Press Drying

That in a trained athlete the mostAttracts girls? Of course, the cubes on the stomach, of which so many dream and that so few have. What is the secret: why are some people practicing once a week, have a beautiful body relief and a tight stomach, while others, day after day shaking a press with excessive loads, can not achieve anything except a completely unsympathetic ball instead of the coveted cubes. Destroy the myths and tell only the truth!

What is drying? Press as it was not, so no! Training myths.

It should be noted that many "kachats" consider: if every day to train their cubes, they will become larger and, as a result, will be more pronounced. This is just as popular a misconception as dividing the muscles of the abdominal cavity into the upper and lower press. The severity of this muscle group, like others, depends only on one criterion - the percentage of subcutaneous fat. The lower it is, the steeper your cubes look. And drying the press is nothing more than a combination of the strictest diet and training complex, designed to burn excess fat in the body.

press dryingDo not reinvent the wheel and invent new ones.exercises! Twisting with extra weight and lifting legs - that's all the exercises that you should perform, whether you dry or not. Another thing is that the drying of the press and the relief of the body as a whole is a very difficult process for your body, during this period it is not necessary to lean on the basic exercises because of their high traumatic danger.

diet for drying the pressBut the ideal exercises for burning excessfat for you will be regular morning jogging. It is they that allow you to destroy the greatest number of calories, because your still not fully awake body will use as energy your own fat. The reverse side of the coin is that after the morning workout, you must necessarily eat breakfast, closing the protein-carbohydrate window, otherwise you risk typing all that dropped, a hundredfold.

You can not lose weight locally!

Perhaps, many will be disappointed now and will notread on, but it is. Such a concept as "drying the press" in the local sense simply does not exist, and from an overabundance of exercises to the abdominal area you can at best get a feeling of overtraining and, as a result, complete apathy.

body relief

Immediate truth: there is no diet - no press

And this, unfortunately, is true. The press is not a bicep that can be swung to a huge size and it will be noticeable even under a large layer of fat. Another thing is that the diet for drying the press is very simple in theory, in order to comply with it, one simple scheme should be followed. On the day you need to consume at least 3-4 grams of protein per kg of your weight, not more than 50-60 grams of fat and a little less than 100 grams of carbohydrates. Twice a week you can arrange yourself a "fasting day", increasing the amount of fats and carbohydrates by half, and once a week, on the contrary, reducing it.

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