Suzuki Grand Vitara - owner reviews

Ideal compact SUV, superiorother SUVs in size and perfectly suitable for daily trips - Suzuki Grand Vitara. The reviews of the owners unanimously indicate the amazing characteristics of the car, which are accompanied by equally impressive interior, making it an ideal choice for drivers seeking to confidently explore the surrounding world in a comfortable and stylish car.

The new Suzuki Grand Vitara is equipped with a 2.4-literfour-cylinder engine with 166 horsepower, which provides a 5% fuel economy on urban roads and 10% on the highway. However, some owners note that sometimes fuel economy is hardly noticeable. This engine can be combined with a standard five-speed manual gearbox or a new four-speed automatic transmission. Suzuki Grand Vitara also has a Hill control function that improves safety on steep slopes, and the ability to switch gearbox control to a neutral position minimizes wear of the transmission.

In addition, reviews about Suzuki Grand Vitara givethe ability to judge that the traction force of this SUV is twice as many as many cars of this class, and it is enough to tow an easy motor boat, quad bike or motorcycle.

Each model is equipped with an anti-lockbraking system with electronic brake-force separation, tire pressure monitoring and traction control system that helps to ensure the stability of the car during cornering, acceleration, emergency maneuvers and driving on a slippery road. Particularly noted maneuverability and stability when driving on snow-covered roads, due to which this car became especially popular with our fellow citizens, and the strengthened cab provides additional safety in case of a possible accident Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Responses of owners, describing the system of passivesafety of the SUV, indicate the presence of airbags for both the driver and the passenger in the front seat, as well as on either side of them. In addition, each seat is equipped with high head restraints and adjustable seat belts, and behind there is a special seat for the child. In combination, these active and passive safety features make Suzuki Grand Vitara, reviews of which are mostly positive, one of the most equipped compact SUVs in terms of safety.

This SUV has a very roomy,A comfortable and versatile saloon with five seats. It is also possible to expand the cargo area by folding the backs of Suzuki Grand Vitara's rear seats. Reviews indicate the use of high-quality materials in the interior trim and attention to fit and finish, which helps to feel in a large luxury SUV as at home.

A list of its standard equipment includesself-control: air conditioning with automatic climate control and micro-air filtration system, onboard computer, power windows, mirrors and door locks, remote central locking, steering wheel adjustment, automatic headlight on / off switch, four AM / FM / CD / MP3 / XM speakers , Satellite Radio with support for audio system and 16-inch wheels.

Suzuki Grand Vitara, owner reviews unequivocallypoint to its uniqueness, continues to amaze and delight its owners from day to day. Currently, this SUV has proven its strength and surprising ease, making it stand on par with luxury SUVs such as Mercedes and BMW.

Recommended for those who love a calmatmosphere, style and luxury. Also suitable for family trips, tk. has an excellent security system, which itself has more than once positively recommended.

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