Sims 3 error 12 - reasons and solutions

sims 3 error 12The real scourge of many regular players Sims 3,error 12. The result of this is a complete loss of saving. At once we will make a reservation - there are several reasons for this error, therefore we will analyze the variants of the solution as they are relevant. In this article we will consider only the licensed version of Sims 3, the error 12 on which is the consequence of "glitches" of the game, rather than the curvature of the modders. There is no real medicine for this error, however we can help you to protect yourself and your game from it.

So where does the twelfth come from? The main reasons for its appearance are two:

1) Weak computer configuration. Sometimes the game simply does not have enough RAM (at least three gigs are recommended).

2) Additional downloadable modules / content. In addition to other hilarious consequences, such as hacking or infecting a computer, downloading from the left sites of different mods or hacks can prevent you from playing "Sims3".

sims 3 error code 12How to deal with the first reason? It's obvious - just buy a new computer. If the problem remains and after increasing the amount of RAM far beyond 4 gigabytes, then try tweaking the system. Before we tell you what to do, we warn you - the following sequence of actions increases the amount of RAM allocated to the process. The security of your system is only in your hands. So:

  1. Click "Windows + K" to open the command line.
  2. Type the command "bcdedit / set IncreaseUserVA 3072".
  3. Reboot.

Can help, but, I stress, maybe - in Sims 3error 12 is very tenacious. If you are not lucky, "Karma did not play," then allow me to offer you a choice of shamanistic tricks at the level of voodoo magic that the game community felt for.

  1. Remove the fashion. Often they are the cause of all problems.
  2. Try running the game in the window.
  3. Try to save through "Save As."
  4. If the backup is corrupted and you have to start again, before deleting the game, delete the save folder in "My Documents". It will be created clean at the first start.

Now we will deal with the second reason in more detail,namely, bad or unlicensed downloadable content. Then everything is simple. The publisher wants to earn money on his product and therefore sews copy protection against it. And pirates and fans of freebies break it. At the same time, very "gifted people" can accidentally or specially write a piece of curved code in the plug-in. Hence the problem. In general, one way or another, but in Sims 3 error code 12 often means that you are a pirate.

play sims3If nothing helps, then here's your advice. When in Sims 3 error 12 "kills" the save, you can try to use the backup. We do this: we leave the game, go to the folder with saves in "My Documents". There are our files. The file with the extension ".sims3" is the main save, the file with the extension ".backup" the previous clean version. The name of the game is assigned the same as you wrote in the save interface. Then we proceed according to the plan - we deleted the file with the extension "sims3", changed the file "backup" extension to "sims3".

Summary: As you can see, the twelfth is very tenacious and occurs in a whole heap of cases. Therefore, the best way to avoid it will be to purchase a licensed copy of the game.

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