Printer Samsung CLP-310: user manual, user reviews and features.

A laser printer that is capable of printingcolor images in high enough quality and with an acceptable speed - this Samsung CLP-310. This solution is perfect for those cases when the volume of printing is small and does not exceed 5000 copies per month. It can be a small workgroup or a small office. It is to this part of the market that the printer in question is aimed.

samsung clp 310


The cost of 10000 rubles is consideredlaser printer to budget, entry-level solutions. An additional proof of this is that the print volume in this case is small. But at the same time, the solution under consideration has one important feature for printing: it is capable of displaying high-quality color images, images and even photographs. Therefore, the main place of its application are small in size and volume of work offices or working groups that need high-quality color and at the same time inexpensive printing.

Partially cover the printing needsThe printer can also in medium or large institutions. But at the same time it needs to be supplemented with some affordable and faster monochrome print solution. It is also quite appropriate to use the product in question also for the home. But in this case it is necessary to understand that such a peripheral device can not be cheap by default. And his supplies are also quite expensive.

Equipment. Setup and connection order

The situation with the Samsung CLP-310 is not bad either. Instructionsand the warranty card is a complete list of thetogether with the printer documentation. In addition to the print device itself, the delivery list also includes a computer cable, a power cord, a cartridge with a toner startup and a disk with application software. The above documentation is enough to start using such a laser printer for its intended purpose. In the future, only need to replenish toner supplies in cartridges as needed. The algorithm for connecting and setting up this laser printer is as follows:

  1. We extract it from the box. We remove transport fastenings according to the instruction. We install the printer on a permanent place and connect it to the AC network and to the computer. According to the instructions, we install cartridges in the printer.

  2. We turn on the printer and the computer. The disk that came with the printer in the kit, insert it into the drive and install the drivers.

  3. Print a test page, then the printer is ready for use.

samsung clp 310 cartridge

Cartridges. Their characteristics

As noted earlier, Samsung CLP-310 can print in color. CartridgemodelsSamsung 409is used in this laser printer. More precisely, this is a set of 4 cartridges. One of them is blackThe CLT-K409S / SEE has an increased print service life, which allows 1500 pages to be obtained on one toner refill.The other three are used only in color printing mode and have a print resource on one 1000 page refill. In this case, their modelsCLT-C409S / SEE(blue),CLT-M409S / SEE(magenta) andCLT-Y409S / SEE(yellow).

Cartridge refilling

As noted, just four cartridges are used in the Samsung CLP-310. Toner,accordingly, there must also be 4 different types: yellow, purple, blue and, of course, black. As a result, in order to disassemble and refill the cartridges there will be only toner. All other operations are identical in this case. The procedure for refilling the cartridge is as follows:

  1. Remove the desired cartridge from the printer.

  2. Dismantle the dosing blade. To do this, unscrew the 3 fixing screws and carefully remove the foam around the edges of the blade. After that, the blade is pushed forward and removed.

  3. We clean the container of the leftover toner and fill it with a new powder.

  4. In reverse order we collect the cartridge.

  5. We glue the existing contact group on the cartridge with a virtual chip.

  6. Install the cartridge back.

samsung clp 310 toner


A very modest set of interfacesimplemented in the Samsung CLP-310. In this case, only the USB support appears in the list of technical specifications. About Wi-Fi or RJ-45 in this case, no speech can not be. The advantages of this peripheral device include a resolution that is the same for both monochromatic and color mode and corresponds to 2400x600. Of course, it's not enough to output high-quality photos, but here you can get pictures with an average quality.


Enough good performance, as forcoloredlaser printer, the Samsung CLP-310 boasts.To print the first black and white page, thisThe printer spends only 14 seconds. After that, the speed of the printer in monochromatic mode will be constant and equal to 16 pages per minute. On the output of the first color page, this printer will spend 26 seconds. Within a minute, only 4 prints can be obtained in this mode.

samsung clp 310 dressing


The maximum format for this printer is A4. The disadvantages of a peripheral printer include the fact that it is not able to print without margins and without fail at the edges there will be indents of 0.5 mm. Also, this printer is able to output to A5, B5, A6 andLetter.The density of the pages should be in the range of 60 g / m(conventional sheets) to 163 g / m(Whatman, lightweight cardboard).


Excellent technical characteristics for bothsmall office, and for a small working group has the Samsung CLP-310. Refueling it is not so complicated, with the power of even a novice user to cope. These are the nuances associated with its operation, indicate user feedback. Also to the pluses of this printer is an extended list of supported system software, which, in addition to the familiar "Windows" and "McOs," also includes Linux. The disadvantages of this entry-level printer certainly do not.

samsung clp 310 user guide


Given that the Samsung CLP-310originally a manufacturerwas positioned as a budget laser solution with support for color printing, there are no significant minuses. A modest interface kit, the presence of fields in printed documents and other important features of this printer are typical for this class of devices. But the pros of the model in question is exactly. This is low cost, and high quality of printed documents, and even the ability to print in color.

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