Talab Islands: attractions, photo

The Talab (or Zalitic) islands are intwenty-five kilometers west of Pskov. This is a group of three small islands. Often they are called Pskov Iceland. According to one of the existing legends, the archipelago received its name on behalf of the fisherman from the Chud tribe - the first settler Tala. Another version suggests that the name comes from the word "talo" (Finno-Ugric), which translates as "house", "structure".Talab Islands

Description of the archipelago

The Talab Islands are part of one spit(Talabsk, Talabanets and Upper). In the years of Soviet power, the islands were renamed: Upper (the largest by area) was named Belova - the first commissioner to establish a new power. Zalit Island became the former Talabsk. This island is known for having lived there for a long time, and now Archpriest Nikolay Guryanov is buried. To bow to his ashes now come pilgrims. The island of Belov is almost deserted. On it there were only a temple and an abandoned fishing village.Talabskie Islands Pskov

The Talab Islands (Pskov region) are inhabited by only three hundred and fifty people. The total area of ​​the archipelago is 1.54 square kilometers.

From the history of the islands

Researchers believe that the Talab Islands wereinhabited in the XI century. The only occupation of islanders from time immemorial was fishing. The famous Pskov snack (local fish) was sent to Moscow, Petersburg, Warsaw, Riga. It was dried in special ovens. On the islands there were more than a hundred. Every year more than three hundred poods of fish were sold. This allowed the local residents (and in those days there were more than five thousand people on the islands) who inhabited these meager agricultural lands, to live very well.

There is confirmed evidence thatTalab Islands (photo you can see below) gave the country many ship masters, when creating the Russian flotilla of Peter I. Located on the north-western borders of the Russian state, the Talab Islands (Pskov region) were repeatedly attacked by neighbors who attempted to Russian lands. Talabskie Islands Pskov Region

Here sheltered with their property Pskovpeasants during the siege of Pskov Stefan Batory (Polish king). During this period, Ivan the Terrible sent the streltsi to the islands, so that they entered Pskov, captured by the Poles. The Talab Islands were repeatedly destroyed. So, in 1703 this territory was tried to conquer the Swedes. The invaders burned the Peter and Paul monastery, which was located on the island of Verkhny. Fortunately, the monks did not suffer at the same time - they managed to leave on the underground passage located under the church, the exit from which was on Dosifeyeva Hill.

Islands after the revolution

During the Civil War of the early twentieth century, fromThe inhabitants of the islands formed a regiment, which numbered seven hundred and thirty-two fighters. By decision of the elders, he joined the Yudenich army. In January 1920, the North-Western army retreated to the border with Estonia. On Narva, the regiment, covering the withdrawal of the army, was shot from two sides: from the left bank - by its allies (Estonians), and from the right - by red units. Up until the spring, locals found the Talabians' body frozen in ice.

The Bolshevik government to establishSoviet authorities on the Talab Islands (Pskov region) were sent two commissars: Comrade Belov and Comrade Zalit. History has not preserved information about the ways in which they subordinated freedom-loving fishermen, it is known only that the local residents drowned in the Pskov lake two red commissars. Nevertheless, the Soviet government was established on the islands, and she, for the edification of the rebellious islanders, gave the names of the deceased commissars to the islands. For unknown reasons, only the uninhabited tiny Talabenets retained its name.

Talabskie Islands: attractions

The largest island is the Upper Plaindense forest. Fishermen hardly lived there, but wild and secluded places from ancient times attracted monks here. The Monk Dositheus of Verkhneostrovsky, a disciple of the Monk Euphrosyne of Pskov, a mentor of Pskov deserters, in 1470 created a monastery dedicated to Peter and Paul. According to historians, the monastery's brotherhood was small, therefore in 1584 it was ranked as a Pskov-Pechersky monastery.Pskov Talab Islands

The monastery suffered in 1703, during theattacks of the Swedes, but he did not stand long in the ruins: after seven years (in 1710), the hieromonks of the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery restored it completely. During the reign of Catherine the Great (1764) the abode was abolished, the church was turned into a parish church. In the dungeon, under the altar, the holy relics of Diosipheius, the founder of the monastery, are buried.

