Puncher "Makita 2450": reviews. Makita perforator: characteristics, price

The puncher is a construction tool with which you can perform a fairly wide range of work.

Scope of use

puncher makita 2450 reviews

Equipment allows you to make holes in thosematerials that can not drill a drill. This device is indispensable in the implementation of work on the redevelopment of a house or apartment. The company Makita manufactures tools in a wide range for construction and repair, among them there is a rather impressive selection of punchers.

Features of the Makita 2450 perforator

Scheme of the percussion makita 2450

Puncher "Makita 2450", reviews about which will bepresented in the article, is declared by the manufacturer as a professional tool with the help of which it is possible to make continuous work. The equipment can be assigned large loads. Operation is possible in three modes: impact, drilling and chiselling. The device has an electronic speed governor, which allows changing the indicator for bases that have different strengths.

The device is equipped with working parts thatit is enough to replace it, but in the process of work the release coupling firmly holds the elements. If the network voltage is reduced, the unit is automatically blocked. The "Makita 2450" perforator, whose reviews it will be useful to read before purchasing equipment, is equipped with a labyrinth system that protects the unit from the penetration of small building debris.

Technical specifications Makita 2450

repair of the mikita perforator

If you decide to buy a puncher "Makita2450 ", the reviews will be useful to read, they are presented in this article. Among other things, it is important to pay special attention to the technical characteristics, among them the shank SDS-plus. This parameter is often asked by professionals. For a novice master and a specialist it will be important to know that the unit can operate in one of three modes. The impact is 2.7 J.

As for the engine power, this parameteris 780 watts. If you want to work with concrete, then the hole in it can be done with a diameter, the maximum value of which is 24 millimeters. In the body of wood, it will be possible to make holes with a diameter of at most 32 millimeters. Quite often, experts and domestic craftsmen have a question about making holes in steel, the above mentioned parameters will be 13 millimeters. Among other things, the unit is equipped with an electronic reverse.

Additional features

electrotool makita

Puncher "Makita 2450", reviews about whichcorrespond to positive characteristics, has a protective clutch in the kit, among other things, there is a torque frequency controller. At idle, the number of revolutions can be equal to a limit of up to 1100 per minute. With regard to the number of strokes, their number can range from 0 to 4500 per minute. The device has a cable, the length of which is 4 meters. Working with the tool will be convenient, since its weight does not differ too high and is limited to 2.4 kilograms.

Reviews about the features of operation Makita 2450

puncher makita 2450 price

If you decide to purchase the abovetool, then you should consider the scheme of the perforator "Makita 2450". Before starting the operation, the master must ensure that the trigger switch is returned to idle mode during operation. This can be checked when the switch is activated. After the power is connected, you can start the work by pressing the power key. According to users, the speed of operation will be determined by the pressure intensity of this button. If there is a desire to stop the drill, then the switch should be released smoothly. According to experts, if there is a need to turn off the tool, and the button was locked, then you need to press it to the stop, and then turn it off. Repair of the Makita perforator will not be necessary if you use the equipment according to the instructions. Thus, in order to activate the reverse motion, it is necessary to switch the switch to the position indicated by the letter A. The drill will move to the right.

If you switch the switch to position B, thenThe drill will move in the opposite direction. Before you start drilling, you need to make sure that the direction of rotation is correct. As stressed by experienced users, to change the settings, you must wait for the drill to stop. At the time of setting the reversible movement, the power button must be squeezed out only halfway.

User feedback on the operation of the tool

assembly of the Makita perforator 2450

The electrotool Makita can work inrotation mode, which is accompanied by a shock action. This method of work is most suitable for manipulations in which solid materials are involved. As the owners of the described device mention, in order to install the above-mentioned mode, it is necessary to lock the lock button, and then turn the mode change lever to the symbol, which is designated as "drill and hammer". In order to operate the unit in this mode, the chisel is most suitable, which is equipped with a tip made of a tungsten carbide alloy. The Makita power tool is also suitable for working with soft materials and bases, which can have an average density. To do this, you can use the rotation mode. It can be activated by the method of changing the mode with the handle. It needs to be switched to a symbol, which is indicated by a drill.

As the most appropriate solution forThis work is suitable for drilling a tree or a spiral drill. If you are faced with the task of shattering, splitting or scraping the material, then it is best to use the impact mode. It can be set by turning the handle to a position that is designated as a "hammer". Excellent for the implementation of these works and a pyramid chisel, as well as a metal chisel, which is used for scraping.

Recommendations for use

how to disassemble the makita rotary drill 2450

Repair of the Makita perforator is not needed, ifyou will try to use the tool as carefully as possible during operation. The manufacturer prohibits switching modes when the unit is rotated, as this may cause a breakdown. Among other things, you need to make sure that the installation switch is in one position, not in between.

The unit has a torque limiter,If the engine reaches a critical high speed, it will be automatically disabled. After that, the bit will stop spinning. If the limiter is switched on during operation, the device must be de-energized, otherwise you will encounter a rapid wear of the individual components.

What else you need to know about the Makita 2450 puncher

Assembly of the Makita 2450 perforator is carried out according tothe latest technologies, the instrument is equipped with a depth gauge, which allows you to make holes of the same depth. In order to determine the most suitable size of the holes, you should loosen the handle, install the depth gauge in the holes located on the side, and then determine the desired depth, fixing everything with a handle. The presence of the cartridge SDS + allows you to quickly change the nozzle with just one motion. The manufacturer made sure that the unit was convenient to use, which is why the device is presented in an ergonomic design and perfectly balanced. The tool is delivered in a case, which indicates the possibility of easy transportation and carrying. In the process, you can not be afraid of the fact that the unit will be damaged, and some of its components will be lost.

To buy a puncher "Makita 2450", the pricewhich is 7000 rubles, you can in any store for the sale of the relevant goods. This unit is perfect for solving electrical, construction and plumbing tasks. With the help of this device it will be possible to make niches for the installation of electric guards. During operation in the drilling mode, you can adjust the speed, providing more accurate work. The instrument has a reverse function that allows you to remove the nozzles using the model as a screwdriver.

The device of the Makita 2450 percussion device assumesThe presence of a torque limiter, which protects the master at the time of jamming the nozzle. You can not be afraid of recoil at the moment of collision with the armature. Specialists say that thanks to the rubberized handle, the use of the unit becomes more comfortable. The chisel can be set in 40 different positions without using an additional tool.

Service maintenance

If you are faced with the fact that the tool came outout of service or involves repair, then before you disassemble the Makita 2450 puncher, make sure that you can repair the malfunction yourself. Users claim that the unit is working for a long time, and during operation it does not require the need for servicing. In the latter case, it becomes necessary to replace brushes, sealing gums and lubrication. It will no longer be necessary to carry out major repairs, which may involve the replacement of individual parts.


Scheme of the Makita 2450 perforator is quite oftenallows professionals to carry out repair work on their own. However, in this case, the tool will not be serviced under warranty, which is not always positive for cases when there is a need for repair.

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