The benefits of walnuts

Since ancient times, walnuts have been used in medicine. In various countries, they are an integral part of the daily diet and are added as an ingredient in many dishes. The benefits of walnuts are mainly in their nutritional properties. Due to the high content of proteins, they are recommended for use by athletes in order to build muscle.

The healing properties of walnutsthe benefits of walnutsThe benefits of walnuts are invaluable in the treatment of various diseases. For example, due to their high iodine content, they are extremely effective in any problems with the thyroid gland. In addition to the kernels themselves, you can use the infusion on the partitions of a nutshell. For skin diseases or wounds from walnuts, you can prepare various ointments, compresses and lotions. It is also recommended to use nuts and with problems with the cardiovascular system, as they are composed of unsaturated fats.

are walnuts usefulWalnut damage

If you ask yourself if walnuts are good, you will almost certainly come across a huge amount of feedback and descriptions of the benefits they bring.Of course, the benefits of walnuts are great, but not everything is so simple, because even such a wonderful product has several disadvantages. One of them is high calorie, so walnuts are contraindicated for people suffering from obesity or overweight, as well as those who are on a diet. In addition, the proteins contained in them can cause serious allergic reactions and provoke diathesis. People with diseases such as eczema, colitis and psoriasis should, if possible, avoid walnuts, which can cause a serious exacerbation of these diseases. If you buy nuts in the markets, it is better to give preference to those that are sold in shell and chop them yourself, because you do not know for sure where and under what conditions they were cleaned.

walnut jam benefitFeatures of the composition

Walnut is rich in various vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and iodine. In addition, the kernels of this nut contain vitamins of groups A and B. A characteristic feature of walnuts is that their composition may vary, it depends on the degree of maturity. For example, in unripe fruits there is a lot of vitamin C, the level of which decreases in ripe nuts.The benefits of walnuts, namely the omega-3 fatty acids contained in them, are invaluable to the brain - it’s not for nothing that the nut resembles this organ. Only five walnuts will provide the brain with the necessary material for building nerve cells. And the use of these wonderful nuts during pregnancy will reduce the risk of having a child with mental disabilities.

Eating walnuts

Despite all of their wonderful healing and nutritional properties, you should not get carried away eating walnuts. It is not necessary to eat them raw, because they retain their properties even after heat treatment.

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