The temple is quite strong, made of stone. Nevertheless, time did not spare him: today he needs major repairs. Today, worship services are held in the church. Father Sergius, the priest of the church, has been serving here since 2000, with the blessing of the famous old man Nikolai Guryanov. His parish is quite small - only thirty-eight families live on the island, but Father Sergius very much hopes that with God's help he will be able to restore the monastery and renovate the temple. Talab Islands excursion

Of course, this requires money, and considerable, butdonations of the Orthodox are constantly coming. It is no secret that the restoration of the temple changes the atmosphere of the island, fills its air with a grace that everyone who visits these Pskov lands can feel. Many tourists note that even today the island of Upper looks more like a fantastic alien world than a reserved place. A church built of limestone rocks, an old fishing village, black and yellow sand with old fishing boats leave a sense of unreality.Talabe Islands how to get there

Island of love and faith

The Talab Islands have their own spiritual center -the island of Talabsk with its Nikolsky church in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. It was first mentioned in 1585 in scribe books. The first temple was built of wood by local fishermen. After the attack of the Swedish army in 1703, when the Upper Ostrovsky monastery was damaged, the Nikolsky temple was also destroyed.

He became a stone in 1792. The temple was traditionally built from the Pskov limestone slab. And today there are kept unique frescoes. The current chapel dedicated to the icon of Odigitria of Smolensk was erected in 1793, in memory of the miraculous deliverance from the terrible epidemic of cholera that swept the locals. In 1939 the church was closed. His revival dates back to 1947. True, divine services are held only in the Smolensky side-chapel. The rector of the church for long forty-four years was Father Nikolay.Talab Islands

Holy elder

In 1909, in the village of Chudskiye Zachody, located inSt. Petersburg province, in the merchant pious was born a boy - Nikolai Guryanov. In the twenties, their parish was visited by Metropolitan Gdov and Petrograd Veniamin (now recognized martyr). The beginning of the ministry of Father Nicholas coincided with the first years of the Great Patriotic War.Talabskie Island Attractions

In early February 1942, he received a dignitydeacon, and in the middle of February became a priest. The first Liturgy on the island of Talabsk, in the Nikolsky church, Father Nicholas served on the Feast of the Intercession in 1958. A well-known seer, an elderly man of the light spirit, to whom people from all over the country traveled for spiritual strength and support, Nikolai Guryanov was still considered a saint even during his lifetime.


Recluse Nicholas in his time predicted salvationRussia from the power of the Communists, the collapse of the nuclear-powered boats "Kursk" and "Komsomolets", the canonization of the tsar. On the island of this man legends. The Starets could find people missing from the photo, treated sick people, who refused traditional medicine, rescued those who asked for adversity, rescued hostages from captivity.

In August 2002, Father Nicholas was gone. A counselor and comforter has died, but Orthodox go to the island to worship his grave, to light a candle before the icon of the Mother of God, to pray, to acquire spiritual strength, to strengthen his faith and love.Talab Islands photo

Rest Island

The smallest in the archipelago is the island of Talabenets. It is deserted and quiet. But, according to tourists and pilgrims, it is here, on a stony shore, when you look at the Pskov lake, on a low gray sky above it, a simple and discreet beauty of this land opens.Talabskie Islands Pskov Region


Today many Orthodox and ordinary touristswant to see the Talab Islands. An excursion to these sacred places is organized from Moscow and Pskov. From the capital the excursion is designed for five days. Travelers go on a trip by night train № 10А Moscow - Pskov, which departs at 20.23 from the Leningrad station. In Pskov he arrives at 8.30.

First, the guests will have a sightseeing tour around Pskov. The tour program includes a visit to the manor of Trigorskoye (or Petrovskoye), Mikhailovsky, a walk through the reserve, a visit to the Svyatogorsky Monastery, and sightseeing of other sights.

Talab Islands: how to get there?

More recently, the Talab Islands went fromPskov "The Rocket". But for unknown reasons the flight was canceled. Now it's not easy to get to the islands, but in spite of this, people come here all the time: someone dreams of resting from the bustle of the city and breathing in fresh air, someone wants to strengthen their spirit, learn patience and love, fully experience the grace of faith, which sometimes we all so do not have enough.

From Pskov you should go along the P60 toturn with the pointer "Tolba". Take the asphalted road, drive to its end. You will find yourself in the village. Leave the car at the pier. On the island you will be delivered by a private cab driver. Many local residents thus earn money. In addition, the guests are provided with a municipal boat "Talabsk", which regularly runs from the pier located at the end of the village.

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