Sulfanilamide preparations. Description

sulfonamides listSulfanilamide preparations area special category of medicines. It includes different medications. The choice of this or that remedy depends on the course of the pathology, the pathogen, and also on how the patient transfers certain sulfonamides. Classification involves the association in a group of drugs in accordance with their pharmacological characteristics.

Medicines of the category under considerationare presented in the form of tablets, as well as white or slightly yellowish powders that are odorless and tasteless. Sulfonamide drugs are poorly soluble in water.

Medicines have an antimicrobial effect. This activity is due to the ability of drugs to disrupt the process of microbial uptake of substances important for their development and life.

sulfonamides classificationTaking sulfanilamide preparations is necessarystrictly according to the doctor's schedule. Premature discontinuation of therapy or use of drugs in small doses can lead to negative consequences. Thus, resistant strains of pathogenic microorganisms may appear, which can not be further affected by medicines.

Today in practice different sulfonamides are used. The list of medicines is quite voluminous.

With the appointment of a medicationtaking into account, among other things, the degree of absorption of the drug from the gastrointestinal tract, the rate and route of excretion, as well as the ability to penetrate into these or other tissues and organs.

So, for example, such sulfanilamide preparations,As "Sulfadimezin", "Etazol", "Norsulfazol", "Streptocide" and others are characterized by rapid absorption and the ability to quickly accumulate in organs and blood in bacteriostatic concentrations. This allows them to be used in the treatment of various pathologies of infectious nature, triggered by staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci, meningococci and other cocci, vibrios, protozoa, chlamydia.

Other sulfonamide preparations, for example,"Sulgin" and "Ftalazol", are absorbed more slowly, relatively long are present in high concentrations in the intestines, standing out mainly with caloric masses. In connection with this, such medications are used in the treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies.

If necessary, sulfanilamide preparations may be administered in different combinations. So, they are allowed to use medicines at the same time, which are poorly absorbed and well absorbed.

sulfanilamide preparationsWhen using medicines,adverse manifestations. In particular, allergic reactions often occur, vomiting, nausea, neuritis, dermatitis, and so on. Due to poor solubility, sulfanilamides can settle in the kidneys in the form of crystals, clogging the urinary tract. Therefore, when prescribing these medicines, an abundant alkaline drink is recommended. Taking into account the spectrum of adverse events, medicines of this group are used only for the doctor's prescription. It should be remembered that self-medication can lead to very negative consequences. Before using the prescribed medication, you need to study the annotation.

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