event of a breakdown, could repair such a mixer. This problem can also be associated with a novelty mechanism.

bath mixer with shower with thermostat kludi

Features of the thermostat mixer

Each equipment has its own characteristics and this unit is no exception:

  • Very easy to use. To get the water of the desired temperature, just turn one lever and open the faucet.
  • Pay attention to how stable the water pressure in your pipes. At too low a pressure, the jet can be quite thin, and it is also possible that the device is completely disconnected.
  • With such a mixer, you can safely drive into the shower of small children, without worrying that there will be burns on their body.The system allows you to reduce the water temperature to 38 degrees, which is quite normal for children's skin.

bath mixer with shower with thermostat principle of operation

How to install

Installation of a thermostat mixer is so simple that any owner can easily handle himself and save money on a master call. The installation of such a mixer completely coincides with the installation of the usual and all the usual.

If you read about the mixer for a bathroom with a shower with a thermostat reviews, you can learn a lot of useful information on installation. The main thing to pay attention to is the symmetry of the water supply. It is important that the cold water is located on the right and hot water on the left. If you put these taps on the contrary, then your faucet with a thermostat simply will not work.

In today's plumbing markets, you can choose a left or right hand mixer. Thus, cold and hot water will be in the side where it is more convenient for you, and not the manufacturer of the devices.

Unfortunately, the pressure in the pipes is often different from the parameters that were set at the factory. In such cases, it is usual to adjust the thermostat to the pressure that goes through the pipes at home.

In the bathroom, you can use open or closed installation. If in the first case everything is more or less clear, then in the second case, some efforts will have to be made to do everything correctly. With a closed installation method, you will need some more materials. Usually, people make a wall of plasterboard, behind which they hide all the details of the device, but if the budget is limited, then you can make a regular partition from scrap materials. In this case, only thermostats are visible on the wall.

On the one hand, this method of installation is very convenient and practical, but on the other hand, in the event of a breakdown, you will have to disassemble the wall or partition to remove the unit or repair it.

In order for a similar mixer to serve your family for many years, install water filters. Their installation is also quite simple, so you can easily cope with their installation. If you ignore the installation of filters, then you should not expect long years of service from the mixer.


Grohe bathroom faucet with shower with thermostat has long been on the plumbing market. There is a huge selection of various mixers. Mixers of this company differ not only in their functions, but also in appearance.Therefore, here you can choose a mixer for your interior. The main material used for the manufacture of these devices is brass. According to user reviews and expert estimates, on average, the mechanisms of this company will serve your home for about ten years. Here you can choose multifunctional devices, which will cost 45 thousand rubles, and you can choose something more budget from 1,5 thousand rubles.

bath mixer with shower with thermostat lemark


Another well-established firm. The Kludi thermostat bath mixer has an open installation method. Endowed with such devices all the necessary functions. One of their advantages is accessibility for ordinary people.


The bathroom faucet with a shower with a Lemark thermostat has already managed to establish itself in the plumbing market. This company is often chosen by families with small children. This is due to the fact that there is a special lock in the form of a red button. This means that if you set the mixer to 38 degrees, then no change in the water temperature will occur, even if the child tries hard to fix something. Also very simple installation will allow you to quickly install the mixer, without calling a specialist.

bathroom faucets with thermostat shower reviews


The faucet thermostat for bath and shower Navarra - it is quite reliable mechanisms at affordable prices. They are easy to install and use. Many users leave only positive feedback about this manufacturer. Of course, the main advantage is the low-end models of mixers that not every firm can offer. In addition to the low price will be high quality. Such a mixer will serve your family for many years and will not hit the wallet a lot.

As you can see, bathroom faucets with a shower with a thermostat - this is a very necessary thing. Now a lot of companies engaged in the production and sale of such devices. Above are listed the most popular brands of mixers. Such a mechanism is very convenient not only during operation, but also during installation. The thermostat faucet will become an indispensable mechanism in the house where there are small children or where people are just tired of adjusting the temperature of the water to take a shower. This is a very safe and convenient way to enjoy the shower and the pleasant temperature of the water. Above was presented all the basic information regarding these devices. It remains to consider bath mixers with a shower with a thermostat in the photo, so that readers can get a complete picture of what is described in the article.

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