Prague Zoo: photos, address, opening hours and reviews of tourists

Holidays in the Czech Republic will be an incredible adventure for the whole family. Adults and children from such a trip are in complete delight, as they receive a tremendous charge of new impressions. Amazing architecture, perfect cleanliness, a sea of ​​flowers - all these are ordinary streets of Prague. However, tourists want to see something more interesting. This is not surprising: did you really cover this distance just to wander the streets? Do you want to go to the zoo? Prague is the very city where such a dream can come true.Prague Zoo

All the best for you

Attitude to places where living things are exposed to public display, all people are different. Some people think that zoos are fun and informative, the second ones are absolutely sure that animals suffer in unnatural conditions. However, they both agree that cramped cages are not suitable for animals, but spacious open-air cages and conditions,close to natural habitat, plus full feeding and veterinaryinspection- It is even better than the usual conditions in the wild. The zoo in Prague is just that - huge and very good. A real home for its inhabitants!

Time for a change

Even in the Soviet period, this park was popular among visitors to the city. Big, beautiful, allowing not only to walk, but also to look at the numerous representatives of flora and fauna, he attracted the attention of children and their parents. But in 2002 an event occurred that forever changed the zoo. Prague was covered by a flood that caused enormous damage. The buildings suffered, but the beasts got the most. Many buildings and enclosures in the zoo were destroyed. After that, thanks to help from around the world, he was actually rebuilt. But every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks to emergency modernization, today it is the best zoo in the world. Prague is justly proud of it and offers each of you to take a tour of its territory. zoo in prague how to get

Where is the zoo

It is better to go to the Czech Republic for a few weeks, because the abundance of attractions here is such that everything is impossible to get around in a short time.When you are bored with palaces and castles, collect children and go to look at strange animals. In a quiet, cozy area of ​​Troy is located the zoo in Prague. How to get to it, we will now analyze in more detail.

Here you immediately feel that you have fallen into a different reality. The streets are as if from the Middle Ages, private houses in two or three floors ... Everywhere there is perfect order and cleanliness. Located near the Botanical Gardens and Troja Castle, which was opened in 1931. Just want to note that to explore all three sights in one day will not work. The reason is simple: the territory of the zoo itself is so huge that even if you spend here from morning to evening, you will hardly be able to bypass all animals and enjoy its beauty.

Work schedule

At any time of the year, whenever you visit the capital of the Czech Republic, you will find the best zoo in Prague. Hours of operation are quite comfortable, although they are adapted so that animals have the opportunity to rest from visitors. Weekend here does not happen, but time varies slightly in different seasons. The longest excursions are possible in the summer. From June to August, they are waiting for you here from 9:00 to 19:00.From April to May and from September to October, evening time is reduced to 6:00 p.m. From November to January, you can walk in the park only from 9:00 to 16:00. And in February-March, the day is added to 17:00. In the New Year and Christmas holidays, you can plan a visit only for the first half of the day, as the zoo accepts its visitors until 14:00. Apparently, the animals should also be a holiday.

Do not forget that cash desks at the central gate work every day. The rest of the holidays and weekends are closed. In addition, 30 minutes beforeend of the dayticket sales stop. The cost of the tour is relatively low. For adults it is 200 CZK (at the rate of 100 CZK = 240 Russian rubles), and for children from 3 to 15 years old - 150 CZK. Similar discount for students. Kids from birth to three years are free. Car parking - 100 CZK, if you are with a dog, then you will have to take a ticket for 100 CZK for it. At the entrance you can buy a map that will help you to navigate the vast expanses of the park and find the cages that you want to visit.How to get to the zoo in Prague

We build a tour right

Before you go here, it would be nice to get acquainted with the information on how the zoo in Prague works.Once inside, you realize that he lives on a special schedule, and if you want the excursion to be as informative as possible, then you need to plan your walk just by the hour:

  • At 10:00, they are waiting for you near the cage with large parrots. Zoo workers simultaneously feed the birds and conduct an “open lesson” with visitors. They talk about the characteristics of pets, their unique character, offer tourists to participate in the feeding procedure, as well as to communicate with smart birds.
  • At 11:00 the penguins pass. Both adults and children love these amazing creations. And to offer one of them a fish is simply unforgettable!
  • Nearby is an aviary with birds of prey, where at 11:15 am feeding.
  • At 11:30, the gorilla performance begins. An amazing and vibrant show not to be missed.
  • At 12:00 it is timeto visitblack-tailed prairie dogs and camels.
  • At 1:00 pm, the ministers will show you what otters are capable of.
  • After 15 minutes, welcome to kenguryatnik, where they give food to the jumping Australian beauties.
  • At 1:30 pm, the performance awaits you again, the sea lion performs.
  • At 14:00 at the same time feeding tigers, lions and horses.
  • At 14:45, look at the elephants. At this time, they are bathed or acting training. Kids love these smart giants.
  • At 15:00 a meeting about the open-air cage with wolves.
  • 16:00 watch the lives of hippos.

