Services that are analogous to Skype

Despite the fact that today can not be called neitherone provider that can replace all the functions of Skype, there are many companies offering a wide range of VoIP and video services, which may even be better than Skype. Below is a brief overview of such programs that can replace the usual communicator and become as familiar as listening to Skype and communicating with it.

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Google Voice is a voice phone serviceGoogle, which was launched with great fanfare in March 2009. At the service of users are presented free PC-PC voice and video calls, free phone calls from a computer within the United States and cheap calls to other regions (unfortunately, only available for US users). One of the most useful features of Google Voice (again, available only to US residents) is that it allows users to have one number that they can use anywhere. Due to his chosen accessibility it is difficult to say that this is an adequate analogue of Skype. The service also provides a number of useful additional functions - voice mail, SMS, conferencing, call filtering and transcription of voice mail messages.

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Vbuzzer is a VoIP and IM service,which, unlike Skype, is based on open protocols - SIP and XMPP. It offers free calls from computer to computer, as well as paid from computer to phone, with lower tariffs than Skype. It also has voice mail, call forwarding, caller ID, web conference and fax. Speaking about this application, we can say that this is a good analogue of Skype.

VoxOx tries to be an all-in-one application,designed for desktops and mobile devices. It combines phone calls, IM, SMS, video chat, conference calls and even fax. The program also provides a function similar to "One number anywhere", and outgoing calls can be made at quite competitive rates, so it can also be considered an analogue of "Skype".

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Viber is an application designed foriPhone users who are looking for a way to make free VoIP calls. This service allows you to make calls from iPhone to iPhone via 3G and Wi-Fi connections. The application is free, works in the background and calls in it can be done completely free of charge. Currently, versions of this application are being developed, which will be akin to "Skype" for "Android" and Blackberry.

Grasshopper provides many functions of expensivePBX, including support for multiple users, individual greeting, voice mail, web access and receiving notifications by mail, and the ability to have a local or toll-free number that the user can always call.

Appendix 8 × 8 Virtual Pro Office / Soloprovides a VoIP connection based on a virtual telephone system. It is available in two versions - for companies that require multiple accounts, and for individuals. The system includes business numbers, voice mail, call waiting, music on hold, caller ID, connection of three subscribers and the ability to record calls, store digital audio files. The program is paid and costs $ 49.99 per month for the business version, $ 7.99 per month - for the Solo Edition. Due to the fact that it is paid, it does not find its distribution as a good analogue of Skype.

Oovoo also provides a freemulti-user (up to six people at a time) video chat, which is available for Mac, PC and a wide range of mobile devices. The application allows high-quality video communication via 3G networks, so it can also be used as an analogue of Skype.

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