Rambla, Barcelona: attractions and photos

Each city has places that attract theiruniqueness and a special atmosphere. The heart of Barcelona, ​​where life does not freeze for a minute, is on La Rambla Boulevard - a pedestrian street lined with tiles with interesting ornaments. The most famous corner of the tourist center can be compared with Montmartre in Paris, Arbat in Moscow or Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. And not for nothing, the famous Federico Garcia Lorca said that this is the only street on our planet that never ends.

Heart of the city

Located in the heart of Rambla (Barcelona),photo of which often appear in foreign journals, stretches for 1.2 kilometers and consists of five boulevards, smoothly changing into each other and bearing different names. True, this division is purely conditional, and the street is spoken in the singular. Considered the soul of the city, it attracts millions of tourists, and local residents regret it because of the huge flow of tourists. A wonderful place that has not lost its charm for a long time, helps to find inspiration and recharge with positive emotions.ramblas barcelona photos

Many years ago even the new term "rambler" appeared, which means walking along the popular boulevard.

The main attraction of the city

Reflecting the lively character of Barcelona, ​​uniqueThe landmark cuts the Old Town into two parts. It is located between two quarters: Gothic and Raval, which is notorious. The name of the Boulevard Rambla (Barcelona) is borrowed from the Arabic language and means "dried bed of the river". The street acquired its usual form at the end of the XVIII century, when it was decided to demolish the medieval structures and in their place organize a fashion promenade.ramblas spain barcelona

Rambla Canaletes

The first section of the Boulevard Rambla in Barcelonabegins in the area of ​​Plaça Catalunya. He received his name from the name of an unusual cast-iron fountain, located under the lantern and having four drinkers with cranes. Nearby there is a sign on which an ancient legend has been knocked out, stating that everyone who drinks from it will love the city with all the heart and will definitely return here. It is curious that contemporaries took care of our smaller brothers and made a drinking bowl for dogs.ramblas barcelona

It is here that fans of the football club gather"Barca", and when local athletes win, their fans are noisily celebrating the victory. However, guides do not recommend tourists to come to the boulevard at a time when the hot young people are having fun, exploding firecrackers, as this can threaten people's lives. Young thugs smash located on the street. Rambla in Barcelona stores, and everything ends in a brawl involving the police.

Rambla Teachings

Next is a segment of the street, where oncewas the first university that gave him the name. After the local population did not obey the will of the authorities, the Spanish king placed in the buildings of the educational institution barracks for soldiers at the beginning of the 18th century, and later the building was completely destroyed.

It is curious that once upon a time there sounded herecheerful trills of birds, coming from the numerous stalls located on the street. The mayor's office, which considered that the places of sale of birds do not correspond to hygienic norms, closed them, and now only one shop has the right to trade livestock.

Here you can see the building of the theater, representinginterest in a giant clock on the facade, according to which all the city services compare the time. However, the main attraction of the boulevard is the Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem, made in the Baroque style. The magnificent façade, decorated with statues of saints, admires at first sight.

Rambla of Flowers, or Sant Josep

The beautiful section of the boulevard is famousnumerous flower shops that appeared in the XIX century. As the ancient legend says, it was one of the most popular places in the city, as the bright saleswomen were famous for their beauty and sharp language. Here, ordinary buyers and ladies-lovers, who flirted with the young charmers, were in a hurry. Later, alongside the benches, book breaks appeared, and this section of the Rambla (Barcelona) street was chosen by intellectuals, who were discussing the latest news.ramblas barcelona

Its official name is the boulevard inherited fromthe name of the monastery of the Carmelites of Sant Josep. Now in its place is the well-known market of Boqueria, to wander along which all tourists dream. The oldest sight, which arose in the XIII century, amazes the imagination with its dimensions: inside it one can even get lost. As tourists say, this is quite an expensive market, offering a variety of products.

