Satellite dish with own hands

If you want to use satelliteTV, and buying a large diameter antenna you can not afford, then this article will help you. It describes several options how to make a satellite dish with your own hands, and, perhaps, it will push you to the optimal solution of the problem.

Starting to construct a parabolicantennas for satellite television, it is necessary to take into account the irradiator included in the converter and its parameters. There are two variants of manufacturing: by means of gluing on a matrix or soldering of a grid and a copper wire. The first allows to provide simplicity of the control over the form at its manufacturing, the second - possesses smaller weight and a sail.

The parameters that characterize the antenna,are its diameter, the shortest distance from the focus to the reflector of the antenna (the so-called focal length), the depth of the mirror and the angle of the aperture, under which the plane of the mirror is visible.

Due to these values ​​are calculatedparameters of the antenna, then transferred to the graph paper, a parabola is constructed. It must be glued on a sheet of steel, the thickness of which should be five millimeters, and saw. So you get a knife, after which you need to pick up the bearing and rod. In this case, it is necessary to shorten the knife by a distance equal to half the diameter of the rod, and weld it to it. To get a satellite dish with their own hands, it is necessary to make a wire rod (diameter from eight to ten millimeters) using welding. The ribs should be bent over the knife, the bearing welded into the top of the frame.

The antenna frame must be installed on a level platform. In its center, a pipe is installed vertically under the bearing. After fixing the washer on the bearing, which is slightly larger than its diameter, and as thick as the future parabolic antenna, a knife is inserted on it. Dense concrete mortar is applied to the frame. The resulting matrix is ​​dried for three to five days.

Coming to the process of decoupling, the satellitethe antenna itself is performed in several ways. To simplify the task, the product should be divided into sectors (from six to eight). For strength, the thickness of the reflector should be increased and reinforced with radial ribs made of steel wire. To glue the parabolic antenna, glass fiber cloth and epoxy adhesive are cut using strips. First, put the car oil on the matrix. A pipe is inserted into the washer. It is put on a washer, equal in height to the thickness of the reflector. Then apply a layer of resin and pieces of fiberglass, which must be smoothed to remove air bubbles. The reflector should be covered with aluminum foil.

When a satellite dish is createdhands, you can use another option when forming a conductive surface. For what on the reflective surface of a parabolic antenna paint is applied, which includes metal-powder bases. For example, silver. Having formed a thickness of a reflector of the necessary sizes, it is fastened with nuts.

There is a variant of creating an antenna made from papier-mache, when newspapers filled with a mincer are used as a filler. To them add glue and put the composition on the matrix.

Before embarking on the implementation of theproject - a satellite dish with your own hands, you should consider several factors affecting its operation. After all, the lower floors of the building, reinforced concrete, metal grilles with which the windows are equipped can interfere with the functioning of the product.

There are different possibilities for manufacturing an antennawith their own hands: from cans of beer, from a room antenna, from a copper cable. And you can use the existing factory satellite dish and add to it an independently made satellite dish.

Adhere adhesive sheets of paper to the product with adhesive tapeA4 and lay on the concave edge. From rough fabric cut for the antenna 5 pieces in the shape of its mirror. Put them on a plate in turn, grease with glue. On the resulting frame, treated with glue, after a day put culinary foil. Reverse the sides with a new cloth. For the converter is suitable water pipe made of plastic. Mirror antenna must be covered from the can with a layer of paint of a small thickness.

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