pacifist who is this?

pacifist who is this?

  1. Anyone who condemns any war and stands for their cessation and prevention
  2. Pacifist that person who wants to create peace in the whole world solves everything in a PEACEFUL way. Key Word WORLD PEACE
  3. For peace in the whole world !! !! I'm a pacifist)))
  4. the one for the world's solution to problems :))
  5. Pacifist-This person is for a peaceful solution of problems, but there is nothing to do to solve problems.
    Peacemaker-This is the same person, but he wants to interfere, and create peace.

    Do not confuse the PACIFIST AND PEACEKEEPER !!!!

  6. Undertale Pacifist
  7. A person who opposes any manifestations of the War and preaches only the Peaceful
    Methods for resolving Conflicts.
  8. It sounds disgusting ...
  9. I, too, are a pacifist. The world does not need war. War is pain, suffering, blood, loss. It is better to solve everything peacefully without bloodshed, and assault.
  10. a person who believes that all world problems can be solved by PEACE, not by military means.
    live under the motto - MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR

    Pacifism (from Latin pacificus peacekeeping, from pax peace and facio do) anti-war movement, whose participants the main means of preventing wars consider the condemnation of their immoral nature.
    Pacifists condemn any war, denying the very possibility of wars being legitimate, liberating, etc. They believe in the possibility of preventing wars only through persuasion and peaceful demonstrations.
    The historical source of pacifism and the most consistent ideological embodiment of it is Buddhism, which manifests itself in the special fundamental pacifism of the history and culture of India and China (compare the proverb: "Good iron is not made with nails, good people do not become military," etc.). Early Christianity was also characterized by pacifism, but later it was lost (see Tertullian).
    The first pacifist organizations in the West arose in Britain and the US after the Napoleonic wars. By the end of the 1880-x beginning of the 1890-ies, the pacifist movement was widely spread. International congresses of pacifists have repeatedly made proposals to prohibit wars, to carry out general disarmament, and disputes arising between states, to resolve in international arbitration courts.

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