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Opened an online store in Barnaul, but something I have it does not go. Few customers, orders are weak. How to get loose? Post commercials on local television?
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Answered on August 18, 20:24
You did not advertise your marketplace at all? Then it is surprising that someone knows about it and even makes a purchase. You need to order SEO promotion of your site from specialists, they will lead your online shop to the first positions in search engines. In Barnaul, this can be done, for example, here.
Answered 18 august 20:36
Writing ads on TV, by the way, is a good idea. Everyone watches it, which means, willy-nilly, everyone will know about you too, and someone will be interested and want to look into your store.
Answered 18 august 20:53
But what if you order billboards advertising your store and hang them all over the city? Come up with some kind of chip that people want to visit your site.

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