Plastic boxes.

The old wooden boxes have already decayed in the conditions of the cellar - and the new ones where to take the mind will not apply. Maybe someone knows where you can buy plastic boxes for storing vegetables and fruits?
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Answered on March 6, 11:02
I have plastic boxes, in the fall I took it from Koreans for free. They prodovat fruit on the track. I asked them so they all that they had and gave. True hlyupenkie, but I will go.
Answered 6 March 11:13
I, too, had such boxes, they quickly break down, I don’t see sense in them, only garbage. If they were stronger then no one would give them away for free. It is possible to take cheap plastic boxes of high quality. It is better to pay a little, but these boxes will last for many years and store any products conveniently in them.
Answered on March 6, 11:24
My grandmother at the cottage in such boxes keeps things that are temporarily not required. Glass jars, old stuff, rags, newspapers and magazines. Very convenient, we put them on each other, so they occupy less space.
Answered 7 march 16:25
In Hardware stores sell.

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