Reich. What is the last Reich

For most people, the word "Reich" (what is,we learn from the article) is associated with Hitler's Germany. Although this is not entirely true. The fact is that in translation from the ancient German word means "master's". In other words, it is "something that is under the rule of the ruler." The Reich was called the German land. In different periods of history, there were three such associations.

The First Reich

Reich what is

What is the First (Ancient) Reich? This is another name for the Holy Roman Empire, which was later added to the addendum of the "German nation". This state association existed from 962 to 1806. The board in it was passed not by inheritance, it was an elected office. The ruler himself was limited in his rights.

The First Reich was one of the mightieststates of Europe. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, he subdued the territories of modern Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands. His final destruction is attributed to Napoleon, who captured most of Europe and defeated the German troops at Austerlitz. So France has become more arrogant in the political arena.

The Second Reich

Secrets of the Reich

What is the Second Reich? This is Germany, which existed from 1871 to 1918. It is often called the Kaiser. The new empire was created by the Prussian King Wilhelm the First and his chancellor, Otto von Bismarck.

Because of the desire to obtain economic andpolitical domination in Europe, the state became the initiator of the First World War. However, the same was the beginning of the collapse of the Second Reich, because after the war it ceased to exist.

History of the Third Reich

In 1934 the power in the state was received by AdolfHitler. His sole purpose was the worldwide domination of the German nation. He believed that his nation belonged to the Aryan race, and only she was worthy to exist on Earth. The rest of the peoples, in his opinion, were created only as servants.

photo of the Reich

The last Reich was created in the mind of the Führer afterreading them the book "The Third Reich." Its author was AM van den Broek. The idea of ​​creating such a state has been in German society since the defeat in the First World War, which was unleashed by the Germans.

Defeat in the war led to severe consequences for the country:

  • loss of the majority of colonies;
  • the decline of agriculture;
  • collapse of production;
  • external debts to the victorious states.

This all formed in some part of the populationradical moods. The Weimar Republic showed its inability to raise the country from the crisis, so the population turned its attention to the Communists and National Socialists.

Significant influence on the choice of citizens produceda fire in 1933 in the building of the Reichstag, in which the Communists were accused. They withdrew from the political arena, and the fate of the country was predetermined. The National Socialists came to power with Adolf Hitler at the head. Thus began the Third Reich.

What is the Third Reich? First of all, this is the unofficial name of Hitler's Germany. Prior to this, the term was used by National Socialists, propagating the regime of the future. It existed from 1933 to 1945 and was destroyed as a result of the defeat and surrender of Germany in World War II.

the last Reich

Photos of the Reich, presented above, indicateabout the country's belligerent orientation from the very beginning of its existence. The new state has its own symbolism, the army. It was administered by Adolf Hitler, along with his like-minded people.

Secrets of the last Reich

For its short existence, Hitler'sGermany has managed to destroy millions of civilians, including women and children. It has seized many states. Such military successes to some researchers do not give rest. Therefore, there are versions about the secrets of the Reich.

The most popular story is thatThe Nazis built shelter in Antarctica. There they brought workers, scientists, service personnel. This territory was called the New Swabia by the Germans and disappeared there after the defeat in the Second World War. There is also a theory that Hitler himself fled. Although there are no official confirmations to this, it remains a mystery what the Germans did near the coast of Antarctica. And ships and submarines swam there quite often.

Other undisclosed secrets of the Reich:

  • Is Hitler's death real or is it a re-enactment?
  • Who was Bormann?
  • Gold of the Nazis.
  • What happened to the Amber Room?
  • The discourse of the Nazis.
  • The rocket of the Last Reich.

In addition to the above stories, there are also occult mysteries of Nazi Germany.

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