Popular among students Belgorod universities

In this paper, we suggest that you discusspopular Belgorod universities. Getting higher education is an obligatory stage in the life of every person who wants to find a decent job and devote his life to a favorite business.

Of course, everyone wants to wake up in the morning withdesire to go to work. In the evening return home full of energy and energy, in a good mood. What is needed for this? Choose a specialty to your liking and get a higher education. Belgorod universities offer to receive education in the most diverse specialties. About the most popular higher institutions you can learn from this article.

National University of BelSU

Belgorod universities

Belgorod State University isthe most popular university in this city. He has twenty-three thousand of his charges from all over Russia. In addition, outside the country, it is no less popular. More than 2.5 thousand foreigners study here. In one year Belgorod State University produces more than five thousand of its students. It is also important to note that three programs are taught entirely in English, which greatly simplifies training for foreigners.

In the Belgorod State University,which in 2010 received the honorary status of the National Research University, there are more than one hundred departments. In the university you can get the education of the following categories:

  • secondary vocational education;
  • bachelor's degree;
  • specialty;
  • Master's program;
  • residency;
  • graduate school.

For the convenience of foreign citizens at the officialsite of the university there is an electronic selection committee. In the same section, you can get advice from a member of the admissions committee, find out the passing balls, get acquainted with the training directions, and study the list of entrance examinations. If you have passed the competitive selection, then you must personally visit the university to send the originals of your documents.

Belgorod Agrarian University

Belgorod State University

Next in the list of the most popular highereducational institutions of the city - Belgorod Agrarian University. Previously, this educational institution had the status of an academy, in this connection Belgorod citizens often mistakenly call it that. Belgorod Agrarian University was opened in late 1978. There is a university in the village of Maisky, Belgorod region, on Vavilov street.

The University has only seven faculties:

  • engineering;
  • secondary vocational education;
  • distance learning;
  • agronomic;
  • technological;
  • veterinary medicine.

Since this is a state high school, it is worthTry your luck and try your hand at fighting for a budget place. In order to significantly increase your chances, before entering you can attend training courses. The university is preparing for the passing of the USE in all subjects, training there will allow in a fairly short time to prepare for a good examination. Groups are recruited for 6-20 people, depending on the time of study (2-8 months), the price varies between 8-22 thousand rubles for the entire preparatory course.

BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov

the Belgorod agrarian university

Belgorod Technological University. Shukhova VG was opened in April 1954 in the city of Belgorod, on Kostyukova Street. The university has several branches:

  • North-Caucasian;
  • Gubkinsky;
  • in the city of Novorossiysk.

The following forms of training are available at the BSTU:

  • pre-university training;
  • full-time education;
  • distance learning;
  • distance learning;
  • additional types (retraining of specialists, author's courses and so on).

As in the previous case, the universityhas the right to receive citizens to budget places. In Belgorod University of Technology there are few such places, competitive selection is very intense.


Belgorod Technological University named after Shukhov

Another one in the list of popular universities is BelgorodUniversity of Cooperation, Economics and Law. It is important to note that this is an autonomous organization, that is, there are no budget places. Here you can get education only on a fee basis. The university does not stand still, it is constantly developing and improving. Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law was opened in June 1978. It is located in the city of Belgorod, on Sadovaya street.

The university conducts a set for training in the following categories:

  • secondary vocational education;
  • Bachelor of full-time and part-time department;
  • full-time and part-time study;
  • Master's degree in full-time and part-time forms;
  • graduate school.

The University has branches in the following cities:

  • Stavropol;
  • Lipetsk;
  • Kursk.

The University has nine faculties:

  • SPO-1;
  • SPO-2;
  • distance learning;
  • second higher education and magistracy;
  • customs and information technologies;
  • public catering and commodity science;
  • legal;
  • Economics and management;
  • preparatory for foreigners.

An autonomous non-profit higher education organizationBelgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law "is always ready to accept students with limited opportunities for higher education.

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