Picture Levitan «Spring. High Water "or Edge, reminiscent of paradise

This article will tell about the life and work of the famous artist Isaac Levitan, who was a master of landscapes, whose beauty strikes to the depths of the soul. Talent, skill of the artist cause delight and admiration. Your attention will be given one of the many works of genius, namely the painting by Levitan “Spring. Big water.

picture Levitan spring big water

Artist biography

Isaac Levitan was born in 1860 in an impoverished Jewish family. More recently, evidence was discovered that Levitan was not a natural child, he was adopted in infancy, his father was his uncle. This fact further explains the secrecy of the two brothers and the absence of the birth record of the artist.

The boy’s father worked at the construction site as a translator, fluent in German and French, and in this regard he was offered a job in Moscow.The family moved to the capital in the 1870s, this period is associated with Levitan’s entrance to the Moscow Art School. The boy learns easily, everything was given to him without difficulty, but at the same time he shows an incredible effort to work. The family could not fully pay for the young man’s studies. Soon the trouble came: the family lost its only breadwinner, being on the verge of poverty.

Given this fact, the school takes over the payment, since the talent of the young artist should not have been lost in vain. A gifted Jewish boy caused irritation among Russian teachers, Levitan did not receive a diploma of the artist, he was given a document with the record "penmanship teacher."

In those years, an attempt was made on the life of Tsar Alexander II by a man of Jewish nationality. In this regard, all Jews were expelled for the territory of the city of Moscow and other major cities as well.

description of the picture levitan spring big water

Throughout his life, Levitan works a lot and fruitfully. The artist left behind a number of landscape paintings, the skill of which impresses the viewer to this day. Acquaintance with A.P. Chekhov left a big mark in the life of each of them.Friendship and rivalry united these two men. Chekhov in his work "The Jumping" described the situation that has arisen in the life of Levitan. The love triangle of the artist was put on display in public, thereby displeasing the artist. Due to the troubled life, poor childhood, hard work, the artist's health is deteriorating dramatically. He died in 1900, leaving behind him a lot of unfinished works, one of them - the famous "Lake".

In 1897, Levitan's famous work “Spring. Big water. The picture of the awakening of nature is gentle and at the same time piercingly realistic, full of freshness, easy lyrics.

Awakening of spring. Detailed description of the picture

After a long snowy winter, the snow begins to melt, the approaching spring turns them into water. Every year, in central Russia, we observe a phenomenon — flood. In the school essay on the painting by Levitan “Spring. Big water ”should definitely describe this moment. Cold water, flooding all coastal areas, fills the territory of the plains. Quiet joy, pacifying calm fill the whole of nature.

In the description of the painting by Levitan “Spring.Big Water ”should be noted that the artist shows the audience the awakening after the winter sleep of Russian nature. At this time, we can see the first spring colors, with which spring covers nature with tenderness and care. Cold, clean and clear water is like a mirror sheet. The trees look gently and defenseless against the background of spilled water. And without that thin and slender birches, lit by the spring sun, seem pink, from this seem even more touching. Picture Levitan «Spring. Big water "is filled with light and breathes the beginning of spring. It was precisely the transmission of light that Levitan was surely successful. It seems that the fresh breath of spring has touched your face. A dilapidated old boat nailed to the edge of the coast, in the distance small peasant houses, some of which were surrounded by melted spring water, were visible.

levitan spring big water picture

In the essay on the painting by Levitan “Spring. Big Water ”it is necessary to show a connecting thread between the viewer and the artist’s work, there is an opportunity to become a co-author of the picture, having gone deep into its description, having studied the details and features of the play of light. The boat, seen far away at home: all this suggests the life of the people of that era.High green spruce creates contrast with thin and bare birch trees.

Canvas color palette

In his painting “Spring. High water ”Levitan used delicate shades of blue, green, yellow. Blue gamma prevails, which dissolves yellowish-gray tree trunks in the reflection of water. The sky is bare, light air clouds fill the heavenly distances. The piercing shades of the sky and the melted water differ noticeably, we can see transitions from a dark blue color to a pale, almost white color. Picture Levitan «Spring. Big Water is written in delicate and transparent colors. The colors are as soft as the Russian nature itself in early spring.

Lyrical mood from the picture

Description paintings Levitan «Spring. Big Water ”makes a positive impression that fills with optimism and gives hope, associated with the spring awakening of nature, to new changes for the better. This creates the impression of incredible fragility and such naturalness of Russian nature. Lyrical mood fills the entire space. The water that has filled everything around will give the earth a drink and give rise to a new life.Such simple and at the same time invaluable fragments of life are captured in Levitan’s painting “Spring. Big water.

Conclusion The result

In conclusion, summing up what was said, I would like to once again note that the description of Levitan’s painting “Spring. Big water "comes easy, the canvas brings pleasure for perception. There is no certain sadness, which is peculiar to the early works of the artist. All this indicates that the 90s in the works of the artist were held under the motto of lyricism.

essay on the picture of Levitan spring big water

Creativity Levitan, the painting “Spring. Big Water ”, by the way, belongs to the Tretyakov Gallery, today it is relevant and interesting to the viewer, striking in its beauty, the accuracy of the transmission of real life.

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