Pizza from the loaf - delicious, fast, easy!

Pizza loaf - a simple dish, you can even say, elementary. Many people have an erroneous opinion - supposedly something that is cooked easily, usually tasteless. But it is not so in this case. Because sometimes a loaf of pizza turns out to be much more tasty than that prepared according to a traditional recipe.

pizza loaf

Culinary improvisation

For a start, I would like to say that of the main products needed to prepare this dish, you will need only a loaf. And it is better to use not very fresh. It does not mean a completely stale, three weeks old. But if he lies down for a day or two in his breadbasket, he won't be superfluous. Because fresh bread is very soft, fluffy and even slightly moist from the inside. And to make it easier to cook such a dish as a lazy pizza, you need a firmer crumb. In most recipes, it is cut out, and the flesh of fresh bread is very lush and too easy to tear. Such a cut is difficult - often the bottom breaks.So a loaf 1-2 days ago is fine.

Well, from other products fit anything. After all, what was originally the origin of pizza? In ancient times, when this dish only appeared, it was considered the food of the poor, because the low-income Italians put everything that they had left of their food on the cake and baked it. So in the pizza, in fact, you can put anything. Culinary improvisation, so to speak.

loaf pizza in the oven

The simplest “lazy” pizza

So, all the recipes for this dish are simple, but there is the most common one. So, for a good, satisfying, “rich” pizza you will need: one loaf, a pound of ham (although any other sausage will do), one small onion (it’s better if it is Yalta onion - it's more savory), more cheese (200 gram), and hard, several large tomatoes (2-3 pieces) and sauce to taste, with spices. In the role of spices may be Provence herbs or hops-suneli, for example. And as the sauce is often used ketchup, in some cases interfering with mayonnaise. White sauce is also a good alternative. Basically, that's all. You can also add something else to your taste or replace some ingredients with others.

What to do with the loaf?

So, there are several options. Pizza loaf may look different. Some people “take off” ¼ of the top of the bread, and then they cut out almost all the crumb. Others cut it into large chunks. Honestly, the last option is more convenient. Because when then, after preparing the dish, you have to cut it into even pieces, the filling falls apart. That is why pizza from a loaf turns out to be much more “convenient” if you cut the bread into pieces and cut the flesh out of them.

lazy pizza


So, after the loaf is prepared, you can do the simplest part of the preparation. That is, stuffing. To make the pizza from the loaf tasty, you need to take into account a few nuances. So, first of all, if you want to add mushrooms to a dish, then you need to prepare them in advance. Fry in a skillet. The fact is that in the process of heat treatment (i.e., when stewing or roasting), mushrooms produce abundant juice. It is necessary to drain the formed liquid and put ready and sliced ​​into a loaf. “Dry”, so to speak. Because if the mushrooms begin to secrete juice in pizza, it will turn out wet and will not be baked. By the way, the same goes for meat.If you want to put pieces of beef, chicken or pork instead of sausage, you should definitely fry them, because they will remain raw in bread. It is also desirable to prepare and sauce. All ingredients are mixed and it is desirable to add spices. You can even boil it to taste revealed. And then, when all the filling will be packed in a loaf, and sprinkled with spices on top will not be superfluous. It will add flavor and spice.

pizza on a loaf recipe

Other cooking nuances

Pizza on a loaf, the recipe of which is quite simple, is prepared in 20 minutes at an average temperature in the oven. In principle, as usual. In order for all the ingredients to have time to bake and cook, you must appropriately and cut them. It is not necessary to chop the tomatoes large - in small cubes will be the most. Vegetables, by the way, it is desirable to put a smaller one. Here everything is the same as in the case of mushrooms. If you put a lot of vegetables, then the pizza from the loaf in the oven also does not work, remaining raw. Sauce, by the way, it is desirable to lubricate the entire inside of the bread, and not just the bottom - it will be so much tastier. And, by the way, the second layer after it is necessary to put the meat, not vegetables.To juice is not mixed with the sauce and not soaked the bread through. If made in this way, the pizza from the loaf in the oven will turn out very tasty.

pizza loaf in a pan


There is another way to cook this dish. Pizza from a long loaf in a frying pan - that's what it is about. Also easy, fast and tasty. So, five pieces of loaf, 2 eggs, hard cheese, sausage (preferably smoked), ketchup - this will be enough. The pan should be smeared with vegetable oil, and the bread should be put in such a way that it covers the bottom completely. Then - fry the pieces on each side. After - beat two eggs and pour them on top. Cut the sausage into slices and put into pieces. After - pour over all the ketchup. And finally, grate the cheese and sprinkle with plenty of almost ready dish. Then you need to cover the pan with a lid and wait. It is necessary that the cheese is melted, and completely. Ideally, a smooth ruddy “film” of cheese is formed from above. It will turn out very tasty. Here it is necessary to ensure that the loaf is not burnt from the bottom. In this regard, the oven is more convenient - there the heat is distributed evenly.

In general, recipes weight. But each of them - in its own original and delicious.So it is better to try each and decide what is best.

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