Short coat: how to choose and what to wear

Spring in all respects is milder than autumn: and in terms of temperature, and in terms of general mood. And the last is much more important than the weather. I do not want to wrap myself in long fur coats, not even because I'm tired of the cold, but simply because the desire to show the world in all its glory. The ideal solution is a short coat: warm, stylish and romantic in spring.short coat for womenThis model is often chosen by young girls. However, with the right selection, it can look no less original and beautiful in older women.

This year, a short female coat in a specialfavors. Many designers in their collections have presented more than one such model. Double-breasted coats with wide collars, patch pockets, asymmetric bottom line, from materials of different textures - variations on the topic can not be considered. Therefore, the choice now in this direction is sufficient.

In fashion, and fitted, and flared models. At the same time, the trend is minimalism in detail, the obligatory belt, accentuating attention to the waistline, shortened (in three quarters) sleeves for long gloves.

Returns the retro style, whichshort coatth represents a wide short coat with a free cut and a turndown collar or stand.

A short coat has many advantages, amongwhich are stylish, convenient and able to experiment with accessories (stoles, belts). However, there are also drawbacks to this model. Pretty short length - just below the waist - requires special care with the selection of a coat for your height and features of the figure. An incorrectly selected coat can visually disrupt the proportions of the body. Straight cut is not suitable for the owners of wide hips, they should choose the shape of the trapezoid. If you have wide shoulders, then the best thing on your figure will be a short coat with a rather prominent belt that will emphasize the waist.

With what to wear a short coat? This model opens the legs. Therefore, it is good to combine classic pants or tight jeans. The bravest can wear it with leggings. Also look great long straight skirts in the floor, which make the coat look like a jacket. A variant of combining a coat with a mini-skirt is possible (if it is not very short).short man's coat

The best accessory for a short coat arehigh boots or boots. And the shorter the coat, the higher the boots can be. Good looks also in this combination of ankle boots and even shoes with heels. Original tights in tone with a coat, if it is colored, look. But while all the rest of the clothes should be neutral shades.

The ensemble is perfectly complemented by a long scarf, which can be worn by negligent rings. Pay special attention to gloves. They can be combined in color with a hat.

A short man's coat is the subject of a separateconversation. It is not less fashionable and stylish. This is a classic version of outerwear for business serious men. Such clothes not only protects against cold, it makes representatives of the strong half of humanity elegant. As a rule, men's coats are black or dark shades.

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Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear Short coat: how to choose and what to wear