Pickling cucumbers: cooking recipes

Cucumber is a very useful vegetable. Its only drawback is that it is stored for a short time fresh. However, this is fixable, because it is quite simple to carry out such a procedure as pickling cucumbers. The recipes are quite varied. As a result, you can get a tasty snack, which is so pleasant to enjoy at any time of the year.

How to prepare cucumbers for salting

A very important step is the preparation of the fruit for pickling. For this, it is better that cucumbers have an average size of not more than 10 cm. Vegetables of different varieties are recommended to be salted separately, because they can behave differently in the marinade. First, cucumbers should be soaked in cold water. This is done so that the vegetables take in water, as a result of which they become elastic and do not wrinkle when salted.

Spices and spices for pickling

pickling cucumber recipes

Marinating cucumber recipes has various. In this case, the main requirement for spices and spices that are used is their freshness.Such herbs contain large amounts of vitamin C, as well as substances with bactericidal properties. Because of this, cucumbers do not sour, and the banks will not explode. If there are no spices and spices listed in the recipe, you can replace them with others that you prefer, while trying to maintain the harmony of taste and aroma.

Crisp cucumbers marinated with spices

pickled cucumbers recipe

The recipe for pickled cucumbers can be taken as follows. For 5 kg of fresh fruits, you will need 10 cloves of garlic, as many sheets of currant, horseradish, dill umbrellas, peppercorns, mustard seeds. In addition, you will need 2.5 liters of water, 3 tablespoons of salt and 5 tablespoons of sugar. Vinegar is recommended to take 9 percent. His on these proportions will need 150 grams. Despite the fact that pickling cucumber recipes has different, a set of spices is usually the same. Pre-soaked fruits for 4 hours. Banks are sterilized. In them the greens, cucumbers are displayed. On a liter jar is placed about a teaspoon of mustard seeds. A mixture of water, salt and sugar is boiled. After the marinade is removed from the heat, vinegar is added to it. Hot liquid is poured into cans that are sterilized for 5 minutes.

Another Pickled Cucumber Recipe

pickled cucumber recipe

Pickled cucumbers can have the following recipe.In the prepared jars at the bottom fit a variety of spices: horseradish leaves, cherries, parsley and dill, allspice. From above laid out washed vegetables. The marinade is poured over the cans, after which they are sterilized for 10-15 minutes and rolled up. The proportions of the spices may vary, it all depends on the preferences of cooking. For the marinade, 4 teaspoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar and the same amount of vinegar are added to a liter of boiling water. The liquid is poured into the prepared dish with the fruits in hot form.


In order to produce pickling cucumbers, recipes can be used a variety of. Most housewives have their own secrets that make their dish original and unique. You can also find different proportions of salt and sugar for the marinade. Experimenting, trying different options, you can find your recipe, cooked according to which pickled cucumbers will most suit your taste.

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