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Advise which printing house in Moscow is better to turn to for the manufacture of a small circulation of books, a novice writer. With the direct participation of the customer in the process of its manufacture.
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Answered on March 1 05:43
The best option for a novice writer, from the point of view of minimum costs with good workmanship, is small independent publishers. They are not as loaded with orders as large publishing houses.
Answered on March 1 06:16
You can try to publish a book for free. This method is called the Vienna model, that is, your work is laid out for everyone to see, and the readers themselves decide to replicate the book.
Answered on March 1, 12:56
When our children were still young, my wife and I composed different children's stories about the adventures in the evenings, and then, before going to bed, we took them to the fairy-tale world invented by us. As a result, we have accumulated tales for a whole book. Now we think to publish it in small editions.

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