Biography of Elizabeth Mitchell

Childhood and Family by Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell grew up in Texas, where the family moved from Los Angeles immediately after her birth. The family settled in a prestigious area of ​​Dallas in Highland Park. For a long time, Elizabeth was an only child. Only eight and then twelve years later she had sisters Christie and Kate.
Elizabeth nursed her babies with care when her parents were not at home, feeling not so much an older sister as a young mother. Perhaps even then, the future actress "got used to" a new role for her. Elizabeth's parents were engaged in quite prosaic business - real estate. Therefore, at first, her daughter’s desire to become an actress was not paid special attention at first, hoping that with age, the girl would forget about her childhood dream and, having matured, would master the family real estate business.
However, with age, the eldest daughter’s addiction to acting did not disappear, but the parents did not oppose this either, having determined Elizabeth to the Dallas School of Art.Later, playing Alice in the play "Alice Through the Looking Glass" at seven, she once again proved to her parents that she was right in choosing her own path.
Elizabeth Mitchell - the star of the series LostElizabeth Mitchell - the star of the series Lost
In 1988, Elizabeth successfully completed an arts school and continued her studies at Stevenson College, and later at the British branch of the American Academy of Drama.

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell on the road to success

The young actress began her creative activity in the Theater Center of Dallas, where she worked for six years. Here, playing the main roles in famous performances, she becomes famous. However, the success that Elizabeth gained in the provincial theater could no longer satisfy her ambitions and she set off to conquer theatrical New York. Contrary to expectations, the Broadway theaters did not hurry to open the doors in front of another contender in the prima donna.
Yielding to the entreaties of his friend - the same looking for acting happiness David Lee Smith, Elizabeth began to try for episodes in the television series, despite the fact that she already had a bad experience with the first role in the TV series "Endless Love", in which the actress did not like the audience .After this unsuccessful film debut, the actress temporarily returns to the theater. On the theater stage, Elizabeth takes part in the productions of “Chicago", “How you will like it,” and in many other well-known works. At the same time, Mitchell leaves no hope of building a career on television.
Elizabeth Mitchell - the best images
She starts acting in episodic roles of famous TV shows: in “Doctor House” with Hugh Laurie in the lead role, in “Law and Order”, as well as in the TV series “C.S.I. Crime scene". After the participation of the actress in the episodes of "Firefighters from Los Angeles", she was noticed and invited not only to episodic roles.

The creative success of Elizabeth Mitchell, the best films

Since 2000, the actress ceases to act in episodes. She gets the characteristic role that does not leave the viewer indifferent. So in the series “Ambulance” Elizabeth played the lesbian lover of Dr. Kerry Weaver, brilliantly played by Laura Inns. In this film, Elizabeth coped so well with her role that she began to offer new works in films, among which were roles in Radio Wave and Little Sister Betty.In the movie "Gia" Mitchell first gets one of the main roles, where she plays the mistress of the main character, played by Angelina Jolie.
Gia (Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell)
Among the many film works of Elizabeth, her work in the movie “Santa Claus” should be noted, where she performed the role of a school principal. This role brought the actress true popularity and dizzying success. It should be noted that initially the role of director Carol Newman planned to invite the more famous movie star, but the performer of the role of Santa, Tim Allen, stubbornly insisted that it was Mitchell. The Disney company that made this film was finally pleased with Elizabeth’s work at Santa Claus and later admitted that Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Allen really look great on the screen.
In the TV series "Revolution", the actress plays the mother of the family and, although a little appears on the screen, her presence in the film is quite tangible and unforgettable.

Elizabeth Mitchell in the TV series "Lost"

In the world famous TV series “Lost”, Elizabeth remembered the viewer by the extraordinary role of the doctor Juliet.This role the actress performed so brilliantly that the producers during the filming suggested Mitchell to independently build a line of behavior for her character, fully relying on the talent of the actress. Elizabeth Mitchell was nominated several times for the “Best Supporting Actress on Television” awards for her work in the TV series “Survivor”, “Visitors” and “Santa Claus Contract 3”. Of all the nominations mentioned, two became victorious for the actress.

Personal life of Elizabeth Mitchell

For the first time, Elizabeth fell in love when she tried to build an acting career in New York. Her chosen one was a young actor David Lee Smith. Together they rented a small apartment in Manhattan and helped each other in their search for acting happiness. Soon the love passed and they parted. However, Elizabeth is still grateful to David for convincing her to try her luck on television shows. After all, thanks to the television series, she was noticed and invited to various projects, including theatrical tours to England, where Elizabeth played Shakespeare's heroines.
Actress Elizabeth Mitchell with her husbandActress Elizabeth Mitchell with her husband
Her second choice was an actor, a well-known performer of the role of Paul McCartney, Gary Beckville. Elizabeth married him, but in 2002 this marriage broke up.
When Elizabeth turned 34, she married the usual non-"star" actor Christopher Soldeville, who divorced the day before with actress Christine Cameron. Elizabeth consciously did not try to connect her life with a celebrity. Christopher just turned out to be the person with whom you can just chat about trivia and who, like her, avoids fashionable parties. In 2005, the couple had a son - Christopher Jr.
In her family, Elizabeth is the main breadwinner. Shooting in the series brings considerable income. Husband, despite the bright appearance, while not lucky with invitations. But the actress strongly supports him, realizing how painful the situation is for a man. Spouses peacefully distributed their duties. Christopher Sr. is engaged in raising his son, and Elizabeth supports the material well-being of his family.

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