Reverse projection film by yourself

Advertising is important for any enterprise. Previously, small stores could not afford to display it on wide screens of monitors. It's a pretty expensive treat. On sale not so long ago a completely new principle of organizing video displays. For this, a reverse projection film is used. It is able not only to properly organize advertising, but also to use space more efficiently. From any window, you can make a monitor screen today. This will attract the attention of buyers. The principle of operation and operation of the back projection film, as well as the technology of its self-editing, requires more detailed consideration.

Backward projection technology

In the promotion of products an important factoris to attract the attention of future buyers by non-standard methods. Screens of monitors no longer surprise anyone. But a transparent display case or window, which looks like a TV screen, makes today passers-by stop or look back at the novelty of technology.Rear projection film

The reverse projection film is mounted onClear glass showcases of almost any size. It also allows to solve the problem of the correct organization of the space of a shop or an enterprise. If you turn off the projector, then the showcase with the reverse projection film will again become transparent, as before.

Wide application of this technology has received due to the relatively low cost of the system and the ability to organize an advertising display in any area.

The purpose of creating a screen

To create an advertising design and install it on a transparent surface, you should carefully read the device and the principle of operation of such a technology.Reverse projection film by yourself

The system consists of a screen (plexiglas), a projector,film, as well as fasteners. The assembly of such a structure has a number of characteristic advantages. They have a relatively low cost, if compared with the plasma panels. The product has a wide viewing angle. This allows you to maintain the uniformity of the image, from whatever point you view.

Sufficiently good brightness and contrast makeadvertising visible even on a sunny day. After removal, the projection projection of the back projection leaves no traces on the substrate. It is harmless to human health and the environment. The product does not require special care.

By mounting such a film, the advertiser cando not doubt that his videos will not remain without the attention of buyers. This is a good chance to stand out in the diverse world of promoting different brands.

Application area

Transparent back projection film canUsed for both indoor and outdoor advertising. This is especially advantageous where there is no way to install street monitors for broadcasting information.Projection film of reverse projection

If you want, you can complete the video displaycontrols. Touch or optical films are glued on the inside of the glass. Manage the information on the screen will be possible even from the side of the street. This will already be an interactive showcase. The buyer will be able to choose the information that interests him.

If sensor elements were installedthe buyer can flip through the advertising information in search of the most important category for him by touching his finger. In the presence of optical systems, the client will be able to view the advertisement and flip through it with gestures.

Types of Films

A film of backward projection occurs in severalvarieties. Transparent type allows you to leave the previous view of the glass when turning off the projector. However, they have a small contrast. The projector is initially bright for them.Transparent reverse projection film

White film is characterized by greater brightness. But its contrast is quite low. Well suited in the case of promoting advertising in white tones.

Gray film has high brightness and contrast. But for street applications, it will require a brighter projector.

Dark gray film is the best option for the design of street showcases. Even in daylight, it will create the most vivid, contrasting images.


To date, reverse projection films,presented in the market of similar products, are produced by China, South Korea, America and Japan. Their cost is significantly different, as well as their quality.

Really reliable, durable productsproduces not so many manufacturers. The most high-quality, but expensive are recognized American and Japanese products. The name of these brands accordingly sounds like 3M and Dilad Screen.

Next in value are South Korean products. Their brand NTech has quite good quality at a fairly affordable price.

Chinese manufacturers have not yet createdhigh-quality products in this area. Therefore, it is better to refuse such a purchase. The reverse projection film (China) is cheaper than analog products. But its durability and performance characteristics, according to the opinions of consumers and experts, leave much to be desired.


Important in the selection and installation of the film is the selection of the correct projector. This technique must have a number of qualities that can ensure the normal operation of the system.Projector for a backward projection film

The projector for the back projection film mustmeet the operating conditions of its owner. First of all, you should pay attention to the resolution of the device. The most optimal today is XGA (1024x768).

After that it is necessary to estimate the brightness level. It is necessary to leave some reserve of this indicator, because the rays, passing through the screen, lose their intensity. Therefore, the projector must have an additional saturation correction function.

There are devices, which also provide for correcting the distortion of the image vertically, as well as the rotation function of the image. So if necessary, you do not have to rotate the device itself.

Installing the film yourself

The reverse projection film is established by the hands according to the following scheme. The substrate must be cleaned of all types of contaminants. Otherwise, they will subsequently adversely affect the quality of the projection.Backward projection film China

The surface of the glass is wetted with water. After that, the film is glued onto the base. It is leveled with a special roller. After finishing the work, there should be no water or air bubbles under the film.

Then the screen is given the correct shape and the image is projected from the inside.

Results of application

Marketing research has shown thatthe use of a reverse projection film attracts 27% of potential buyers. They stopped and looked at the screen. From 16 to 30% of the interviewed people went to the store after viewing such advertisements.

This once again confirms how powerfulmeans of advertising, how it can influence people. The results of studies of marketers confirm that the film coped quite effectively with the task set before it.

Having become acquainted with such a medium of information asfilm back projection, you can come to the conclusion that this is a new, original and effective technology. Every entrepreneur who wants to increase the number of sales should take such technology into service.

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