By itself, the walk here is very colorful and informative. However, such events, conducted by professional ministers, experts and trainers of their pets, make the zoo in Prague doubly interesting. Reviews of parents and children say that thanks to such a busy schedule, they managed to get much more pleasure from a walk than if they just watched the life of the inhabitants on their own.Zoo in Prague photo

Tourist information

It is not so easy to find this or that object in a huge foreign city, even if it is as big as a zoo in Prague. How to get to him with minimal time loss - to decide each independently. It all depends on the place where you stay for accommodation, preferences and financial opportunities.

The zoo is located in a mountainous area, and the unique landscape allowed us to realize a lot of interesting things here. At the entrance buy a card that will help a lot.By the way, you can come here on your bike or rent it at the entrance. For children there are special carts, so as not to carry them on their hands. The territory of the zoo is 60 hectares of a picturesque hilly area. It is located in two "floors", each of which opens its own wonderful world.

Flight by funicular

Someone loves the amazing views from a bird's eye view. Others prefer to avoid it. For every tourist there is a way to see the zoo. From the lower zone of the park to the upper one, you can walk or climb along the air road, which offers a magnificentspectacle -Vltava river. From the top you can clearly see how difficult it is for parents with children to overcome the folds of mountainous terrain, then pushing the stroller up, then catching up with it on the way down.

But the impressions are worth it. A photo of the zoo in Prague brings with each tourist in large quantities, and a few pieces we bring to readers. But to be here in person is still more interesting. For many animals and birds, conditions were created that were as close as possible to the natural ones. Tourists say that nowhere else have they seen such beauty.Representatives of the animal world walk through the huge pavilions, inside each recreated a piece of the homeland, the nature and weather of the climatic zone of its inhabitants. That is, you can visit all corners of the planet in one day.

The zoo's pride is the hot and humid Indonesian jungle. Pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure should consider whether they should go into this room. Some tourists say that even cameras refuse to work here.zoo in prague address

Bus ride

Most often, talking about how to get to the zoo in Prague, tourists have in mind this particular ground transportation. There are many routes in the city, they go regularly, and the ticket is cheap. The choice is obvious, you just have to decide which one to use. From the metro station Nádraží Holešovice, the regular paid bus number 112 goes directly to the gate. You can also wait free of charge with the words ZOO. However, it does not always function, but only in the summer and on weekends, when the flow of tourists is the largest. They go every ten minutes, they are easy to recognize by advertising the zoo.

There are other options. This is the mini bus number 326, which travels through the sleeping area. In addition, the city has a tram.Using the number 14 or number 17, you will get to the stop Trojská, and from here you can transfer to number 112. Tourists note that buses are herecomfortable, with air conditioning, so a trip to one of them is sometimes more pleasant than in a taxi in our homeland.

By car

This applies not only to city dwellers, since you can rent a car here quickly and relatively inexpensively. If you drive a car, then this can be an excellent option for comfortable movement around the city. Of course, the question of parking. The zoo in Prague, whose address is U Trojského zámku 3/120, in the Troja area has a territory to house your vehicle For this purpose, two open parking lots are allocated, each of which is paid, 100 kroons per day. You can park your car for free near the Troisky Castle, but then you have to walk.zoo in prague reviews

Boat trip

If you are determined to spend the whole day on a walk, then we recommend to make a pleasant trip on the boat. From the end of March to October, this service is very popular. The main thing is to immediately find out the time of work. The Prague Zoo opens its doors from 9:00, and you should leave more time to explore all its attractions.Steamers go from the center of Prague on the Vltava River, the first departure is scheduled for 8:00, and the journey time is just over an hour. During the day, the movement is carried out every hour. The pier is located 1 km from the main gate of the park. Daily in Prague there is a ferry that connects two districts - Podbaba and Podgory. The main entrance to the zoo can be reached on foot or by bus No. 112 and does the zoo in prague

Instead of conclusion

If you set out to walk the whole city, then perhaps you will get to the zoo on your own. Tourists say that walking here is especially nice. Apparently, it affects the comfort and cleanliness around that you want to enjoy. Each street and house is equipped with signs, it allows you to use the map or navigator as efficiently as possible. Moreover, in their reviews, tourists have repeatedly paid tribute to the locals. They are always ready to come to the rescue, prompt, carry or give a lift. It helps a lot on the streets of a foreign city. Having been here once, you will definitely want to come back again. Perhaps the next time the excursion to the zoo will be the first you take.

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