However, those who want to save, have to go throughInland Boqueria, where the same products can be bought much cheaper. It is worth remembering that sellers are not allowed to try their goods and forbid it to take pictures. On the territory of the market, working on all days, except Sunday, the best restaurants of the city are cozy, the prices in which can lead tourists into confusion.

This is the most colorful and bright part of the Rambla street(Barcelona, ​​Spain), which has something to see. It attracts the attention of tourists to the erotic museum opposite the marketplace, which a mechanical doll calls. Sexy Marilyn Monroe, holding a skirt, waving her hand and sending air kisses, inviting to go to an unusual institution.

Rambla Capuchin

This part of the Rambla street in Barcelona receivedworld fame thanks to a bizarre structure, decorated with the head of a Chinese dragon, which opened its mouth, and cast-iron umbrellas on the facade. The building of Bruno Quadras admires ancient Egyptian images, Japanese-style stained-glass windows, palm fans. Now in an unusual house, claiming for originality, the bank's branch is located.Rambla barcelona

An equally famous building is the opera houseGrand Liceo, which, according to the idea of ​​the architects, was to surpass the beauty of the famous La Scala in Milan. The most beautiful building indeed competed with many cultural institutions of the world for interior decoration and excellent acoustics. This place was adored by a respectable bourgeoisie, which went to opera performances only in order to declare its status and high status in society. At the end of the XIX century, a young anarchist blew up a bomb in the theater building, which killed 20 people.

Near the Grand Liceo is the cafe "Opera",It is considered the most popular institution not only of the Boulevard Rambla, but also of Barcelona. It is always crowded, and there is a chance to meet some celebrity, who necessarily leaves his signature in a special book that has grown to three volumes. People come here just to admire the design of the halls.rambla street in barcelona

Here you can see a multicolored mosaic, laid out in the lists of objects of street art laid out by the Spanish artist J. Miro on the asphalt.

Rambla Santa Monica

The last section of the boulevard originates fromthe ancient Theater Square. Rambla (Barcelona) - is not only unique architectural objects, admiring their beauty. Here rises the former main theater Principal, which could not withstand competition with other institutions and closed. Now the building, waiting for better times, looks very unattractive, and tourists bypass it.

There is also a monument to the seafarerColumbus, which is an 80-meter column. The symbol of the city appeared in 1888 and was timed to coincide with the opening of the international exhibition. In the very center of the metal monument there is an elevator that will drive those who wish to the observation deck, from where a stunning panorama of the charming Spanish pearl opens.

On the oldest street Escudelers is locatedfamous restaurant "Snails", which has a rich history. Famous for its cuisine, it is recognized as a popular tourist attraction. Its halls are decorated with snails made of stone or wood, and even bread is baked in the form of shellfish.

Once it was a prestigious place, according to whicharistocrats walked, and nowadays it has turned into a zone dangerous for tourists. The Raval district, located where Rambla (Barcelona) ends, are the poor slums and the abode of ladies of easy virtue.

Tips for tourists

Remember that theft is rampant, andthe police in case of robbery will not even come to the rescue. Theft of money is not considered a crime, so tourists should be very careful when paying for goods.

Prostitution flourishes here, and the local mafiacontrols the illegal sex industry. Black women, going out to hunt for men, steal them, pouring sleeping pills on them. Therefore, late in the evenings it is better not to expose your life to danger. Also, do not get involved in questionable entertainment and play cards for money.

All souvenirs, sold in shops, are not cheap. However, sellers like to bargain, and if desired, reduce the price several times.

Center of mass festivities

The stream of people passing through the famous boulevard,increases every year. This is a kind of exhibition of the arts in the open air, where you can enjoy street theater performances, pose artists, take part in dance contests, listen to music, take pictures with live sculptures.barcelona ramblas area

And on holidays, the street becomes the centermass festivities, parades and parades. As the locals say, only after passing the entire Rambla area in Barcelona, ​​you can find out from inside the city and feel what it breathes.

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