Safari Park in Shkotovo: a corner of unity with nature

The word "safari" has Arabic roots. Translated into Russian, it means "extreme travel." Around the 19th century, the English aristocrats changed its meaning. After that, it began to mean hunting for animals in the wild. The first trophies of hunting were elephants, lions and buffaloes.

For a long time safari was available only to very rich people. In our time, the word has another meaning. Now so called peaceful excursions in wild and protected areas in order to observe the animals in their usual habitat.

Today, Africa is undoubtedly the most popular safari destination. There you can organize both individual and group tours. During them, right without leaving the car, you can admire the animals and take pictures of them.

A new form of this entertainment has appeared - sea safari, during which sea creatures are observed and photographed. There are many places on the territory of Russia where you can observe animals in practically natural habitat.One of these places is located in Primorsky Krai - a safari park in Shkotovo.


In order to reach it, it is necessary to drive about 75 kilometers by road from Vladivostok towards Nakhodka. This park is a magnificent corner of nature, where you can personally observe the inhabitants of the Ussuri taiga in conditions close to natural.

The park zone is divided into four thematic parts:

  • ungulates park;
  • tiger park;
  • bird park;
  • park predatory.

The total area is 8 hectares. The opening of the park took place in early February 2007 through the efforts of the Amur Tiger organization. In the safari park in Shkotovo you can watch the animals walking freely in the fenced areas of the forest.


In the safari park for visitors organized two tours:

  • the first is a park of tigers and an ungulates park;
  • the second is a park of predatory animals and a park of birds.

The first tour lasts about 50 minutes. It is conducted with a guide on a circular road, from which it is forbidden to go, so as not to trample down vegetation. The tiger park consists of two parts with a total area of ​​about 9,000 m2. In this territory without cells there are three tigers, which visitors are guaranteed to be able to see.

Nearly five hectares of forest are fenced under the park of ungulates.This park consists of three parts. One winter and two summer. This is done so that the park's vegetation in the summer time has time to recover after the animals stay, which is transferred from one part to another at appropriate intervals. In this part of the safari park in Shkotovo there are five species of wild ungulates living in the Primorsky Territory.

Sika Deer Cub

The total number is nearly thirty. Most of them are practically manual and allow visitors to feed themselves from their hands, iron and hold wonderful photo shoots, during which the animals behave calmly enough.

Timur Goat in safari park

It is worth noting that bringing your own pet food to the park is prohibited. All that is necessary for feeding ungulates, park visitors receive for free.

The duration of the second tour is about forty minutes. During it, you can see the park of predatory animals and birds. It is a fenced plot in which different types exist together. Here you can watch Himalayan cubs, foxes, raccoon dogs, raccoons, badgers, wolves and otters.

Raccoon in the safari park Shkotovo

For the safety of these animals in the safari park in Shkotovo it is forbidden to feed and touch.So you have to be content with only photos.

The most interesting for visitors in this tour are the Himalayan cubs and red wolves. The latter species once lived in the Primorsky Territory, but has by now disappeared from its fauna.

Fifteen species of birds of prey live in two spacious enclosures.

Two owls

Among them:

  • white-tailed eagles;
  • falcons;
  • goshawks;
  • kites
  • buzzards;
  • other species.

Some of them during the tour fly over the heads of visitors. This tour is also conducted with a guide.

Cost of excursions

Each excursion in the safari park in Shkotovo is paid separately. Both the first and second tours are held every fifteen minutes. Amateur video and photography can be done for free. Also available for groups free conductor. The cost of excursions depends on the age of the participants and starts from 250 rubles. For children up to three years, you do not need to buy a ticket.

How to get there?

The park itself is located a couple of kilometers from the village of Shkotovo in the direction of Nakhodka, along the Vladivostok-Nakhodka highway.

His visit can be organized both through numerous travel agencies, and independently.You can get there by bus and own transport. When traveling from Vladivostok to a safari park in Shkotovo, you need to get off at the Shkotovo stop. They agree with the local or passing motorists on the delivery to the park. In order to avoid additional difficulties and the associated hassle, use your own transport. The blessing is not difficult to do. At the exit from the highway in the direction of the park there is a noticeable sign. There is a cafe nearby where you can have lunch. There are also houses for the night.

Park hours

Hours safari park in Shkotovo following:

  • visiting around the clock;
  • the ticket office is open from 9-00 to 17-30;
  • seven days a week.

A visit to the park will give a lot of positive emotions to you and your children, and will leave you with lots of great photos. Before visiting do not forget to clarify current prices and work schedule.

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