Most owners simply adore their dogs and constantly claim that it is their pet that is the most intelligent, the most sensitive and, in general, the most extraordinary being on Earth. Undoubtedly, dogs are really smart. But among them there are real unique people, whose abilities and achievements amaze even experienced dog trainers. We offer you 8 of the most impressive examples.

Some dogs are astounding.Some dogs are astounding.

Dog Boots, who works as a nanny for kittens

In the shelter at the Society for the protection of animals of the American state of Arizona running a cute red dog named Boots. He is officially enrolled in the state as one of the employees, and he has an important mission - to be a good nanny for little kittens who are waiting for a family.
Boots works as a nanny for orphaned kittens at the shelterBoots works as a nanny for orphaned kittens at the shelter
Practice shows that kittens that have been friends with other animals since infancy, then find new owners much easier, take root in the family and learn to communicate with new “relatives”. Boots is always patient and calm and finds an approach to anyone, even the most capricious pupil. Rare excerpt and kindness!

Pitbull Hulk who is babysitting

Another famous nanny is an American pit bull named Hulk, and he “raises” a three-month-old son of his masters. The dog really loves the baby and, as soon as he starts crying, every time he rushes to the first of the whole family to check that everything is in order. The baby and the dog, while playing, spend most of the day together, and mom no longer needs to be around me.
Pit bull named Hulk became the nanny for the babyPit bull named Hulk became the nanny for the baby
It is curious that the Hulk is also recognized as the largest pit bull in the world, since its weight is 86 kg. This is exactly 24 times more than the ward weighed at birth. But the parents are completely calm, because they are professionals in training dogs for protection.
Parents are calm for the child: the dog is very balancedParents are calm for the child: the dog is very balanced

Corgi named Hesel who holds objects on his head

Smart home dog does not necessarily have to be a nurse or protector, he can be just a cheerful companion for their owners. So, the famous corgi, nicknamed Hezel, has become a real Internet star, because he has learned to keep any items on his head for a long time.
Corgi Hazel has a good vestibular apparatus.Corgi Hazel has a good vestibular apparatus.
Hesel has an incredibly developed sense of balance, and he never drops anything. An elegant coffee cup, a desk clock, a toy truck, a high stack of cookies, a potted plant, a large glass of water, a children's guitar, an open inkwell with a feather — this is not a complete list of items photographed on the head of this capable and obedient dog. By the way, corgi are the favorite dogs of the British royal family. They came into vogue after Queen Elizabeth II began to show all her favorites.

Pug odie who can talk

Many owners dream that their pet has learned to communicate "as a human being", and some even claim that their dog really knows how to speak. But in actual fact its “talkativeness” almost always turns into a spectacular stunt: even if the dog manages to say something similar to the words of human speech, it certainly has no idea about the meaning of these words.
Odie says "I love you"
However, it’s not at all like this, with a pug named Odie. He says with great joy and quite intelligibly to his mistress “I love you!” And it seems that this is what he means.

Two retrievers playing the piano

Two French dogs of breed retriever took possession of the next funny skill. Together with their mistress, they brilliantly perform “Dog Waltz”, which in France is called “Flea Waltz”: a woman suggests a melody on an ocarina, and the dogs follow her on the piano after her.
Dogs playing piano
There is no deception here - animals take turns paws on certain keys in turn, maintaining a given rhythm, and never fake. Having studied this case, the scientists did not come to a definite conclusion: do the dogs really perceive the sounds they emit as music or are they simply well trained and remember the order of keystrokes? But in any case, the melody is played absolutely exactly. Now this famous trio is learning new songs.

Rottweiler Lord who can count

It is also not entirely clear how the rottweiler Lord, who lives in the Russian village of Orlovka, actually perceives mathematics. According to the owner, the Lord is not only familiar with all numbers up to 80, but is also able to perform basic mathematical operations on them: addition, subtraction,multiplication and division. Some examples of such successful calculations, although with numbers up to 10, were even captured on video.
Rottweiler from the village of Orlovka learned to countRottweiler from the village of Orlovka learned to count
At first glance, this can only be a trick, but the story of the Lord is amazing from an early age. Even in the first months the dog learned to perform ordinary dog ​​commands, and it was very easy, literally from one or two repetitions. He just liked everything to learn, and his owner, a wheelchair user, liked to teach him. When the Lord was only 8 months old, the master introduced him to the numbers, and on the very first day the dog learned the count to five.
Labrador named Lord learned to count
The owner said “one”, and the dog barked once, said “two”, and the dog gave a voice twice, and so on. Gradually, numbers began to grow, and then mathematical signs were added to them. As a result, it came to a real sensation, although it was not clear to the end: maybe the Lord ends up barking, not because he counted it on the right number, but simply because he caught a barely noticeable “enough” signal from the host?

Sandy Terrier who helps house a disabled woman

But the next amazing dog is not only not completely cheating, but in fact brings a lot of good: in the UK, half-breed terrier named Sandy became an indispensable assistant for a 61-year-old disabled woman. To begin with, this dog passed the usual course of training guide dogs, but subsequently the range of her skills expanded significantly. The morning begins with the fact that Sandy brings the hostess mail, and then helps her get dressed.
Terrier Sandy helps his owner around the houseTerrier Sandy helps his owner around the house
The dog runs without reminders and brings the handset if he hears the call, and also knows how to load the laundry into the washing machine. If you need to go to the store, then she not only carries the bags, but can also independently get money from the wallet and hand them over to the cashier, since the hostess does not care about her hands. In the nearest shop, sellers have long been accustomed to this trick, but Sandy's customers are often amazing, and quite deserved.

Rescue Dog Ajax

In the story of the amazingly capable dogs it would have been impossible to do without the mention of rescue dogs. We know a lot of four-legged, who have shown themselves as real heroes, finding and digging people in distress: in the mountains covered with snow or covered with an avalanche.
Dog named AjaxDog named Ajax
Incredibly sharp scent, brilliant ability to navigate the terrain, record endurance and, above all, sincere devotion to man - these are the main features of these beautiful dogs. One of the most famous rescuers in history was the dog named Ajax, who was called the “hero of Dachstein”.
In 1954, a group of 11 schoolchildren and teachers fell under an avalanche in the Austrian Dachstein Mountains. Ajax found them and began to dig: he scraped his claws and tore the cramped snow until he had erased his paws literally to the bone. Ajax was taken to a mountain hut to bandage, but despite fatigue, injuries and frostbite, he could not lie down on the spot and immediately rushed to dig out another person. That time he worked 96 hours without a break. In total, Ajax has dozens of lives saved and a monument has been erected for him.
As it turns out, something human is not alien to dogs. Including the desire to be in the spotlight. Editorial invites you to read about the most talented and.

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