Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, as well as one of itsthe largest cities. Here lives more than one million people. Every year a huge number of tourists from all over the world come here. What attracts them here? Of course, the sights of the city, built in the V century. But the attention of tourists deserve the restaurants of Tbilisi. Today we will tell you about what they attract a huge number of visitors. And also consider the most popular restaurants in Tbilisi. We will give their addresses, description and tell you what it is worth to order in the menu.restaurants tbilisi

Features of restaurant service in Georgia

Every catering establishment hasits own special aura. What is special about restaurants in Tbilisi? The fact is that in this country there is a surprisingly hospitable people. This remarkable quality is evident not only in homes, but also in restaurants. Then we will talk about those establishments, which are surely worth visiting, at least once. And now we list the main advantages of Georgian restaurants. These include:

  • Delicious food, when cooking which uses a large number of spices.
  • Large serving size.
  • Musical accompaniment. As a rule, only Georgian music is played in Georgian restaurants.
  • Well-educated and friendly staff.
  • Workers speak several languages. One of which, as a rule, is Russian.
  • Some restaurants have entertainment programs.
  • The so-called tips are included in the bill. Usually they make up an amount equal to ten or fifteen percent of the total cost.

restaurants tbilisi reviews

Most Popular Restaurants in Tbilisi

We bring to your attention an overview of the places thatdeserve special attention of visitors. What are the best restaurants in Tbilisi that attract many tourists? Quality service and a huge variety of national cuisine. Among the establishments that meet the above characteristics, the following:

  • The restaurant "Melnitsa" (Georgian name -"Ciskvi"). Despite the fact that the establishment is located far from the city center and there are no sights nearby, it deserves your attention. The restaurant is located in the most picturesque place of the city - the right bank of the Kura River. How can I get here? Very simple. The most popular option is a fixed-route taxi with numbers: 46, 121. The stop is called - the restaurant "Ciskvi". One of the distinctive advantages of this place is the beautiful garden, which is located just in front of the institution. There is even a swimming pool in which there is trout. Everything around is imbued with Georgian color. The restaurant hosts various entertaining programs, singers and musicians perform, as well as the mood of the visitors are raised by dance groups.
  • Restaurant "In the shadow of Metekhi". It is located in the heart of the city, at the address - Tsamebuli Street, 29A. Enjoying the historical sights of the city, tourists like to visit this place. What is it that attracts them so much? First of all - his own kitchen. Here you will be offered the whole variety of Georgian cuisine. And if you do not find something in the menu, then this dish can be prepared especially for you. But not only excellent kitchen decorates this institution. It sounds amazing Georgian music and folk dances are performed. If you want to spend time pleasantly and plunge into the atmosphere of Georgian hospitality, then certainly come to this restaurant. After the first visit, others will necessarily follow.
  • What other restaurants in Tbilisi, with live music anddancing, like visitors? Answering this question, it is impossible not to mention the network of institutions, which are called "Taglaura." There are four in the city. They are in the following places: Gulia Street, 1; Kostava, 77; Beliashvili, 14. Another institution is located on the outskirts of the city, along the road Okrokana. Restaurants of this network are distinguished by: decoration, which is executed in the national style; live music; cheerful faces of the surrounding people; nice atmosphere. Here it is always noisy and festive. Any event in "Taglaur" is comfortable and unforgettable.

Tbilisi restaurants with live music

Let's list some more institutions, among which there will be Tbilisi restaurants with live music:

  • Strada. His address: Marjanishvili, 5. The restaurant staff are always friendly and polite. Here you can spend a pleasant evening, enjoying delicious food in a comfortable atmosphere. In the evenings, there is a saxophone and a guitar. The menu offers European and Asian dishes.
  • Restaurant "Barbarestan". Many residents of Tbilisi consider it one of the best places in the city. It is located at the address - Agmashenebeli Avenue, house 132. An excellent place in which not only deliciously cooked, but also quickly served. Inimitable concerts of live music deliver a huge number of positive emotions.


Visiting restaurants Tbilisi (Georgia), about whichIn the article, you will fall in love with the cuisine of this country. But here they prepare not only national dishes. What else can you try in the best places in the city?

  • The chain of restaurants "Taglaura" offers its visitors: kebabs, khachapuri, kharcho, khinkali and much more. And also here they brew fine beer and bake delicious bread.
  • In the menu of the restaurant "Strada" - an abundance of deliciousdesserts. Among them: banana cake, chocolate, cherry tartlets, carrot pie, cheesecake. Also, try a black burger with a salmon salad and a baked beetroot with a feta.

Tbilisi restaurants with live music and dances

Restaurants Tbilisi: reviews

In the city there is a large number of enterprisesCatering. The inhabitants of Georgia know a lot about good food and drinks. But not all restaurants of the city are popular. Some establishments receive negative feedback from visitors. However, there were no mention of such places in the article. The best restaurants in Tbilisi are able to surprise, even the most sophisticated gourmets. Delicious food, a beautiful environment, a warm welcome - all in order that every person feels here easily and at ease.

Rating of restaurants Tbilisi

We offer you a list of the most popular institutions of the city, compiled in the ranking order.

  • On the fifth place - "Strada".
  • The fourth is "Mill".
  • The third is "In the shadow of Metekha."
  • The second one is "Barbarestan".

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Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances Restaurants Tbilisi with live music and dances