Petrozavodsk Airport (Besovets): history, description, schedule

Petrozavodsk Airport (Besovets) refers to co-location airfields. Its airstrip is used by both the Air Force of the Russian Federation and commercial airlines. It has international and federal status, denoted by ULPB (ICAO), PES (IATA) and PTB codes (internal code).


Petrozavodsk Airport is conveniently located on an open flat terrain (43 m above sea level), away from major population centers. This facilitates landing in adverse weather conditions.

On an area of ​​400 hectares are located:

  • reinforced concrete airstrip 01/19, 2500 m long and 48 m wide;
  • a small one-story airport terminal with ticket offices and a waiting room;
  • taxiways;
  • dispatch and technical facilities;
  • hangars, fire department, Ministry of Emergency Situations, fuel depot;
  • Helipad;
  • detached air force base with the appropriate infrastructure.

By the way, a rather large number of military aircraft is based at the airfield: more than 70 aircraft and helicopters of various classes.

Petrozavodsk Airport: flight schedule

Soviet period

In early 1939, on the eve of the war with Finland, near the village of Besovets on the site of the recreation center "Matkachi" the construction of a military airfield began. In August of the same year, a regiment of fighter aircraft was redeployed here. During the years of the Great Patriotic War, this territory was captured by the enemy. In the autumn of 1950, the airfield was rebuilt to the requirements of jet aircraft. The operator was the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

In the early 1960s, there was a need to provide Karelia with air communication with other regions of the Soviet Union. The authorities decided not to build a new civil airfield, but to use the existing one in Besovtsy. Thus, in 1964, it was reorganized into Petrozavodsk-2 co-location airport. Along the way, a separate Petrozavodsk civil aviation squadron was formed. In 1990, he gained international status.

Rescue station

Time for a change

The sharp change in the political and economic situation has made significant adjustments to the work of the airport in Petrozavodsk.In 1994, in the general wave of privatization, the airline was reorganized and transformed into the GAP “Besovets Airport”.

However, the best times for the airport have passed. A prolonged period of stagnation began, caused by the rise in prices for flights and a sharp decrease in the demand for air services by the population. By 2001, the company was in pre-bankruptcy state, the authorities introduced external management.

In 2003, the company transferred to the Kalevala Group of Companies. The new owner directs significant funds to the modernization of the object. In 2004 a new passenger terminal was built. The economic crisis of 2008 hit the airport very hard. The owner was unable to provide the necessary conditions for the operation of the aerodrome, and the company was deprived of the license. Flights have been discontinued.

This situation was unacceptable - the republic lost its air links with the regions of Russia. The authorities of Karelia found the money and bought the airport. It spent 47 million rubles.

In 2009, much work was done on the modernization of technical equipment. In particular, the latest light-signaling equipment was installed, which made it possible to receive airplanes at any time of the day.A plan has been developed for the construction of a new modern air terminal and the improvement of the adjacent territory.

View of Petrozavodsk (Besovets) Airport in the future

How to get there

Petrozavodsk Airport is located north-west of the capital of Karelia, on the left bank of the Shuya River, between the village of Besovets and the village of Chalna-1. To the outskirts of Petrozavodsk about 13 km, to the city center - 20 km. By car, this distance can be covered in 15-20 minutes. A good paved road leads to the airfield, indicated on the maps as 86K-10.

Between the central bus station and the air terminal runs the bus number 100 on the route "Petrozavodsk-Airport-Garrison Besovets". The schedule is adjusted for flights from Moscow:

Departure from the bus station

Arrival at the airport

Departure from the airport

Arrival at the bus station

Flights (Moscow)





departure 15:45





arrival 15:05

The fare is 48 rubles, children under 7 years old are served free of charge.

Scoreboard of airport Petrozavodsk

Schedule airport Petrozavodsk

Today, two airlines operate regular flights from the airfield. S7 Airlines provides a direct connection between Karelia and Moscow (specifically, Domodedovo Airport). Flights are operated daily on Embraer 170 or Airbus A319 aircraft.

Thanks to the 2 Arkhangelsk joint squadron (A4 short name), residents of Petrozavodsk can visit Arkhangelsk and Kotlas.Small 19-seater aircraft model L-410 Turbolet deliver passengers between neighboring cities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The ticket price is fixed and amounts to 5650 rubles, along with all the rates and fees.



Day of the week























It is always possible to clarify information on the online board of Petrozavodsk Airport, located on the official website, as well as on the air terminal. In Petrozavodsk, tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Karelian Air Service at Lenin Avenue-38.

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